Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1933

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 6, 1933

LOCAL FREIGHT BACK IN SERVICE. Folkston greeted the reappearance of local freight No. 305 on its first trip this week and Thursday Superintendents McCranie and Daniels came with it, their private car hitched on to the rear. They're making an inspection trip.

NEW PASTOR FOR BAPTIST CHURCH. Rev. E.G. Kilpatrick, coming here from Macon for a two months stay, was called Sunday by the church for a full term. The congregation Sunday night was very large, the absence of the Methodist pastor bringing out the members of that church in numbers to hear the new pastor.

EDITOR WRENCH TO FLY TO NEW YORK. Information comes that the Georgia Newspaper Alliance has voted to have T.W. Wrench represent it as a guest of the Eastern Transport Co. and to be an aerial passenger on one of their giant Condor soundproof planes which leaves Atlanta nightly arriving with the rising sun the next morning in New York. Mr. Wrench has said he will make the trip and is going to be a "high flyer" for once in his life.

PLANES FLYING OVER FOLKSTON. Some half dozen airplanes flew north Wednesday with one lighting on our grounds. These planes were on the way to the funeral of W.L. Stribling, so a report was made.

ALLEN-O'BERRY CEMETERY CLEANING. Friends will assemble at the Allen-O'Berry cemetery with a hoe or rake and give the place a thorough cleaning up next Thursday. It is hoped that many workers will respond to this call.

PETTY FAMILY HOME. John Petty has recently built him a new home on the Wainwright place where he and Mrs. Petty have set up housekeeping.

MISS PEARCE GOES BACK TO COLLEGE. Miss Bernice Pearce left Monday for Atlanta where she will enter the School of Pharmacy. She has been having some practical experience and now goes to finish her education and get her license to practice. Folkston will welcome Dr. Pearce back to her hometown when she gets her diploma.

PRIMITIVE BAPTISTS MEET AT SARDIS. The 20th annual session of the Alapaha River Primitive Baptist Asso. will be held with the Sardis Church, this county, beginning tomorrow. The association comprises seventeen churches located in Brantley, Charlton, McIntosh, Pierce, Ware and Wayne Counties in Georgia and Nassau County in Florida, and covers a membership of more than 800. Elder W.O. Gibson is and has been for many years, clerk of the assembly.

GEORGE WHITE IS MUCH IMPROVED. The Herald hears with much pleasure the improved condition of George White, that he is able to be up and about, after a double operation. George is no slacker as we notice his tenant Mr. Bruschki has been supplied with a new team of mules and is working in earnest to get in a fall planting.

CHANGES AT THE CCC CAMPS. There appear to be many changes in the personnel of enlistments of the conservation camps in this section. From the St. George camp, largely recruited in north Georgia, comes a report that perhaps 75 of the boys had failed to reenlist, the reason assigned being they are homesick. This leaves about 100 young men but recruiting is underway and by next week should be at full strength again. None of the local boys have failed to reenlist, it is said.

October 13, 1933

PRIMITIVE BAPTISTS MEET AT SARDIS. The ninety-first, not the twentieth as incorrectly reported in the Herald last week, annual assembly of the Alabaha Primitive Baptist Association was held with the Sardis Church last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Neighbors and friends of the church enjoyed the event to the fullest. During the sessions addresses were delivered by W.O. Gibson and I.T. Hickox, among others.

PARTY GIVEN FOR CCC BOYS. Complimentary to a few of the boys of the Camp 1450 near St. George, an informal lawn party was given at the home of Ben Altman Wednesday evening.

COUNTY RELIEF COMMITTEE GIVES OUT PORK. The Welfare Committee having in hand the Charlton County Relief Work met Wednesday at the courthouse to hear the report of the chairman, Mrs. Edgar Allen. The report was said to be one of the best in the district. Nine hundred pounds of fresh pork was to be distributed the coming week, the car to be unloaded at Waycross and proportioned out.

INVITATION FROM RADIO WTOC. Several of our local citizens have received invitations to go to Savannah Saturday night to talk over the Radio WTOC of that city, this being a celebration of its fourth anniversary. It is not known if any of our local citizens will go. This station is the fartherest south of any other Georgia radio station and one we should take an interest in.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Z.K. Parham, St. George, on October 3, a fine baby girl. Mrs. Parham is getting along nicely.

WEDDING. Jesse Prescott and Miss Worth Mizell were married a few days ago.

MR. T.L. "BUNK" LLOYD DIED. T.L. (Bunk) Lloyd, 68, died at his home across the river in Florida and was buried Saturday at Pigeon Creek cemetery. He has lived in that community almost all of his life and is well known to our people. He leaves a wife; four boys, Ike, Harvey, Drew and Eustis Lloyd; and three daughters, Mrs. Jeffery Knowles, Mrs. Foema Haddock, Mrs. K.R. Garland and Miss Mertie and Miss May Lloyd. Funeral services will be held by Rev. W.O. Gibson Sunday week or later.

October 20, 1933

LITTLE CLYDE WAINWRIGHT DIED. The death of Clyde Wainwright, four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wainwright occurred at the home of its great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Joyner at Traders Hill last Friday. The little one was sick a few days and its death has saddened its home. The child was buried at Traders Hill, Rev. H.C. Griffin officiating.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business September 30, 1933: Resources, $348,785.52.

October 27, 1933

SCHOOL FINANCIAL CRISIS. A special meeting of the Chamber of Commerce will be held Friday noon at the Home Economics dining room at the high school building to consider plans for averting the threatened closing of schools by devising some means to procure funds necessary to carry on. Members of the Home Ec. class will serve the luncheon to the members of the chamber.

OUR SCHOOLS MUST NOT CLOSE. Large, one page ad stating "Unless money is secured to meet current payrolls of schools in Charlton County, they will be forced to close on November 10th." Leading citizens of the county wrote articles urging those who had not paid their taxes to find some way to pay them so schools would have sufficient money to pay teachers.

STOKES STORE IMPROVED. Stokes Store has had a new floor laid within it this week.

WEDDING. Sitting on the edge of a sick bed, Ordinary Gibson said the ceremony uniting Frank Geiger and Miss Odie Hodges, both of Hilliard, in marriage at his home on the 17th instant.

SIKES CHILD HAS DIPHTHERIA. The three year old daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. Sikes was discovered to be suffering from diphtheria and Monday she and her mother were taken to Jacksonville to be treated by a specialist.

AD. CITY BARBER SHOP. Shave, Shower, Shampoo, Massage, Haircut. Any two services, fifty cents. Hot water anytime. Fitzhugh Murray.


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