Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1925

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


October 2, 1925

CHARLTON TO HAVE EXHIBITS AT FAIR. Mr. E.F. Dean, one of Charlton's largest farmers, has completed arrangements to exhibit Charlton County's agricultural resources at the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta. See Mr. Dean at once with what you have.

MR. HADDOCK SELLS THE CITY MARKET. Mr. Joe Prevatt has become the owner of the City Market, purchasing it from Mr. J.S. Haddock.

ROADMASTER HODGES IN TRAIN WRECK. Mr. V.A. Hodges returned Sunday from attending the Roadmasters Convention in Kansas City, Mo., with a trip to Chicago and other northern cities. He had the experience of being in the wreck at Orchard Hill near Griffin, Ga. He was in one of the rear coaches and not injured.

WEDDING. An announcement received with interest is that of the marriage of Miss Inez Annie Bell to Mr. James Floyd Kohn, both of Waycross. The ceremony was performed Tuesday by Rev. T.J. Ponder in Waycross. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Bell. They will make Waycross their home.

October 9, 1925

MR. A. TYSON ON BOARD OF EDUCATION. The October Grand Jury recommended Mr. A. Tyson to succeed Mr. John Prescott, deceased, as a member of the Board of Education.

MUCH OF ST. GEORGE SOLD LAST WEEK. One of the most important real estate deals of Charlton County took place last week when W.T. Londeree, real estate dealer of St. George, closed the deal with Noble A. Hardee for the large holdings of Miss Grace Haag which was the estate of the late August Haag. This includes the unsold property of the 1904 Colony Co. which is the greatest half of the city of St. George and the colony domains.

COTTON IS KING. Despite the boll weevil and the drought, cotton has made a comeback in Charlton. There has been ginned to date twice as much as last year and the gin is still running full time. A bale to the acre is a frequent report.

HAMP MIZELL SELLS ACREAGE. The sale of approximately 300 acres in the swamp region, known as the Hamp Mizell Lands, was sold Tuesday to Emory Dean. Consideration was $3,000.00.

HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENTS. The highway surfacing force has been putting slag on this week at a lively pace. The highway and telephone forces here, augmented by daily traffic, keeps Folkston's hotels full up.

October 16, 1925

TEN YEARS AGO AND TODAY. The motorcade today of the Dixie Highway officials reminds me of that occasion ten years ago when Secretary Gilbreath led them. Col. Oliff and myself met them in Waycross in one of Ford's first models and piloted them over our sandy road. This side of Uptonville the colonel's Ford bucked, hit a stump, caved in the radiator and as we backed out decrepid and bent, editor Anderson remarked "They'll run as long as the wheels hang on!" It took three hours to come from Waycross. Sand in the road at Racepond was fifteen inches deep. The ferry at the river took two over at a time and if they put twenty over a day, we thought it a world's record. When one got a flat tire or a little accident everyone helped to fix the break. No one then ever passed a car in distress. Everybody gave autos the beaten road and all pedestrians were picked up. Now we are preparing to let them have all the road, pave it and remove the speed limit. --- T.W. Wrench.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business Sept. 28, 1925: Resources, $310,633.23.

October 23, 1925

BLUE RIBBONS FOR CHARLTON. The return of Mr. Emory Dean from the Southeastern Fair with a big bunch of blue ribbons is a gratifying sight.

WEDDING. Of interest to friends is the announcement of the marriage of Miss Lola Wright to Mr. Percy Walker of Waycross, which was solemnized October 16th at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wright, Rev. L.E. Williams officiating. They will make their home in Waycross.

LITTLE JANE STOKES DIED. Jane Stokes, four year old daughter of Captain and Mrs. U.O. Stokes of Hickox, died at the home of her parents Sunday afternoon. Captain Stokes is in Cuba with a detachment of U.S. Army and the funeral arrangements are pending advice from him. The deceased is survived only by her father and mother. -- Waycross Journal Herald

ROAD SHOULD BE IMPROVED. The recent Grand Jury recommended that the stumps be removed from the road leading from Harmon Johns' mailbox to the Winokur school.

AUNT MARY ANDERSON DIED. Just a few weeks ago Aunt Mary Anderson, an aged colored midwife, died at St. George after a long useful life. She owed no debts, owned her home and left to her husband a grip, which upon being opened contained approximately $4,000.00.

October 30, 1925

MRS. SARAH JANE KENNISON DIED. Mrs. Sarah Jane Kennison died October 22, 1925 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. T.L. Tanner, Alma, after an illness of several months. The deceased was brought to Folkston and buried in the family cemetery at Mills church, Rev. L.E. Williams conducting the funeral services. Mrs. Kennison was born in Camden County April 22, 1851 and after her marriage to J.B. Kennison she lived in Charlton near Folkston until the last few years. She was a member of the Methodist Church since childhood. She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. J.L. Tanner, Mrs. A.A. Pritchard, Mrs. T.L. Tanner and Mrs. W.E. Braswell; one son, W.E. Kennison, eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. We understand that the contract has been made for the building of the Presbyterian Church and work is to begin soon.


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