Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1943

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 3, 1943

FALL FROM TRAIN FATAL FOR MAN. TRAGEDY UNEXPLAINED. A man identified as J.S. Conine, age about 70, of Wyoming, fell to his death from a southbound Atlantic Coast Line passenger train Saturday night a mile and a half north of Mattox. The body was carried to Waycross and is being held by the Mincey Funeral Home. Investigation indicates that he was enroute to Daytona Beach. It was indicated that he was killed instantly. It is presumed he fell from the vestibule door which he had opened in an effort to cool off..

LEROY BARBER DROWNED. Leroy Barber, 18 year old negro youth of this city met death by drowning in the St. Marys River at Kings Ferry Friday afternoon. According to reports, a party of boys had been in swimming, diving into the river from a barge. The youth, who could not swim, attempted this, he immediately sank and did not reappear above the surface. The body was located Sunday afternoon and recovered a short distance from the scene of the drowning.

ELBERT CREWS NAMED STATE ROAD PATROLMAN. Elbert Crews, son of Tax Receiver H.H. Crews, has been named to succeed O.F. Harden as State Road Patrolman in charge of the maintenance crews who keep up the roads of the state highway system in this county. This was effective September l. He was connected with the State Highway Department for a number of years and is a competent and experienced road man. He gave up his road position two or three years ago and since then has been engaged in farming in this county.

PLANE CRASH KILLS PILOT. Pilot George Simpson, 2nd Lt., Army Air Force, met instant death in the crash of his plane near here Friday afternoon while on a routine training flight from the Waycross air field where he has been stationed. The crash occurred just off the road leading to Bethel Church and within a short distance of the Folkston airport.

GERMAN PRISONERS TO WORK ON FARMS. Eight temporary work camps for war prisoners are being established in Georgia this week to provide labor for harvesting the season’s record peanut crop the War Department announced Monday. Temporary camps will be established in Americus, Sylvania, Dublin, Albany, Bainbridge, Moultrie, Fitzgerald and Swainsboro.

ANDREW JACKSON SOUTHWELL DIED. Andrew Jackson Southwell, age 79, resident of Woodbine and lifelong citizen of Camden County, died suddenly at his home there early Wednesday morning. He had been active and vigorous until a short while prior to his death. Mr. Southwell was the father of John B. Southwell of this city and was well known here where he had a large number of friends who learn of his death with sorrow. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock at Oak Grove Cemetery near Waynesville with Rev. J.G. Ivey, pastor of White Oak Methodist Church and Rev. C.E. Milton, pastor of Kingsland Baptist Church officiating. Besides his son, J.B. Southwell, survivors include another son, J.R. Southwell of Woodbine; two daughters, Mrs. Henry Thrift of Woodbine and Mrs. L.W. Robinson of Waynesville and ten grandchildren.

4-H CLUB ANNUAL MEETING. The 4-H Clubs of Charlton County were represented at the annual conference of Home Demonstration and 4-H Club Councils held in Milledgeville last week. Among those who attended from Charlton County were Martha Crews, Inez Thrift, Phillip Wainwright, Lamar Gibson, Clora Lee Conner, Mrs. Leckie, Mrs. Layton, W.D. Jones and Miss Gertrude Proctor.

MRS. RENFROE TO TEACH HERE. Mrs. Myrtle Renfroe has been secured as one of the teachers at CCHS for this year, permitting the transfer of Mrs. Mary Vickery to the elementary school. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Parker and taught in Hinesville last year.

GOWEN - PAGE WEDDING. In a quiet ceremony taking place in Waycross August 27th, Annie Pearl Gowen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Gowen, Sr. of this city, was married to Mr. Dimon Page of Portsmouth, Va., son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Page of this city, Rev. G.N. Rainey, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church officiating. The couple will make their home in Portsmouth where Mr. Page is employed at the shipyards.

September 10, 1943

MISS HELEN McLEAN IN NURSE’S TRAINING. Miss Helen McLean left Friday for Savannah where she has enlisted in the Cadet Nurses Corps of the US Army Hospital Service. After a few weeks training in St. Joseph’s Hospital she will go to Baltimore, Md. for advance training before being assigned to active service.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR PRESCOTT FAMILY. Friends of Winnie Prescott will be interested in the recent announcement of the birth on August 25 a second child, a baby girl who has been named Sandra Elaine. Both mother and baby are doing fine. He was recently transferred to Tampa, Fla. He is with the Third Air Force.

SHELTON MONROE RECEIVES HIS WINGS. Shelton W. Monroe has graduated from the Advanced Single Engine Pilot School at Spence Field, Moultrie and has received the silver wings of the Army Air Force. The son of Hugh T. Monroe of Waycross, he is a graduate of Waycross High School. Before his acceptance as a flying cadet he was a bookkeeper at the Okefenokee Station in Folkston.

CHARLTON SCHOOL TEACHERS NAMED. The six units of Charlton County’s public school system resumed work Monday. Assignment of teachers is announced as follows: Folkston, County High School: Miss Chute, Mrs. Roddenberry, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Renfroe, Miss Carter. Junior High: Miss Askew, Mrs. Ann Gowen, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Miss Cockrell, Miss Johnson, Miss Hatton. Elementary: Miss Pearce, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Hannaford. Primary: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Vickery, Miss Gibson, Miss Geraldine Stokes, Miss Emily Stokes. St. George, High School: Mrs. Templeton, Mrs. Norman, Rev. Henry Erwin. Primary and Elementary: Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Ratcliffe. Moniac: Mrs. Knabb, Mrs. Sears, Mrs. Tyson, Mr. Burnsed. Uptonville: Mr. Waughtel and Miss Conner.

CHARLTON COUNTY SCHOOL BUS ROUTES AND DRIVERS. :School bus routes and drivers: Bus One, Cornhouse Creek, Odom Peacock; Bus Two, Coleraine, Claude Prescott; Bus Four, Racepond, Ivey Crews; Bus Five, Winokur, Lonnie Crews; Bus Six, Sardis, Elbert Taylor; Bus Seven, Riverside, O.K. Lowther; Bus Ten, Stokesville, Mrs. Cobb; Bus Eleven, Toledo, Champ Crews; Bus Thirteen, River Route, Earl Thrift; Bus Twelve, Thrifts, A.D. Burnsed.

September 17, 1943

McCOY FAMILY MOVES TO CLAXTON. Dr. W.R. McCoy left last week for Claxton where he plans to locate. Mrs. McCoy and children preceded him to Claxton. He has purchased a home and completed arrangements to take up active practice immediately. The decision of Dr. McCoy to leave Folkston has resulted in another serious casualty of the war for this community, the closing of the clinic and hospital established here several years ago by Dr. J.L. Sawyer.

RICHARD MAYS JOINS ARMY AVIATION CADETS. Richard Pope Mays, son of Mrs. Naomi Mays, has been accepted as an Army Aviation Cadet it was announced this week. He volunteered for immediate service and is being sent as a volunteer with the county’s October draft quota to Atlanta for assignment to a training school.

HURSEY PARK MAY RETURN TO HOMELAND. At the regular monthly meeting of the County Commissioners a delegation of Homeland citizens and Dr. A.D. Williams, representing the American Legion, submitted a request for a return of Hursey Park tract to the Town of Homeland. If the request is granted, the park will be developed by the American Legion as a recreational center.

LT. TEMPLETON AWARDED MEDAL. lst Lt. James R. Templeton, son of Mrs. May Templeton of St. George, a pilot with the “Avengers” medium bombardment group in Sicily, was awarded the Air Medal for Meritorious Service in flying bombing raids against the Axis. He has also qualified for four bronze oak leaf clusters to the Air Medal.

DRAFTEES ORDERED TO REPORT. The following is a list of twenty white men who will leave October 5 for Ft. McPherson to undergo examination as ordered by the draft board. Richard Mays, a volunteer, will accompany the group. They are as follows: James Maxwell Vickers, Eugene Mizell Williams, James Henderson Blount, Oscar Herman Leckie, Lester Walker Prescott, Henry Hampton Gay, Sam Herrington, Ross White, Emory Clyde Gowen, Nathan Allen Crews, Romey Allen Carter, James Terrell Anderson, Hubert Winton Kendrick, James Thomas, Lee Raulerson, Ralph Daniel Starling, James Lester Burnsed, Willie Alvin Reynolds, Lonnie George O’Quinn, Paul Lewis, Jr. and Richard Pope Mays (volunteer). Included in the colored contingent due to leave October 25 for Ft. Benning are Nathan Lambert, Broker T. Watkins, Hezekiah Williams, Marshall Littles, Reuben Roberson, Robert McKay, Clayton Johnson, Walter Herbert Levant, Ben Thomas, Henry Shellman, Oscar Harrell, Jack Anderson, Central Bell, Willie Mobley, Porter Bellamy, Arcear Johnson, James Royalston, Hezekiah Green, Willie McDougal, Willie Lee Green, Ardelbert Roberson, Harvey Walker, Reuben Heflin, Willie Lee Taylor and J.C. Battle.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR HUGGINS FAMILY. Nr, and Mrs. Alvin Huggins announce the birth of a fine baby girl born September 16. Mrs. Huggins is the former Miss Juanita Aldridge

CARTER CHILDREN AT METHODIST HOME. At the County Commissioners meeting last week, it was agreed to contribute $100.00 annually to the Methodist Home in Macon, Ga. to apply toward the care of the four Carter children whom they accepted this month.

DEMERY LLOYD JOINS NAVY. Seventeen year old Demery L. Lloyd of Homeland enlisted in the Navy in Jacksonville Tuesday, along with two other seventeen-year-olds. A number of seventeen-year-old boys have enlisted in the Navy in recent months.

September 24, 1943

HURSEY PARK TO REMAIN THE 4-H CLUB CAMP. The proposal for the return of the Camp Hursey Park tract to the Town of Homeland has brought out the fact that the property has not been abandoned by the county 4-H Club and that its use will be continued for the purposes for which the tract was originally granted.

ESCAPED CONVICTS CAPTURED. Two convicts from the local state road camp escaped late Monday afternoon and were apprehended in Waycross Monday night.

LOCAL PLANE OBSERVERS TO HOLD MEETING. Sgt. Nash of the First Fighter Command Ground Observer Corps, Jacksonville, will be at the Folkston school auditorium on Sept. 28 to talk to the local observers in regard to the importance of aircraft warning service. It is functioning very smoothly here because everyone is cooperating. Mrs. Sidney Robinson has been selected as Assistant Chief Observer.

THE MOVIE “SWAMP WOMAN” TO BE SHOWN. The moving picture feature, “Swamp Woman”, depicting scenes of the Okefenokee Swamp, will be presented by the senior class of Charlton County High School at the school auditorium Wednesday. It is to be presented in the interest of the Third War Loan. There will be free admission to all persons owning a War Bond. Others will pay 25 cents admissions plus three cents war tax. Profits will be used to buy War Bonds for the school.

JESSE CREWS RECEIVES HONORABLE DISCHARGE. Jesse Crews, who has been serving in the armed forces for the past several months, returned home this week having been given a Disability Discharge from the service. He has been stationed at Camp Breckinridge, Ky. where he has been serving in the Medical Corps. H has been in bad health for the past few months, suffering from a kidney ailment.

HOWARD WRENCH STATIONED IN OKLAHOMA. Howard Wrench, who recently entered the armed services has been assigned to Camp Gruver near Muskogee, Oklahoma. He is attached to a Motor Gun Corps of the 42nd Division.

GERMAN PRISONERS HELP WITH PEANUT HARVEST. H.B. Evans, a farmer in Lowndes County, is well pleased with the German war prisoners as peanut pickers, having just completed harvesting 120 acres with twenty of the prisoners. The prisoners were employed by the piece, a stipulated price for each stack of peanuts harvested. They were all strong young men and at their work they were cheerful all the time. Many of them spoke English and they were firm in their belief that Hitler will win the war.

TWIN BABIES FOR PRESCOTT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Prescott announce the birth of twin babies, a boy and a girl, born September 20 at their home in the Prescott settlement. The boy has been named Jack McArthur and the girl Jacquelyn Rose. Mother and babies are reported to be getting along fine.

BIG YIELD FROM VICTORY GARDEN. Twenty pounds of Porto Rico yams in a single hill was the Victory Garden record established by Carl M. Scott in a backyard plot at his home in Waycross. The hill of potatoes yielded four big fellows, ready for baking. Carl is a former resident of Folkston and learned how to grow sweet potatoes in Charlton County where they really grow to perfection. T.W. Wrench reports he dug ten hills this week getting five big potatoes from each hill.

PURVIS - CREWS WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest was that of Miss Corliss Purvis to Marine Private Calvin Crews which took place September 11 with Judge A.S. McQueen performing the ceremony. She is the daughter of W.J. Purvis. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Crews of Uptonville. He is stationed at New River, North Carolina.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR KING FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Royce King of Charleston, S.C. announce the birth of a baby girl born September 11 in a Charleston hospital. She has been named Joyce Elaine. Mrs. King will be remembered as Miss Joan Purvis.


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