Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 4, 1940

HOMELAND'S POSTMASTER WAUGHTEL TO RETIRE. After serving faithfully as Homeland's postmaster for the past 33 years, Mr. Eli Waughtel is soon to retire, having reached the retirement age of 70 years.

DR. WILLIAMS AWARDED NATIONAL TROPHY. The national convention of the American Legion has opened the eyes of a few of us as to the health condition in our own state. It seems that out of 159 counties in Georgia, 57 have no public health organization whatsoever, not even a county nurse. When Dr. A.D. Williams was appointed State Chairman of the Forty-and-Eight for Child Welfare, he organized a mobile health clinic and has been going into these counties that have no organized health program and immunizing the children in cooperation with the State Board of Health. His work has been done in such a quiet way, that very few of us even realize the necessity for such protection for children. But when this work that Dr. Williams has been doing gained for Georgia the national trophy for the Most Outstanding Child Welfare Work in the entire nation, it caused some of us to recognize the need and importance of this work.

SISTER OF WAUGHTELS DIED IN PENNSYLVANIA. Eli and C.W. Waughtel of Homeland received a telegram Monday announcing the death of their sister, Mrs. Annie M. Gohn, 52 years of age, at her home in Red Lion, Penn. Funeral services took place Thursday at the Red Lion cemetery. None of the Charlton County relatives were able to attend the funeral.

BABY SON FOR POPHAM FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Popham of Coleraine Plantation announce the birth of an 8 pound, l1 ounce baby boy, born September 11 at the Sawyer Hospital. Both mother and baby are doing nicely.

REGISTRATION FOR DRAFT AT SCHOOL HOUSES. Registration of 500,000 Georgians for selective service in the National Defense Program on October 16 will be conducted by school teachers in their school houses. The need for school houses will result in a school holiday.

HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS. The Home Economics Club of Charlton County met last week and elected the following officers: President, Rebecca Jean Allen; Vice President, Sue Dee Wainwright; Sec.-Treas., Willene Rozier; Reporter, Ethel Harrison.

MISS MIZELL ACCEPTS POST OFFICE JOB. Miss Audrey Mae Mizell has accepted a position as a clerk in the Folkston post office to succeed Miss Jane Jones, who has resigned.

October 11, 1940

GIBSON-HOWARD WEDDING. A recent wedding of much interest was that of Miss Bernice Lorene Gibson and Thomas Marion Howard of Jacksonville. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Gibson and Mr. Howard is the son of Mrs. J.M. Howard of Chiefland, Fla. The ceremony was performed October 6 in Philadelphia Free Will Baptist Church.

SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION ON OCTOBER 16TH. John Harris, Supt. of Schools, has been named director of registration for Charlton County to supervise the registration for selective military service on October 16 of all men in the county between the ages of 21 and 35. A school holiday has been declared throughout the state by Governor E.D. Rivers. The registration will begin at 7:00 A.M. and will close at 9:00 P.M.

JONES-HUDSON WEDDING. Miss Jane Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Jones was married to Thomas Ruehl Hudson, son of Mrs. H.S. Hudson of Atlanta Saturday evening. Rev. Swoll Sawyer, pastor of First Methodist Church officiated. They will make their home in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

ROOSEVELT SETS THANKSGIVING DATE. An Atlanta business firm, tired of speculating on the date when Americans would carve the Thanksgiving turkey this year, recently wired President Roosevelt to ask if he had made up his mind on the date. Quick as a flash, Steve Early, White House secretary, wired back "Thanksgiving Day this year is November 21st". So mark your calendar, lest you forget.

COLORED SCHOOL BEGINS NEW TERM. The colored school of this town began the school year on September 16th. It is the first time school for this group ever started at that early date. The school has entered its 9th year under the present leadership and has grown from an enrollment of 43 in 1932 to 110 in 1940. There are many more of school age that should be in school. For the first time in the history of the school a PTA has been organized with elected officers.

GRACE CHAPEL DELEGATES. P.G. Brooks, Owen Dinkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stokes, Mrs. Roy Miller and Miss Jessie Dinkins represented Grace Chapel at the Okefenokee Baptist Association held in Blackshear this week.

October 18, 1940

OYSTER ROAST FOR WORLD WAR VETERANS. Dr. A.D. Williams was host last Thursday night at his annual oyster roast, given for all World War veterans of Charlton County and their friends. The roast was staged in the back yard of Dr. Williams and there was a large attendance of the veterans and their friends to enjoy the doctor's hospitality, and the oysters.

773 CHARLTON MEN REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT. A total of 773, including white and colored men, between the ages of 21 and 35, stepped up to the schools in Charlton County Wednesday and registered for the draft, County School Superintendent John Harris, Chief Registrar, announced yesterday. The registration began early in the morning and proceeded in an orderly manner throughout the day without a single instance of unpleasantness reported. There were no conscientious objectors reported in this county. Registration figures for the various centers were as follows: White, Folkston 339, St. George 100, Moniac 56. Total 495. Colored, Traders Hill 22, Folkston 187, St. George 35, Moniac 34. Total 278. The enrollees at the colored CCC camp were listed in a separate registration and their cards will be sent to the local boards of their home counties. About 60 registered. Registration director Harris stated he had talked with a large number of the registrants and all of them expressed their willingness to serve their county in any capacity. A school holiday had been declared for the day and all facilities of the county school system were dedicated to the work at hand.

DR. WILLIAMS' TROPHY ON DISPLAY AT BANK. The work of Dr. A.D. Williams of this city, State Chairman of the Child Welfare Committee of the American Legion, has been awarded the trophy for the most outstanding service in the nation in child welfare work. It was presented at the recent American Legion convention in Boston, Mass. The trophy, an unusually handsome cup standing four feet high, was brought to Folkston Monday by Dr. Williams who went to Savannah for it, where it had been on display at the American Legion Hall since the Boston convention. It has been on display here at the Citizens Bank this week. It is to be exhibited next Monday and Tuesday at Perry and at the Ben Hill County Fair in Fitzgerald the next week. It's permanent home for the next year will be in Folkston. Already, Dr. Williams' work for the new year is well underway, concentrated in counties that have no organized health department.

DRAFT BOARD MEMBERS APPOINTED BY GOVERNOR. Personnel of Charlton County's draft board was announced Wednesday from Atlanta by Governor E.D. Rivers. The local board is as follows: E.B. Stapleton, John B. Southwell and Theo Dinkins, board members; Dr. W.R. McCoy, medical advisor; Col. George R. Gowen, Jr., appeals agent. The board is ready to take up its duties as soon as soon as instructions are received. It is not yet known where the board's office will be located. A clerical helper is to be appointed by the board.

NEW HOMELAND POST OFFICE. The new post office in Homeland has been opened for business at the same old stand in the new building. Postmaster Eli Waughtel, who has been cited for retirement, since creation of the post office back in the early days, goes off duty December lst. Postmaster Waughtel wanted to get the post office established before retiring.

ZARFOS FAMILY MOVE HERE. The Zarfos home is completed and the new citizens came last week. This home makes quite a show, surrounded by a setting of pecan trees.

OTTO MARTIN SUFFERING FROM TUBERCULOSIS. Otto Martin is confined to bed at his home in Homeland and is reported to be seriously ill, suffering from tuberculosis. If there is no improvement in his condition in the next few weeks, arrangements will be made for him to become a patient in the State Tuberculosis Hospital at Alto.

UPTONVILLE NEWS. Now that the boys in Uptonville have registered, we will be in suspense until we find out who from Charlton County will have to take the training.

NEW BABY FOR GEORGE FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Willie George, Uptonville, are the proud parents of a new baby born last week. Mother and baby are doing fine.

HOMELAND ORGANIZE MISSION GROUP. A group of six ladies met at the Methodist Church at Homeland on October 10th and organized a Woman's Society of Christian Service. Those present were Mrs. C.W. Waughtel who was elected president, Mrs. Maggie Garrison, Mrs. A.B. Howard, Mrs. Earl Garrison, Mrs. Howard Wrench and Mrs. Carrie McLeod.

MATTRESS PROJECT HAS BEGUN. The cotton mattress project began in Charlton County Wednesday with county agent Jones and home demonstration agent Miss Proctor in charge. Miss Nettie Keene will act as project chairman and will be at the center every day and assist in every way she can. The center is located at the 4-H Club camp near Homeland. It will be in operation from Monday to Friday of each week. Applicants will be notified as to when to come, by the secretary, Miss Christine Askew.

October 25, 1940

OVER 600 RED ROSE BUSHES TO BE PLANTED HERE. Over 600 Paul Scarlet rose bushes have been ordered through the local garden club for the city-wide beautification program sponsored by this club. They are expected to arrive about November lst. All who have made orders should please have the correct change ready so that when the bushes are delivered, no time will be wasted. Each rose bush is fifteen cents.

STATE DEFENSE CORPS MEMBERS SWORN IN. The Charlton County unit of the State Defense Corps of which E.B. Stapleton is captain was scheduled to be sworn into service at a meeting held in the high school gym Thursday night. The local unit was to be inducted into active service. The entire group will be fingerprinted upon induction and will be given instructions as to their duties. A supper served "army style" was announced as a feature of the meeting.

MR. THOMAS "UNCLE TOM" RHODEN DIED. After a long and eventful life, death came to "Uncle Tom" Rhoden in his 94th year at his home near Winokur last Sunday. He died after a brief illness at the home of his daughter, Mrs. P.B. Higginbotham, with whom he has made his home in recent years. He was one of the pioneer settlers of the county and spent practically all of his long life within its borders. He was just too young to serve in the Confederate Army but went through the bitter reconstruction days immediately following that bloody conflict. Funeral rites were held at Corinth Church, with burial in the church cemetery. Survivors include two sons, W.J. Rhoden and T.V. Rhoden; three daughters, Mrs. J.J. Strickland, Mrs. Everett Lee and Mrs. P.B. Higginbotham; many grandchildren and several great grandchildren also survive him.

MR. ALLEN SURRENCY DIED. The funeral of Mr. Allen Surrency of Phifer, Florida was conducted at his home on Tuesday afternoon with interment in the Hawthorn, Florida cemetery near his home. Mr. Surrency was 92 years of age. He was a brother-in-law of Mrs. J.H. Johnson and the uncle of Austin and Brantley Gay of Folkston. Mr. Surrency was of the older type of Christian gentleman. His funeral drew relatives and friends from far away places and crowded the small town where he had lived with his children. The flowers were said to be beautiful, and filled the home. Rev. E.F. Dean of Folkston and former pastor of the family, conducted the services. Rev. Dean had known Mr. Surrency for over 65 years. Those who attended the funeral from Folkston on Tuesday were Judge and Mrs. J.H. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson and Rev. E.F. Dean. They left Tuesday morning and returned late Tuesday afternoon.

ASPHALT PLANT LOCATED AT NEWELL FOR PAVING ROUTE 23. The Central Sand and Asphalt Co. have installed an asphalt mixing plant at Newell and will furnish the material for paving Route 23 between Nahunta and Folkston, construction of which is already well under way. It will begin mixing the asphalt within the next five days. This concern furnishes the state a large spreader for laying asphalt. The officials say that 90% of the labor will be employed locally and all lumber and other necessary materials will be purchased from local concerns. NOTE: Just at press time the Herald learns that an order was received yesterday from the State Highway Department ordering all paving work on Route 23 to be discontinued effective immediately. There was no explanation for this action. A delegation of county officials from along the route left at once for Atlanta to get the work resumed if possible. Charlton County is represented by Jack C. Howard of Winokur.

NEWS OF RED CROSS ACTIVITIES. Several officers from the local Red Cross branch attended the conference held in Albany on Tuesday. Mrs. John Southwell, our local Chairman of Production, now has material for the knitting of sweaters, etc. These garments are for English and Chinese refugees. All those desiring to help with the sewing, crocheting and knitting, please get in touch with Mrs. Southwell. Mrs. Jack Thompson is roll call chairman for this year.

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT TO PICK FIRST DRAFT LOTTERY NUMBER. President Roosevelt will draw the first number of the draft lottery at noon next Tuesday, October 29th. He will pull the first number from the glass goldfish bowl used in the World War draft. The draft numbers will be enclosed in the same blue capsules used in the last draft. He showed reporters one of them with a small white tag bearing the number 258, the first in the lottery in World War days. After the president draws the first one, it is not known who will take on the bulk of the drawing. The process should take at least twelve hours. The numbers drawn will correspond to the serial numbers assigned to more than 16,500,000 men who registered for selective military service last week. The order in which the numbers are drawn will determine the order in which the men in each draft area are called up for service.

WRIGHT TOURIST HOME SOLD. One of the most important real estate transactions in recent months in Folkston was announced this week with the purchase of the Wright Tourist Home by Postmaster V.J. Pickren. Negotiations for the deal were completed Thursday when the transfer of title was made. The property was acquired from Carroll J. Wright, former owner and operator of the tourist home. Mr. Wright's recent move to Jesup where he is serving as a State Game Protector, made the property available for sale. It is one of the best located tourist homes in the city.

ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES. The total attendance for the four community meetings of the month were: at Camp Pinckney, 174 and 8 visitors; Uptonville, 117 and 4 visitors; Cornhouse, 148 and 3 visitors. The meetings are held at Camp Pinckney at the Baptist Church, at Uptonville and Cornhouse. The first meeting at Toledo was held last night in an old dwelling house. This is the last community class organized by the WPA under the Adult Education Dept. with C.W. Waughtel, adult teacher for Charlton County.

SELECTIVE SERVICE BOARD BEGINS WORK. The Charlton County Selective Service Board met Tuesday morning and organized with the election of E.B. Stapleton, chairman; John B. Southwell, secretary and Mrs. Lucille Pearce as clerk. Theo Dinkins is the other member of the three-man board. Temporary quarters have been established in the grand jury room at the courthouse. Complying with instructions, the Board shuffled the registration cards turned over to it by registration director John Harris, and took up the work of assigning numbers to the registrants. The number of cards received by mail here will about equal the number sent out to other counties which will make Charlton's total registration remain about the same, approximately 775. The Herald plans to publish a list of all Charlton County registrants in an early issue.

MRS. CASON REIMBURSED FOR LOSS OF TREES. During the monthly County Commissioners meeting it was decided to pay Mrs. Sarah Cason $12.50 for two oak trees taken up on the post road. It was also decided to buy twelve tons of coal for the courthouse and jail.

BABY BOY FOR BROWN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown of Jacksonville wish to announce the birth of a fine baby boy weighing six pounds. Mrs. Brown will be remembered as Miss Vena Lloyd of Toledo.

UPTONVILLE NEWS: The chief interest of the Uptonville community at the present seems to be mattress-making with almost every family participating.

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