Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 3, 1930

FOLKSTON TO BUY TRACT ADJACENT TO HOMELAND PARK. At the Chamber of Commerce meeting the commendation of Homeland's liberality in donating the 65 acres to the 4-H boys and girls was given. An adjacent tract of 29 acres needed to square off the park and vital to the success of a lake proposal was offered at a low figure. It was voted upon motion that Folkston buy and donate this tract. The Chamber of Commerce voted to underwrite the purchase.

DEAN HARDWARE CO. TO OPEN. With G.A. Dean at its head Dean Hardware Co. will within the next day or so open its doors next to the Citizens Bank. It will also have an entrance next door to the post office, the large room of the Dean & Gowen store being subdivided into new store rooms. Doors are being cut and windows arranged for the new business.

ANNUAL MEETING AT SARDIS. The usual large number of people attended the yearly meeting at Sardis Sunday and much pleasure was given the folks by the meeting and coming in contact with their old friends. Cars were lined up so close that it was a hard matter to place them. These yearly meetings are the most agreeable of the old time habits as we always meet the old-timers on these occasions and most always a thousand people are present.

CAR ACCIDENT KILLS ONE. A Chrysler car driven by Mrs. Frank Smathers ran off the curb and turned a triple tumblesault four miles north of Folkston just before noon Thursday. The Waycross bus coming on behind them conveyed them to Folkston with all possible speed. Miss Lura Smathers, age 14, died shortly after reaching Dr. Fleming's office. Another grown daughter, Virginia Smathers, was dangerously hurt. Mrs. Smathers is the wife of Col. Frank Smathers, a prominent attorney of Miami. The injured ones were taken to a Jacksonville hospital.

WILLIAM BROWN TO SERVE IN HAWAII. William M. Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Dean, is now at Fort McDowell, California, awaiting his departure on a U.S. Army transport sailing from Fort Mason in San Francisco for the Hawaiian Islands. He expects to be stationed there for the next two years.

SPELLING BEE IS SUCCESS. The Sunday School classes of Mrs. W.E. Banks and Mrs. W.R. Wainwright gave the Spelling Bee at the Masonic Temple which proved to be very interesting to about fifty people present. Dr. Williams acted as "teacher" and Mrs. Banks and G.A. Dean were the best spellers. Total receipts were $8.00. A good time was had by all so it was announced that another one is to be had on Friday week.

FREE ICE TO THE SICK. Realizing that quite often ice is needed in the sick room, and the patient is unable to purchase this, the Ga. Power & Light Co., operating the Crystal Ice Plant in our city, has made available to the physicians and health workers prescription blanks which will authorize free ice to the patients.

DICK BURGIN'S MURDERER KILLS AGAIN. Monday's Times Union contains an account of the killing of Mrs. Hazel Stokes in Jacksonville, by her husband who was an escaped convict. He also shot and killed Edward Barnett who was sitting on the porch talking to Mrs. Stokes. Fred Stokes was convicted several years ago for the killing of Dick Burgin, at Grand Crossing. It was stated that Mrs. Stokes had quit visiting Mr. Stokes at the camp and that he had threatened her life. With three shots from a pistol he ended her life, then pursued Barnett who ran from the scene. Rewards are offered for him. Mrs. Stokes was reared near Hilliard and is a cousin of Mrs. C.J. Passieu.

NEW PSALM. One of our friends handed in this, which appealed to him, so we reprint it:
Hoover is my shepherd, I am in want.
He maketh me lie down on park benches.
He leadeth me beside great need.
He restoreth my doubt in the Republican party.
He leadeth me in the paths of destruction for his party's sake.
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of destruction
I do fear evil for thou are against me.
Thy politicians and profiteers, they frighten me.
Thou preparest a reduction in my salary before me in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou annointest my income with taxes.
My expenses runneth over my income.
Surely unemployment and poverty will follow me all the days of the Republican administration
And I will dwell in a rented house forever.

MURRAY HOT DOG STAND. Roney Murray is running a hot dog stand in the City Service Station. He seems to be filling the hungry.

NEW BABY. Smiling and happy is our iceman. The cause is a full weight bouncing boy that came Saturday so O.K. Prevatt has discovered there is no short weight about this new iceman.

October 10, 1930

NEW FURNITURE STORE. Sterchi Brothers, one of the largest furniture houses in the south, with a warehouse in Jacksonville that covers five acres, will locate a branch here in the store room of the Masonic Temple next to the post office.

COOKING WITH ELECTRICITY. Mrs. Eva Lewis, a Westinghouse home economist, and Miss Flood, home economist of the Ga. Power & Light Co., had charge of a demonstration on electric cooking last week in the Scott building. Electric cooking is coming and we believe nothing in the way of cooking can compare with the cleanliness of it.

DR. PRESCOTT DIED. A pall of gloom was cast over St. George Sunday afternoon when it became known that Dr. E.W. Prescott had died suddenly. He had been ill for several weeks and under treatment for his eyes. He was much inclined to despondency despite the efforts of his family to be cheerful. Shortly after dinner Sunday he evaded members of his family and shot himself through the head, dying a short time later. The body was taken to Valdosta for the funeral. He was buried in Statenville. Echols Wesley Prescott was born in Echols County, April 18, 1874. He was a practicing physician until his eye condition became so serious. He married Miss Levie Green at Valdosta in 1896. He reared a large family, all of whom lived to survive him.

ST. GEORGE PICNIC. Members of the high school glee club of St. George enjoyed a Sundown-Moonrise picnic on the river bank Friday evening.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston at close of business September 24, 1930: Resources, $423,373.53.

McCOY CHILD POISONED. Master Billy McCoy, two-year old youngest of Dr. W.R. McCoy, got hold of a piece of bread prepared for roaches and was made very ill. The poison had arsenic in it and for a while the parents were very uneasy. However, he got all right overnight much to the delight of his many friends.

October 17, 1930

NEW COUNTY ROAD. The county road gang under Supt. White has completed the road from the Winokur Road to the highway at Conner's Mill. It is so satisfactory that the people from Winokur are using it to come to Folkston, the Nahunta-Folkston road still being rough.

CONFEDERATE VETERAN CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY. Uncle John Vickery passed another milestone on October 10, making it his 91st birthday. He passed it quietly at the old homeplace where he was born, and has lived ever since, with his companion-in-arms, Uncle Jesse Grooms, who only a few months ago celebrated his 87th birthday. Birthdays spent on the old homeplace where one has lived for 91 years is something uncommon. Mr. Vickery's father located on the place just 99 years ago, coming here from Glynn County where he spent only a few months having left a vessel loading in the Brunswick harbor as a mere youth. He began to farm and kept it up all these years.

LECTURES AT WINOKUR. Last Sunday the Evangelist Club from Waycross visited Winokur at the schoolhouse and gave four beautiful lectures on spiritual work. The house could not accommodate the people. Two hundred were there.

MR. J.B. IVEY DIED. St. George was very much saddened over the death of Mr. J.B. Ivey, which occurred at his home last Wednesday morning at 4:30. He had not been well for several months but had not been confined to bed. The end came suddenly as he was peacefully sleeping, caused by a heart attack. He was 75 years old and a native of N.C., coming to Georgia as a young man. He located at St. George in 1922. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Ivey, and seven children: Owen Ivey, Walter Ivey, Henry Ivey, Mrs. Mabel Smith, Mrs. Pauline Parham, Mrs. Clayton Richards and Miss Lola Ivey.

STEWART MOVES TO TEXAS. George J. Stewart, one of Folkston's mechanics, left last week for Beaumont, Texas where he has an offer from a firm he formerly worked with. Robert Bell accompanied him.

H.H. TYSON KILLED. H.H. Tyson, former citizen of Charlton, was shot accidently and died last week on a deer hunt in a swamp. He was married to Miss Kathleen Pickren fourteen years ago. They had six children: Harold, Eloise, Marguerite, Elizabeth, Caroline and Stella. The funeral was held at Reidsville, S.C.

MRS. DEAN VERY SICK. The serious illness of Mrs. E.F. Dean is causing much uneasiness. Nurses came Thursday to attend her. Reports indicate she is in much danger.

SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTING. The boys in George White's Sunday School class spent Friday night out at Coleraine. A good time was enjoyed in the hay barn where the boys slept. Those that were there were John and Harold White, Louie Passieu, Jean Stewart, Marvin Roddenberry, Kenneth Mills, Fermon Vickery, John L. Jackson, Bill McQueen, Junior Stapleton and Dudley Jones.

RAT FLEAS CAUSE ILLNESS. Sammy Altman is up and about and getting strong from his recent attack of fever. He said he could not afford to stay sick. From a test of his blood the doctor said he contracted the fever from a flea bite brought in the house by a rat. Just for that he poisoned them. He said several had fleas on them. The moral of this story is get rid of rats.

MRS. ROBERT PRESCOTT VERY SICK. The condition of Mrs. Robert Prescott, having become so serious, she has been brought to Folkston and is at the Mattox apartment house where she can get medical attention promptly. Three doctors tended to her yesterday and she has been unconscious.

IT'S VOTING TIME. After the general election on November 4th, we will still have the city election in December and the school trustees election in every school district in the county, so everybody should be fed up on voting during the next sixty days.

October 24, 1930

MRS. E.F. DEAN, SR. DIED. We were saddened last Thursday by the death of Mrs. E.F. Dean, Sr., wife of Rev. E.F. Dean. Up until Saturday before her death she was enjoying very good health but was taken ill that day. She was taken to the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.V. Gowen. The funeral was from the Gowen home to Prospect Church where services were conducted by Rev. J.D. Poindexter, Rev. C.L. Nease and Rev. G.H. Jacobs. Burial was in the church yard grounds close by. She was born in Port Royal, S.C. in 1855. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Godley. They moved to Camden County and settled there when she was three years old. She married Rev. Dean July 4, 1877. She was 75 years old. Surviving her are her husband and six children: Mrs. J.V. Gowen, Mrs. C.W. Jacobs, Mrs. N.M. Gibson, T.L. Dean, E.F. Dean, Jr. and G.A. Dean; also several brothers and sisters.

MR. LEWIS BATTEN KILLED. Mr. Lewis Batten of St. George was stabbed Saturday and died Monday in Jacksonville. He was at a frolic at the Allen place when a disagreement arose. He was reared near St. George and lived there nearly all his life. He left a wife and five children. He was buried at Emmaus Cemetery.

NEW STATISTICS ON CHARLTON. In statistics just given out concerning Charlton County, it shows there were 122 marriages in 1929 and 110 in 1928. In 1929 there were four divorces and in 1928 there were three.

LITTLE WESLEY JOHNSON DIED. Wesley, the small child of Mr. Guy Johnson, died Wednesday in a Jacksonville hospital and was brought to Folkston for burial at Sardis. C.L. Nease read the burial service.

NEW TEACHER IN FOLKSTON SCHOOL. The Folkston school has a new teacher taking the place of Miss Ruby Brightwell. It is Miss Sara Willey Dickson of Adel.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Tucker announce the birth of a baby daughter on October 14. She has been named Stella.

October 31, 1930

The community was shocked Sunday when it became known that Milton Brock was dead, the result of an accidental discharge of a shotgun in his own hands. Milton, with some other boys, were at the old McClain place and some had been shooting crows that had been destroying peanuts. Milton, who was left-handed took the gun to show his younger brother how to unload it when one of the shells hung and the hammer struck it, shooting him in his side. Shep Gowen rushed him to Folkston for treatment but he died soon after reaching Dr. Fleming's office. He was the oldest son of Mrs. F.E. Brock, age 25, and chief support of his mother and her younger children. The funeral was at Traders Hill cemetery. He is survived by his mother; sisters: Mrs. Hugh McClain and Mrs. Eustace Mizell and Miss Nellie Brock; four brothers, Thomas Brock, Vernon Brock, Bennie Brock and George Brock all of Traders Hill.

RUSSELL JOHNSON IN WAYCROSS HOSPITAL. Russell Johnson, who lost the sight in one of his eyes a few years ago, has been suffering so much with it that a specialist said it would be best to take the eye out. He is in the Waycross hospital now.

MALLARD HOUSE TO BE MOVED. E.L. Martin and Otto Martin have been given the contract to move the Mallard bungalow from its present site to the lot southward near the Methodist Church where it will front the highway. This has forced the occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and Mr. and Mrs. Wrench to seek new homes. They are moving out this week. The Standard Oil people will shortly begin a new service station.

DRUG STORE WEDDING. F.L. Garrett and Mrs. Bertha Hysler of Jacksonville were united in marriage Thursday by Judge W.E. Banks. The ceremony took place in Stapleton's Pharmacy where they found the judge. After the ceremony the happy couple returned to Jacksonville.

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. The senior class held a meeting to elect officers for this school term under the supervision of Mr. Harris. The following were elected: Lucy Belle Bass, president; M.L. Kight, vice president; Margaret Brewster, treasurer and Woodrow Braddock, secretary.

WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Mizell announce the marriage of their daughter, Joanna, to John D. Woltz on October 18th in Dade City, Fla.

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