Digest of Charlton County Herald - October 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


October 7, 1909

MRS. RAYBON DIED. The Death Angel visited our town last Friday night, October 1st, 1909 at 11:45 and took from our midst Mrs. Kate B. Raybon, one of our best Christian ladies and took her gently to that bright home above. Mrs. Raybon had only been sick a few days when death was caused by paralysis of the heart which was caused by a shock. Her little two-year-old girl became sick and had convulsions and was not expected to live and from this the mother became ill and finally sacrificed her life for the sake of her dear child. The little girl is now improving.

Mrs. Raybon was born March 18, 1877 and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Wainwright of Folkston. On January 23, 1897 she was married to Mr. Charles M. Raybon of Lulaton but they have lived here since their marriage. She leaves a husband, two little sons, and one little daughter besides her parents and two sisters.

HOMELAND SCHOOL. Mr S. Fink is painting the new school house in Homeland and it will be ready in a few days to move into.

SPELLING CONTEST. Great spelling contest for the pupils of Charlton County. The Board of Education will give the following prizes on November 20th: $10.00 in gold to the best speller; $5.00 to the second best and $2.50 to the third best. One dollar prizes will be given to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh best spellers. Lists of 100 spelling words to be studied will be printed in the Herald each week for the next four weeks.

There was no issue on microfilm for October 14th, 1909

October 21st, 1909


…..IMPROVEMENTS. The Colony Company is having a hitching post put in alongside the Colony building and in front of the schoolhouse.

…..RAILROAD. Mr. Rodman, Trainmaster on the Savannah Division of the A.C.L. Ry. was a business caller in Homeland last Wednesday. He brought papers for final approval of trackage improvements that Homeland had been after for some time. We did not get all that we asked for but made a compromise that will take care of us this fall and winter.

CHESSER SCHOOL. School Commissioner Mallard visited the Chesser School last week, which is being taught by Stephen Gibson. Stephen has taught this school in a very satisfactory manner to Mr. Mallard and the patrons.

BAP. ASSO. MEETING IN HOMELAND. The Piedmont Baptist Asso. will be held in Homeland on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

RUNAWAY HORSE. Racepond News: Quite a crowd from here attended church at Mudge Sunday. All reported a pleasant trip with the exception of the crowd that was in the runaway on the return trip in which Mr. W.J. Medlin was hurt very badly.


October 28, 1909

EDITORIAL. We have just received an advertisement from a liquor house in Jacksonville that amounts to $50.00 but we turned it down. At no price do we print whiskey advertisements. Our readers will find no objectionable advertisements in the columns of the Herald. Note our rules in the editorial heading. [Note: From editorial heading: The Herald publishes no unclean or objectionable advertising, neither does it print whiskey or any liquor ads.]


….CABBAGE PLANTS. M.J. Fieber had a busy day last Friday distributing 100,000 cabbage plants, the first installment of the 200,000 that was ordered. The second shipment is expected in Homeland this Friday.

….MORE LAND SALES. The 1906 Colony Co. reports another busy week with quite a number of sales. They expect a goodly number of people here this winter.

….CIGAR CO. J.L. White left here last Monday for a trip through the central and northern part of Georgia. Mr. White goes on the road as agent for the Homeland Cigar Co.

….RAILROAD DEPOT. The depot roof is getting a coat of paint, George Guinn is doing the painting.

….ASSO. MEETING HERE. The Piedmont Baptist Asso. will hold its sessions in Homeland beginning Friday morning and lasting until Sunday noon. A very interesting program has been arranged. It’s going to tax the people of Homeland to take care of so many extra people, but it will be done just the same.

….CANE SYRUP CO. The Homeland Cane Syrup Co. is the name of the new company just founded in Homeland. The cane mill and evaporators have been ordered. More about them in the near future.

RAILROAD. The contractors are doing a fast work on the railroad double tracking from here to Callahan.

SINGING SCHOOLS. E.A. Westberry returned Sunday from Wayne County where he has been working up singing schools.

PRESIDENT TAFT. President Taft is now floating down the Mississippi River on the Oleander, from St. Louis to New Orleans, a distance of 1200 miles.

J.C. ALLEN MOVES HERE. J.C. Allen, our Tax Collector, has moved from Winokur to our town. We are glad to welcome him and his family among us. They are living at the Haddock Building.


….MR. MEDLIN SICK. Dr. A. Fleming, of Waycross, came Friday evening to attend O.G. Medlin who had been sick for the past week.

….SUMAN’S GRANDFATHER DIED. O.J. Suman was called to Ft. Mudge Saturday to attend the funeral of his grandfather.

TRADERS HILL NEWS: Corn-breaking is over and the good times have begun. Cane-grinding and candy-snatching are in vogue.

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