Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


October 3, 1912

OLD SUBSCRIBER. Mr. W.R. Keene of Traders Hill came in Saturday and gave us something to buy rations with. Mr. Keene was the third name on the original list of the Herald and has seen fit to let it remain there.

COTTON GIN. M.J. Paxton’s ginnery is now in full blast and the bales of cotton are rolling out. J.A. Thomas has charge of the calliope whistle and its sweet tone almost equals the stroke of his bow.

DAIRY IN HOMELAND. J.O. Williamson has just completed a fine dairy at his home in Homeland and has it so arranged that all the waste water from the pump flows by the milk cans to cool the milk.

DAVIS STORE. Our enterprising and wide-awake merchant, H.J. Davis, has ornamented his place of business by attractive lettering on the side and front, showing what he has for sale, and makes his place take on a hustling appearance.

SAWMILL MOVED. Mr. O.F. Wilson has loaded the sawmill machinery he recently purchased at the sale of the Folkston Novelty Works and moved it to a point on the St. Marys River near Calico Hills Ferry where he will place it in working order and engage in sawmilling.


….MORE DESKS NEEDED. The enrollment has passed 125 and has necessitated the ordering of more desks.

….BELL RINGS AT 8:30. It is not necessary for the pupils to reach the school grounds before 8:00 o’clock as school does not open till 8:30.

BRIDGE. The County Commissioners of Nassau County met with the Commissioners of Charlton on the St. Marys River between Folkston and Boulogne and agreed to build a bridge across the St. Marys so as to connect the two states.

No issue of the Herald on microfilm for October 10, 1912.

October 17, 1912

LAW OFFICE MOVED. Col. Olliff has moved his law office into the rooms recently vacated by Col. Gibbs in the Scott Building. Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs have gone to Jesup to reside.

MONEY FOR TEACHERS. L.E. Mallard, County School Supt., has borrowed a sufficient sum of money to pay the teachers their last month’s salary.

PARTY. Our jovial and popular naval stores man at Uptonville, F.M. Mills, entertained at his residence last Friday night. Among the guests were Messers Elvie Mizell, Madison Gibson and Jim Wainright, Miss Wainright, Miss Audrey Phillips, Miss Roddenberry of Winokur, Miss Mills, sister of F.M. of Waycross, Miss Pearl, Rose and Faye Baker and Miss Erie Anderson. The house was nicely decorated with flowers. Miss Mills of Waycross rendered some beautiful love songs accompanied with the guitar. Mr. Mills, his daughter Pearly May and his son rendered some very choice selections on violin, accompanied by tambourine and piano. Plays of all kinds were enjoyed and each one was highly pleased with the way they had enjoyed the time.

October 24, 1912

SCHOOL. Miss Katie Kessler of Newell passed through Folkston Saturday, en route to Moniac, where she has accepted a position as teacher.

NEW BABY. “Doc” Roddenberry is in the best of spirits this week and you can see the illumination on his face a hundred yards – a chubby, sweet, dimpled, rosy-cheeked cooing little girl applied at his home for board and lodging early Tuesday morning and “Doc” has decided to take her free of all charges.

STOKES BOUGHT VICKERY PLACE. J.J. Stokes and Jesse W. Vickery decided to make a deal with each other and after a lengthy discussion, Mr. Stokes handed over to Mr. Vickery a little check for about $1600. and Mr. Vickery was minus his handsome two story house in east Folkston and Mr. Stokes became owner.

HOMELAND CHURCH. Program – Dedication of Homeland Baptist Church Sunday Nov. 3rd. Invocation, Rev C.T. Rogers. Music by the choir. Introductory talk by Pastor J.A. Thompson. Song – Congregation. Progressive Christianity – Judge Parker. Dedication sermon – Dr. W.H. Scruggs. Song – Congregation. Benediction – Rev. Merritt.

October 31, 1912

NEW STORE OWNER. Mr. M. Cranford has purchased the stock of goods of J.H. and J.D. Roddenberry and is now engaged in the mercantile business under the name of M. Cranford and Son at the same old stand.

NEW SCHOOL BURNED. We learn that the new school house just completed situated about two miles north of Uptonville was destroyed by fire on Sunday night. Origin of the fire is supposed to be of an incendiary nature.

MISS HILDA’S HONOR ROLL. Crystal Wainright, Bernice Rogers, Violet Hathaway, Ray Courson, Frank Mills, Burnice Vickery, Ida May Womble, Loanie Hathaway, Jimmy Anderson, Clyde Donahoo.

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