Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

OCTOBER2 , 1913

CHAMBER OF‑COMMERCE ORGANIZED. The Charlton County Chamber of Commerce was organised Monday night with officers being Dr. allas Williams, presidenL and W. B Smith, secretary‑treasurer.

Charter members are Dr. illiams, L. E. Mallard, W. M. Olliff, B. G McDonald, M. J. Paxton, W. W. Bauman, F. M deGraffenreid, E. L. Martin, J. J. Stokes, H. C. Page, H. W. Anderson, H. J. Davis, S. 8. Cowart, J. A. Thomas, W. F. Gordon, J. S Joyner, J. M. Roddenberry, D. F. Pearce, C]>de Mizell, W. R. Courtney, W. B. Smith, W. F. Bailey, J. W. Vickery, J. C. Allen, T. L. Pickren, J. M. Brooks, T. W. Vickery, F. D. Mills, and Rev. C. E. Jones.

BAKERS HAVE RUNAWAY. J. B. Baker and his daughter, Miss Rose, had a close call Wed. While they were on their way to town in a buggy Miss Rose raised her unbrella at which the horse took fright and threw them from the buggy. Miss Rose was pretty well bruised and Mr. aker was hurt about the face and on the left arm, a finger on his left hand being broken. It was fortunate that nothing more serious happaned to them.

ANOTHER RUNAWAY. Miss Lily Joyner doesn't only kill rattlesnakes but she stopped a runaway horse Wed. and averted an injury to a little child that was in the wagon.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill new school house is nearing completion and school will begin soon.

THE COLONEL'S AUTO IS FIXED. Jim Thomas went down to Jacksonville last week to get some kind of rope to tie on the left hind wheel of Col. Olliff's mobile. It did the work and Mr. lliff is now gliding gently by without a sDutter.

PAXTON HAS ACCIDENT. We are sorry to state that M. J. Paxton is suffering from a broken bone in one of his wrists caused by a part of the cotton press at his ginnery falling on him.

October 9

NEW MEMBERS. At the Chamber of Commerce meeting held last week the following newlnembers were enrolledj B. F. Scott, Rrof. M. E. Roberts, Paul Sandberg, William Mizell, J. P. Mizell, H. N. Mizell, E. C. Kennison, J. H. Sikes, O. F. Wilson and E. A. Westberry.

TELEPHONE FOR THE HERALD. The Herald now has a telephone at the residence of the editor and if ‑Lhere is anything you want printed, call up number one five and it will be in the current issue, provided you do not call later than 12 m .

The A. C. L. right of way is a busy place this week. The Georgia‑Florida Investment Co. is unloading a car of hulls in bulk, and the Chancy Bros. are putting down the ties, while Frank Mills is taking up the long room with huge bridge timbers.

GATOR HUNTING ACCIDENT. Newt Murray came in last Thurs. with his arm in a sling He had run his arm in a gator hole and got his hand nabbed.

PRETTY CANE‑STEALERS. J. A. Allen, of Newell, has been missing cane from his patch lately and went around to investigate and on slipping around the corner of his patch there stood two pretty young ladies with their knives in hand, ready to whack. So Mr.

Allen just threw down his gun.

NEW BABY. A great big ten and a half pound boy came to the home of Mr. nd Mrs. J. M. Wilson Tues. J. M. ain't saying anything at all but you can see that smile of contentment.

NOTICE: All parties wanting shoes repaired can get same done by leaving orders at M. J. Paxton's store. Mrs Hart has quit the shoe repair business and I will attend to your wants in this line. L. E. Nordstrom, Homeland.

WEDDINC. Miss Pinkey Johns and T. T. Petty were married at the residence of E. T. Hatcher last Tues. , Ordinary Stokes officiating.

October 16

CONVICT DIED. One of the new convict's heart failed him shortly after reaching the gang and he dropped dead, scaring Frank Murray two inches shorter.

HERALD TO MOVE. The Herald will move tomorrow in its snug little building between B F. Scott's residence and The Drug Store.

POST OFFICE MOVED. The Post Office is now in its new quarters in the Scott Building and everything looks business‑like in this nich of the woods.

NEW BABY. When L. J. White arrived in town Fri. from out on the line, he found at the office a letter announcing the arrival of a sweet little chubby‑handed, pink‑eared, dimple‑armed and rosy cheeked baby girl which had come to his wife while visiting at

her Alabama home. It arrived on the 2nd instant but Mr. hite, being out in the woods on his line, did not get it until a week after Mr. hite is making preparations to get up there and as soon as possible will bring Mrs. White and the uncrowned little

queen home.

BOYS CORN CLUB. The prizes awarded were as follows: First Prize, Barney Ruis, $20. 00 and a nice suit of clothes. He raised 64 1/2 bushels. Second, Newton Askew, a course at the Athens Agricultural School and R. R. fare. He raised 61. 20 bushels

Third, Earl Howard, free trip to Atlanta and $5. 00 in gold. He raised 51. 14 bushels. Fourth, Arthur Davis, free triD to stata fair at Macon. He raised 56 bushels Fifth, Charles []oward, $5. 0C in gold. He raised 49 bushels. Sixth, Clarence Wilkerson,

$5. CC in gold. He raised 38 bushels. Seventh, Fred Osterman, $1. 00. He raised 38 bushels.


October 23

NEW STORE COING UP. B. F. Scott is having unloaded in front of the Folkston Grocery Co. stand brick and material for the erection of a new brick building where the Folkston Grocery Co. now stands. The old building will be Lorn away as soon as the

ice season is oveL, and we believe that's about now considering we had frost Tues. It will be replaced by a handsome brick structure with the front made of polished white brick. It will be 30 by about SS and will be for rent.

JOHNSON CHILD KILLED. On Monday of last week a Southern train ran over and killed the Lhree year old child of Henry Johnson, colored, of Winokur.

NEW BABY. Jesse Brooks has been considering himself above the average ever since Thurs. and smiles are playing all over his countenance. It's a sweet little girl!

TWENTY‑SIX NEW CHURCH MEMBERS. The meeting at the Methodist Church has closed with something accomplished. There were 26 applicants for the rolls. Our citizens seemed to enjoy attending these meetings but none of the old rock‑ribbed sinners responded to the earnest appeals of Rev. Merritt and Evangelist McCord. Of the 26 applicants, 20 were Methodists, 16 on confession, a by letter. There were 6 who prefered the Baptist faith. The music grew better each night and the financial part of the services were fairly good.

UNSELFISH POSTMASTER. The Post Office has livened up things down this way and Mrs. Robinson deserves a vote of thanks for moving it in a more convenient place. Considering that Mrs. R. was put to a personal expense by the move it shows that she has the community's interest at heart more than profit‑gaining.

NEWELL SCHOOL. Miss Jessy Sikes is progressing very nicely with her little school at Newell.

NEW HOCS. Jesse W. Vickery has imported a thoroughbred Berkshire gentleman hog and Alex Mills a gentleman and two ladies. This indicates that there will be something doing in the thoroughbred hog line before long.

October 30

STORE MOVES TO NEW LOCATION. The Folkston Orocery Co. moved this week to the store adjoining Mrs. Wright's. Mr. ickren awaits the pleasure of your call at his new place.

WILCHER GETS GOOD JOB. We leaLn that Wilcher Rarker has finished his course in stenography and has accepted a $50. 00 job in Tampa with the Seaboard. We call this fine for a boy of less than 16 and are proud he comes from Folkston.

GOOD ADVICE by G. E. Jones. My sQn, follow not the footprints of the loafer and make no example of him who is born tired, for verily I say unto you, their business is overstocked, the seats on the corners are all taken up and the whittling places are all occupied. It is better to saw wood at two bits a cord than whittle in a loafing match and cuss the government. My son, while thou has left in thy skull the sense of a jay bird, break away from the cigarette habit for thy breath stinketh like a glue factory and thy whole appearance is less intelligent than a store dummy. Yea, thou are a cipher with the ring knocked off.

THOMAS BUYS OLLIFF MARE. R. B. Thomas was in the city Monday and he carried back Col. Olliff's old faithful gray mare and thinks he has at last found the family horse he needs. Mr. homas has been in Uptonville about two years and has owned 1? diffrent

horses since there. He is a [lorse trader from his heart and says he was but one time a little off‑set and that was when he gave J. C. Allen $80. 00 for a [lor‑se that had three fits before he could get the bridle on and when carried home torn down his lot fence and busted the door off the bar, but says he managed to sell him tFle next evolving a:; a genLle saddld horse for $80. 00.

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