Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


October 5, 1911

SALE: One [train] carload of salt just received. Fifty-five cents per 100 pound sack at B.F. Scott and Co.

DAVIS STORE. H.J. Davis expects to have a grand opening of his building in a few days. He had the lights on Saturday night and it reminded one of the “Seminole” or “Iroquois” coming in to port at Jacksonville.

FIRE AT UPTONVILLE. J.P. Franks bought the Davis place at Uptonville and moved in the storehouse Tuesday evening and burned out Tuesday night.

VISITING BETWEEN TRAINS. Miss Nellie Davis and Miss Lois Mattox went up to Homeland Sunday afternoon to spend the while between 22 and 21 and visited Mrs. C.W. Waughtel.

SCOTT’S HOTEL. Scott and Company have installed an up-to-date lighting apparatus in their handsome hotel building which will add to setting off this magnificent piece of architecture.

DR. WILLIAMS HAS PARTY. The Ware County Medical Society failed to show up as scheduled Tuesday but Dr. Williams made their failure a decided success for those who went out expecting to hear lectures on anatomy, tuberculosis, etc., by furnishing a well-filled and delicious bowl of punch with the usual attributes, which were enjoyed by both sexes who showed that they were glad to be there, doctors or no doctors, and would go again the next time if the doctor promised the same kind of a windup out of the affair.

PUBLIC SALE: The undersigned will sell at public sale at Homeland Saturday, one carload of farm horses and mules, one carload of farm wagons, surreys, buggies, traps, market wagons and spring wagons. –J.B. BUSSER.

October 12, 1911

HOTEL NEARLY READY FOR BUSINESS. B.F. Scott is busy putting the porch around his building and as soon as he finishes it the building will have added 100% to its appearance. S.E. Cannon is getting busy around the hotel and he will fling open the doors of this hostelry in just a few more days.

DAVIS’ NEW STORE. H.J. Davis is on the verge of moving into his new quarters.

FERRY NOW OPERATING. The Calico Hills ferry is now ready to take you across the St. Marys River. A share of your patronage will be appreciated. A.R. KOLAR, Prop., Boulogne, Florida.

WEDDING. On last Thursday evening Charlie Jacobs was married to Miss Anna Dean of Traders Hill, Ordinary Stokes officiating. Charlie went out purposely to bring Miss Anna to preaching but they stopped at the Ordinary’s house and the church-going was substituted for a bridal trip to Jacksonville on 21. Mr. Jacobs is a promising young business man of Folkston while Miss Dean is a school teacher of high repute. The happy couple are now stopping with the Misses Denmark until they get ready for housekeeping. The Herald joins their many friends in hearty congratulations and when trials come upon them and old age has dimmed their brow, may they still be as happy as now.

October 19, 1911

ADDITION TO WRIGHT DRUG STORE. Mrs. J.C. Wright is having two rooms added on the east side of her drug store to be used as a residence.

RUNAWAY. E.W. Shivar broke his collarbone Monday during a runaway accident. Dr. Reville was called and by now has Mr. Shivar on a fair way to a speedy recovery.

EDITORIAL. We see no reason why the telephone company should lose all the cash they have so far spent by letting the work entirely alone. They surely must intend doing something further toward completing this much-needed convenience.

NEW DELIVERY WAGON. The Folkston Grocery Company is out in city style with a neatly painted and artistic lettered delivery wagon which has just been completed for them by C.W. Jacobs & Co. It makes things look considerably on the city order, to see it darting around corners.

HOTEL NOW OPEN. S.E. Cannon is now doing business in the hotel in the style of the hour. It has been named “Le Arnold” and is a good roomy hotel.

FOR SALE. 417 acres known as the Joe Prescott Place. Dwelling and 25 acres in cultivation. $1700.00. – L.E. MALLARD

October 26, 1911

MRS. W. O. GIBSON. We are sorry Mrs. W.O. Gibson is suffering from an attack of Grip.

CHICKEN-PIE SUPPER. The ladies of Homeland will serve a chicken pie supper on Halloween, October 31st. There will also be some Halloween amusements. Price, 25 cents.

NEW FAMILY IN FOLKSTON. Mr. Mitchell Joyner has moved himself and family to Folkston and they are now our citizens. He proposes to open up a business house.

JUST ARRIVED IN FOLKSTON. Mr. Orlin Ingous of New York has opened a tailor repair shop at the old Bottling Works Building in Folkston and will do all kinds of alterations, repairs, cleaning and pressing. Ladies wool garments carefully handled. No gasoline used on clothing.

SHOOTING AT HICKOX. Following a quarrel about hogs, Edward Durst shot and seriously, perhaps fatally, wounded Hamp Walker at Hickox Tuesday afternoon. Both are well-known farmers and had been quarreling for some time about stock. Durst emptied a load of buckshot in Walker. Most of the load entered the left side.


From the “Douglas Enterprise” by J.M. Freeman

“October 21, 1911….I was down at Folkston last Sunday and Monday. I was in the habit of going there often twenty years ago, and was surprised at the good, solid advancement the old town is making. Mr. Cannon is mayor, now, but Mr. Olliff, a prominent lawyer of that place, has been elected for the next term. There’s a nice brick court house, a home-like jail, partial water-system, telephone exchange, good graded school, bank, saw-and-planning mill, grist mill, good hotel, splendid newspaper, and one of my red-headed daughters there. G.M. Kempton is the village blacksmith with a fair prospect when he regains health. Court convenes there next Monday.”

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