Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 6, 1939

CORONER’S VERDICT OF UNAVOIDABLE ACCIDENT IN HALL CASE. “Unavoidable accident” was the verdict of the coroner’s jury in Jacksonville Tuesday in reporting to the Justice of the Peace in charge of the case in the investigation of the death of Mrs. Ruby Alene Hall, wife of Winston C. Hall, who was killed Thursday in an automobile accident. A delegation of Folkston citizens, O.E. Raynor, Theo Dinkins, D.R. Wainwright and W.E. Gibson accompanied young Hall and his father, P.C. Hall, to attend the hearing. Funeral services for Mrs. Hall were held at Alapaha last Saturday with interment in the cemetery there. The remains were carried to Alapaha by Adkins Funeral Home.

MASONIC HALL DEBT REFINANCED. The campaign to refinance the building debt of the local Masonic Lodge, which has been in progress for the past several weeks, has been successfully completed. Construction of Folkston’s modern Masonic Building originally was financed through the Citizens Bank and a plan for refinancing the debt was recently submitted to the Lodge by President Mizell. The officers and members accepted Mr. Mizell’s generous offer and a campaign was launched to raise the required amount for the initial payment.

NOTICE: Dr. Thomas Parran, Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service, believes that rats are carriers of the Infantile Paralysis germ and is advising everyone to destroy all rats as quickly as possible. Folkston and Charlton County, please take notice. A. A. FLEMING, M.D., County Physician and City Health Officer.

MR. NATHANIEL EUGENE RODDENBERRY DIED. Nathaniel Eugene Roddenberry, age 50, widely known successful business man of Winokur, passed away at his home Wednesday as the result of a heart ailment. A native of Charlton County, he lived in Jeff Davis County for several years but returned to Charlton County and was a successful merchant at Winokur. He was a faithful member of the Baptist Church, serving for many years as a Deacon. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners. Besides his wife, survivors include two sons, Cecil M. and Delmas E. Roddenberry; three sisters, Mrs. A.J. Ellis, Mrs. S.J. Byrd and Mrs. L.J. Nutt; two brothers, George W. Roddenberry and H.S. Roddenberry. Funeral services were held at Hickox and interment was in Hickox Cemetery. Burial arrangements were in charge of Adkins Funeral Home.

NEW BABY FOR GOWEN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gowen of Crystal Springs announce the birth of a fine baby boy on October 1st, weight 8 pounds, 11 ounces. The baby was born at the Sawyer Hospital. They are being congratulated by their many friends upon the arrival of their first child.

MALCOLM SCOTT FEATURED IN WAYCROSS PAPER. The friends of Malcolm Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Scott, will be interested to learn that his picture appeared in the Waycross Journal Herald last week in connection with the celebration of “Paper Carriers Week”. He was also interviewed over the radio. He is one of 22 Journal Herald carriers in Waycross. He is a former pupil at Folkston Jr. High School.

DEMONSTRATION AND EXPERIMENTAL PLOT. Beginning October 1st, the local CCC camp authorities, county officials and extension service are all cooperating in conducting a five point county Demonstration and Experimental Plot. It is being built up in front of the CCC camp. The projects being developed are Gardening, Hogs, Poultry, Bees and Beautification. The experiment is being conducted as a possible source of cash income.

BAPTISM IN ST. MARYS RIVER. Rev. Hughie Dixon filled his regular appointment at Grace Chapel Saturday night. Seven of the nine candidates for baptism were baptized by Rev. Dixon at Scott’s Landing on the St. Marys River Sunday afternoon. Quite a number from Uptonville and other communities witnessed the baptisms.

UPTONVILLE FARMERS PLANTING TURNIPS. The planting of purple top turnips is underway around Uptonville. Several of the farmers have already planted a half-acre of them.

ST. GEORGE COLLEGE STUDENTS. The following young people from St. George are away at college: Frances Hopkins, Dorthey Stokes, Emma Crawford, Jack Hutson, Emmett Roberts and Jim Templeton.

FOR RENT: One of the best little one-horse farms in the county. C.W. Waughtel, Agent, Homeland.

October 13, 1939

DELENE THOMAS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF YWCA. The many friends of Miss Delene Thomas will be interested to learn she has been honored by her classmates at South Ga. College. She has been elected president of the college YWCA which has a membership of over 200 girls. She is also on the staff of the college newspaper.

MARSH MALLOW ROAST AT HUGGINS HOME. A delightful marsh mallow roast was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Huggins Saturday night by Dorothy Huggins and Lilly Knowles. A large crowd attended and each reported a very nice time.

HEBARDS TO RETURN TO COLERAINE. Miss Bonnie Dinkins and Miss Lois Mizell of Uptonville are leaving for Coleraine Saturday where they will begin preparing for occupancy of the winter home of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Hebard.

October 20, 1939

MR. JAMES HAMPTON SIKES DIED. The funeral of James Hampton Sikes, 73, of Hoboken, father of Sheriff J.O. Sikes, was held Tuesday with interment in the Hoboken cemetery. Surviving Mr. Sikes are his widow, two daughters, two sons and two sisters. Mrs. A.A. Allen and Mrs. O.M. Dunn are his daughters. J.O. Sikes and W.T. Sikes are the sons. Mrs. Floyd Jordan and Mrs. Ella Grandy are his sisters. A number of grandchildren are among the survivors. He was born in North Carolina but his parents moved to South Carolina shortly afterward. At the age of 23 he moved to Emanuel County where he set up a turpentine business. Sheriff Sikes was born there. Shortly after, he moved to Charlton County and has lived here, or about here, ever since. He served Charlton County for a term as County Commissioner, being a member of the Board at the time the steel bridge was erected across the St. Marys River just south of Folkston. He was very successful in the turpentine business and was one of the pioneers in Charlton County of the naval stores business. For the past several years he was in the mercantile business in Hoboken. He was a deacon in the Hoboken Baptist Church.

ELECTRICITY LINES COMING TO CHARLTON COUNTY. The Okefenokee Rural Electrification project, comprising areas in Charlton, Camden, Brantley, Wayne and Glynn Counties, has been approved by the REA officials in Washington. The building of this line will provide electric service to a large area from Winokur through Uptonville, Traders Hill, the CCC camp and St. George.

HOLIDAY TURKEYS AVAILABLE. Charlton County people are assured of an abundant supply of turkeys to help celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. C.W. Waughtel and O.C. Mizell have been successful in their turkey raising venture. Mr. Mizell has a flock of 275 turkeys and Mr. Waughtel has 350 turkeys.

NEW BABY, DARREL LOIELL, FOR DYAL FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. R. Dyal, Homeland, announce the birth of a 12 and a half pound son born to them October 7th. He has been named Darrel Loiell.

October 27, 1939

4-H CLUB COUNTY FAIR COMING SOON. John White, President of the 4-H County Council, will put on an educational exhibit of what can be done on a farm as a feature of the annual 4-H Club county fair at Camp Hursey November 8-11. The 4-H girls all over the county are busy looking over their canned products selecting the best specimens to display at the fair. The boys at the CCC camp are finishing up a bed they have made from cypress to place on exhibit. Others are expected to also bring exhibits for the fair.

RUMBLE SEAT INFLICTS PAINFUL INJURY. While arranging a seat in the rumble seat of the family automobile Saturday, Mrs. John Harris had the misfortune to suffer a painful injury to her head when the cover accidentally fell, inflicting a deep gash. She was taken to Sawyer clinic where the injury was stitched up.

4-H CLUB OFFICERS. Officers have been elected for all the 4-H Clubs in the schools of the county for the year 1939-40 as follows: Folkston, Mildred Jordan, Cumie Threlkeld and Rebecca Jean Allen; Moniac, Evelyn Raulerson, Inez Sands and Vera Raulerson; Uptonville, Pearl Crews, Bessie Crews and Josephine Crews; St. George, Beulah Burnsed, Irene Canady and Doris Burnsed.

BAPTISMAL SERVICE AT FOLKSTON BAPTIST CHURCH. At the evening service at the Folkston Baptist Church there will be an evangelistic message. Preceding the sermon there will be a very impressive baptismal service. The five candidates eligible are Winston Hall, Mrs. Will Kent, Wilma Loper, Jonnie Mae Loper and Johnnie Tyson.

H.J. MAYS CALLED TO HIS REWARD ON TUESDAY MORNING. The people of the little town of Homeland and surrounding communities were shocked Tuesday when the news came of the sudden death of Howard Jasper Mays, age 57. He succumbed to a heart attack from which he had suffered for the past several months. About 7:00 o’clock Tuesday morning, while sitting in his car on Main Street in Folkston a short distance west of the ACL Railroad crossing, his sons Dick and Jack Robert were in the car with him when Dick noticed something wrong with his father and turned off the switch key. Help arrived immediately and the stricken man was rushed to the Sawyer Hospital but to no avail as death had already intervened. He was serving his third year as a member of the Homeland town council. He was a retired ACL conductor and was forced to give up active work several months ago on account of a heart ailment. He was a native of Madison, Fla. and resided in Waycross for twenty years. He had lived in Homeland for the past three years. Funeral service was held from the First Baptist Church, of which he was a member and interment followed in the Folkston cemetery. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Naomi Martin Mays; three sons, William Howard Mays of McRae, Richard Pope Mays and Jack Robert Mays of Homeland; one daughter, Mrs. H.A. Nawlin of Pensacola, Fla. and one brother, B.J. Mays of Daytona Beach, Fla. Funeral arrangements were in charge of Adkins Funeral Home.

NEW BABY FOR CONNER FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Conner, St. George, are receiving congratulations on the arrival of a boy in their home on October 22nd.

NEW BABY FOR HODGES FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hodges, St. George, are welcoming a new son to their home, born on October 23rd.

NEW BABY FOR CHESSERS. Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Chesser, of Toledo, are welcoming a little new arrival to their home today, October 25th.

BATTEN - CHISM WEDDING. An event of the past week of interest to their many friends was the marriage of Miss Lois Batten of St. George to Mr. George Chism of Moniac, which occurred at Macclenny.

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