Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


October 6, 1910

MRS. AUSTIN DIED. Brunswick, Ga. Sept. 26. Mrs. M.C. Austin, wife of Rev. M.C. Austin, pastor of McKendree Methodist Church of this city, died yesterday after an illness lasting two years. She had resided here for eight years, having moved here from Waycross. She was buried this afternoon, the funeral occurring from McKendree Methodist Church. She leaves, besides her husband, one daughter, Mrs. M.C. Monahan of this city. ---Savannah Morning News.

OLD SUBSCRIBER. W.R. Keene of Traders Hill was a visitor to the Herald office Tuesday. Mr. Keene was one of the very first subscribers to the Herald and says that he has not missed but about four issues since first subscribing.

WEDDING. Miss Ethel Stokes and Mr. Perry Jones were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Hon. And Mrs. J.J. Stokes on Wednesday the 28th. The marriage was a very quiet affair, only the immediate family of the contracting parties being present. The groom is the son of Mr. Ed Jones of Hickox. The happy young couple left on the night train for Hickox where they will make their future home.

WILLIAMS KILLED. B.H. Williams, Town Marshal, was shot and instantly killed at his home here Wednesday morning about one o’clock by F.A. Thomas. Thomas had been on a drunken spree for a day or so and on Tuesday ran his wife away from their home and she applied to the Marshal for shelter and protection for the night. At about one o’clock Tuesday night Thomas went to Williams’ house armed with a double-barrel shotgun and called for his wife. She, by the instruction of the Marshal, went on in the yard and had a talk with him. When he made an effort to get her to go back home, she refused to accompany him and started back in the house when he threw up his gun and fired a load of small shot at her at short range, missing her. The load buried itself in the wall of the house near where the Marshal was standing. The Marshal then fired three shots from his pistol at Thomas, missing him each time and during the fusillade, Thomas fired a load of buckshot at Williams, nine of them taking effect in his side, killing him instantly. After the shooting Thomas went to his home ab0out 100 yards away, and was soon locked up in the county jail.

NOTICE: Will all persons having books from the school library kindly send them to the teachers or leave them at Dr. Wright’s drug store. A number of books are not in the cases and are needed. J.S. JENNINGS, Principal of School.

DEATH OF F.D. WAINWRIGHT. F.D. Wainright died at the Coast Line Hospital in Florence, S.C. Sunday after just a few days illness of Hemorrhagic Fever. His remains were brought to Hickox where the funeral took place Tuesday. Frank was a young man, just entering manhood. He is survived by his father, S.P. Wainright, four brothers and five sisters.

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. Our neighboring city of St. George has just completed a handsome brick school building and is now making preparations for the erection of an artificial stone Baptist Church building. If our citizens don’t wake up and get busy they may find themselves outdistanced in the race for progress, by the young city of St. George.

October 13, 1910

NOTICE: We will pay $25.00 for proof to convict party who stole belt off of sawmill at Mallette’s Landing, Ga. sometime between the 21st and 27th of September, 1910. J. MIZELL & BRO. Kings Ferry, Fla.

SMALL BLAZE LAST Saturday night. On Saturday night about ten o’clock the unoccupied dwelling house on west Main Street belonging to O.R. Leigh, was burned. The house was in a dilapidated condition and had not been occupied in about two years, except by the goats. Fire was evidently of incendiary origin.


….SCHOOL. School opened here last Monday with quite a number of scholars. Miss Hilda Mattox of Folkston is the teacher.

….BIRD DOG KILLED. A Southern train that passed Newell between 8 and 9 o’clock killed Mr. Robert Cato’s fine bird dog last Thursday morning.

ALLEN SCHOOL. Miss Ella Strickland who has been teaching out in the Allen Settlement for the past four months will return to her home at Fendig Saturday.

BAPTIST PASTOR. Rev. J.A. Clark has sold his farm in middle Georgia and will move to Folkston where he will be most conveniently located as to his pastoral charges, which comprises the Baptist Churches of Folkston, St. George, Mt. Olive and Kingsland.

BUTTER. There is a butter famine in Rome, Ga. Several hundred cows of that city have gone dry and a large majority of Rome families are doing without, rather than pay forty cents per pound.

October 20, 1910

PROSPECT CHURCH. Rev. R.H. Robbs, Dist. Supt., preached at Prospect Sunday.

NEW HOMELAND STORE. Mr. J.D. Hatcher has opened a dry goods and grocery store here.

BETHEL CHURCH. Rev. I. R. Kelly has been holding quite an interesting meeting out at Bethel where 14 new members have been received.

MRS. CHRISTY DIED. Mrs. T.A. Christy, one of our most respected ladies, died at her home here Tuesday night about 11:00 o’clock after an illness extending over several weeks. In fact she had been an invalid for several years. She is survived by her husband and two sons, W.Z. and Arthur. The funeral was here Wednesday afternoon.

DISASTROUS STORM. From news coming in from the country it seems that the storm of Tuesday night has hit the turpentine men pretty hard. Some reports say fully 1/10 of all the boxed timber was blown down. Others say it is just about all down.

STEWART INJURED. Last Friday something got wrong with the sawdust belt at the mill of Wade & Peterson and G.J. Stewart, the mill foreman, went underneath the mill to assist in adjusting matters, where in some way his shirt caught on a set screw in a shaft and he was thrown about 15 feet by the force of the shaft. His clothes were all torn off with the exception of his shoes and socks. One arm was broken and an elbow was dislocated, besides receiving other severe bruises about the body. From the nature of the accident it is almost a miracle that he escaped without death.

MISS PRIVETT BURNED. Miss Verdie Privett was seriously burned by the explosion of a lamp some days ago. She was sitting up with her sick mother when the explosion occurred setting her clothing on fire. She was brought here and placed under the treatment of Dr. Williams and at last reports was improving.

STORM. The storm that has been wandering around the West Indies for the past few days, struck here Tuesday P M with a heavy downpour of rain, accompanied by a wind with the velocity of about 60 miles an hour. The only damage known to have been done in this section is the blowing down of timber, fencing and the like. According to reports received from other points, the storm was the worst in several years. The orange crop and trucking industries of south Florida are reported completely ruined. The Georgia seacoast including the cities of Brunswick and Savannah are heavy sufferers from the storm’s fury. Telegraphic and telephone connections with the storm-swept districts are completely cut off.

October 27, 1910

NEW BABY. A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Pickren on last Thursday night. Mr. Pickren is just keeping his family up, having lost a daughter by marriage the day before.


….LLOYD CHILD DIED. The baby of Mrs. Charlie Lloyd passed away Saturday night about 12 o’clock and was buried at Antioch Sunday afternoon.

….GUN ACCIDENT. Little Willie Sikes came in from play Saturday afternoon and he started to lay down for a nap when he saw his father’s 44 force power rifle lying on the bed. He decided he would fire the gun. He shot through the bed, setting it on fire, the load going through three rooms, some clothes and on out into the yard. No one was in the house or it would have been serious.

….SCHOOL. Several new scholars entered this morning from Peterson’s Camp. Our Newell School is progressing nicely and the roll numbers 18.

WEDDING. Miss Stella Pickren and Mr. R.L. Free were quietly married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Styles Booth, 424 E. Macon Street, Savannah, on the evening of the 19th inst., Rev. I.M. Christian officiating. The bride is the eldest daughter of our fellow townsman T.L. Pickren and is a young lady highly esteemed in this community. The groom is a prominent business man of Doerun, Ga., being cashier of the Farmers Bank.

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