Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 3, 1924

WEDDING. Mr. R.B. Burnsed and Miss Myrtle Mattox were happily married at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. J.J. Mattox September 24, Rev. L.E. Williams officiating. The best wishes of their many friends go with them.

MRS. HAMP MIZELL DIED. The friends of Mr. Hamp Mizell will deeply sympathize with him in the loss of his wife who passed away at their home near Hopkins Thursday.

FOLKSTON BUS LINE. The Folkston Bus Line to Waycross has been taken over by Mr. O.E. Raynor. He makes a special of the parcel business and will guarantee prompt service.

October 10, 1924

HOMELAND LIBRARY. The Homeland library has been discontinued and they have given their books to the Folkston library. There were 352 books, making a total for Folkston of 956 books, including many for children, in the library.

October 17, 1924

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Scott announce the birth of a fine baby girl October 13th.

October 24, 1924

MR. WRENCH INSTALLS INCUBATOR. The Mammoth Wishbone Incubator purchased by T.W. Wrench arrived yesterday and Mr. Wrench is installing it in his present home on the highway. It comes in sections for 800 eggs. The testing of the machine will begin at once and Mr. Wrench will contract for all large breed thoroughbred eggs for winter. A poultry club will be organized at once.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on October 10, 1924: Resources, $202,326.62.

SCHOOL NEWS. The FOLKSTON school will give a Halloween box supper Friday night. There will be a candy booth, hot drink booth and fortune telling booth. The PRESCOTT school building has been made more comfortable by being ceiled and has added new windows and roof. The school at WINOKUR is dismissing for one week to allow all pupils an opportunity to do necessary homework. Potatoes are to be dug and other fall work looked after.

October 31, 1924

WEDDING. The marriage of Mr. Howard J. Mays and Miss Naomie Martin was quietly solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Martin, Sunday evening, Rev. A.M. McCool, pastor of the Baptist Church officiating. They will make their home in Waycross. Mr. Mays is an employee of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway.

SCHOOL NEWS. By unanimous vote Tuesday the Charlton County High School agreed to join the Georgia High School Athletic Assn. This will make the pupils eligible to enter the 11th District meet next spring, a thing which has never been done so far. The fourth grade in FOLKSTON has two new pupils, Allen and Doris Nazworth, who came from Traders Hill. The work of the RIVERVIEW school has been interfered with by miscreants breaking into the building, destroying equipment and stealing the flowers out of the windows. The MONIAC school owns an honest-to-goodness flag pole, the only iron one in the county.

"KU KLUX KLAN PARADE. Last Friday evening at nine o'clock, the Ku Klux, about 200 strong, made their appearance on the streets of Folkston out of the mysterious distance. The white-robed figures, headed by the fiery cross silently marched up Main Street to the courthouse, then back across the railroad and disappeared as suddenly as they came. Notice had been given that the parade would be staged and the streets were lined with automobiles in which were spectators viewing the awe-inspiring impressive sight."

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