Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 7th

MONIAC SCHOOL. Saturday night the school in Moniac gave a box supper to raise funds for the purpose of starting a library. The cake for the prettiest girl brought $18.00, going to Miss Elma Johnson from Toledo. Total amount collected was $50.00. The Moniac Consolidated School is progressing nicely with Mr. H.G. Langley, principal and Miss Neva Mae Lyons as assistant. The school was suspended this week while Mr. Langley visited home folks and attended court.

BAILEY BRANCH SCHOOL. The Bailey Branch School is doing very nicely with Miss Verona Howard, teacher.

October 14th

NIGHT SCHOOL. Mr. Harris has agreed to conduct a night school for young men who are unable to attend the regular session of school if a class of ten will pledge themselves to take the work.

October 21st

FOLKSTON METHODIST CHURCH TO BUILD. The Building Committee of the Methodist Church made a report Sunday on the improvement of the church and suggested that as the cost of remodeling would be so much it was advisable to build a new church. The congregation voted to build a new church. The meeting was enthusiastic, $1400.00 being subscribed in a few moments.
October 28th

L.T. McKINNON DIED. Capt. L.T. McKinnon died last Friday at his home in Brunswick. He was one of the most prominent and most beloved men in this section and his death comes as a shock to the citizens. He held extensive turpentine interests in Glynn, Wayne, Charlton and Camden Counties and was a member of the Ga.-Fla. Investment Co. and the W.C. Hopkins Co.

HENRY WAINWRIGHT DIED. Mr. Henry Wainwright, 89 years of age had he lived until November 23rd, died at the home of his son, W.L. Wainwright October 19th. He was buried in Antioch Cemetery Thursday by the side of his wife whose death occurred about four years ago. He had been in feeble health for the past years, seriously ill about two weeks. He was a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist Church and was one of Charlton's most substantial farmers. He is survived by three sons, T.W. of Florida, J.J. of Hickox and L.W. Wainwright of Folkston; two daughters, Mrs. J.J. Stokes and Mrs. H.O. Prescott of Folkston.

ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT. The electric light plant is giving better service than usual. The managers are planning to install storage batteries within a short time which will give a continual 24-hours service.

AD. See Raulerson's store at Winokur for your new cypress syrup barrels. $2.25 each.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. L. Norman Zarfos announce the birth of a fine little girl on October 25th.


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