Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1942

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 4, 1942

JACK C. HOWARD RE-INSTATED AS COMMISSIONER. Commissioner Jack C. Howard, of the Winokur district, who tendered his resignation as a member of the county board in order to become a candidate for the State Senate, and later withdrew from the race, has been re-appointed a county board member by Judge Dickerson and was reinstated at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of County Commissioners Tuesday.

ALL AVAILABLE SINGLE MEN DRAFTED FIRST. Draft headquarters at Washington Tuesday issued orders intended, generally speaking, to call all available single men to the colors before the induction of married men has begun.

SCHOOLS TO OPEN MONDAY. Folkston schools will open Monday without any formal exercises. It has been attempted to gear the whole program to war conditions and the cooperation of parents and pupils are requested. Many inconveniences are to be expected. We will be compelled to relinquish many accustomed activities. But if everyone makes sacrifices, we will be helping to win the war and the peace that follows. School will be work this year, for teachers and pupils. The teaching staff at Folkston is as follows: Senior High: Guy W. Bentley, C.L. Talbert, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Mrs. Lourilla B. Stokes, Mrs. Opal C. Talbert, Mrs. Dortha M. Bentley, Mrs. Kathryn R. Jones, Miss Eunice Chute, Miss Margaret Littlefield. Junior High: Miss Mayme Askew, Miss Mildred Hatton, Mrs. Mary Scott, Mrs. Ann S. Gowen, Miss Eleanor Cockrell, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Miss Susie Johnston. Elementary and Primary Schools: Miss Marion Pearce, Mrs. Sara H. Hodges, Mrs. Hilda M. Jones, Miss Margie Gibson, Mrs. Mary Scott, Miss Cleo Huling, Mrs. Kate K. Johnson, Miss Emily Stokes, Mrs. Gladys D. Willson, Mrs. Thelma G. Hannaford, Mrs. Georgia L. Brown, Mrs. W.E. Gibson. Moniac Consolidated School opened Monday, teachers are Mrs. Jessie M. Knabb, Mrs. Imogene Sears, Mrs. Mary C. Daughtry, Miss Marcetta Suggs, Miss Jessie Davis. St. George Consolidated School will not open until Tuesday, teachers are Mrs. Roselle Martin, Mrs. H.D. Templeton, Miss Lucille Kerwin, Mrs. Fannye R. Norman, Mrs. Marie B. Norman, Mrs. William Ratcliffe, Mrs. Douglas Brown, Miss Frances Hopkins.

SGT. HIGHSMITH RETIRES. Sgt. Beaure G. Highsmith, of Folkston, who enlisted in the U.S. Army in Illinois thirty years ago is being retired, according to a news story received by the Herald from the public relations officer. During his thirty-year hitch in the Army he has been assigned to many places. Whether or not Sgt. Highsmith will return to his former home in this county was not stated.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR POPHAM FAMILY. Mrs. Audrey Popham announces the birth of a fine six pound baby girl born Friday at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Both mother and baby are getting along fine.

September 11, 1942

ELLIS ARNALL ELECTED GOVERNOR. Ellis Arnall won a decisive victory and defeated Eugene Talmadge for the governorship in the primary last Wednesday.

JOHN S. GIBSON RELECTED CONGRESSMAN. Congressman John S. Gibson won a sweeping victory for re-election for Congress in Wednesday’s Democratic primary. He had three opponents.

RALPH KNABB ELECTED. Ralph Knabb won the race for member of the Georgia General Assembly in Wednesday’s primary election. He had one opponent.

NEW ORDERS FOR AIRPLANE SPOTTERS. Chief Air Raid Warden C.F. Adkins received orders from Jacksonville headquarters that effective immediately the 24-hour airplane and observation reporting schedule in effect at the local observation post for the past several weeks, will be discontinued. Under the new program all the observers will be instructed to be ready for Instant Alert and to man the obervation post immediately upon order of the Chief Warden. Chief Warden Adkins has requested the Herald to announce that all observers are expected to be governed by the new instructions as above given.

ON THE HOME FRONT. Warnings have been issued that southerners face a coal shortage this winter unless they buy coal now. Government geologists have launched plans to obtain aluminum from more than 500,000 tons of bauxite in Georgia. The WPB has curtailed bicycle production from 150,000 a month to 10,000, and limited production to two factories. Few civilians will get new bikes unless they really need them. There will be no more woolen lounging robes made for men and boys and the WPB is cracking down on makers of “zoot suits” and “juke suits” popular with the jitterbugs.

NEW BABY BOY FOR CONNER FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. J. Troy Conner announce the birth of a fine baby boy weighing 10- pounds, born September 5th at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. He has been named J. Troy, Jr.

September 18, 1942

THREE FOLKSTON MEN ENLIST IN SERVICE. Three more Folkston young men have entered the armed services, Robert Harrison, W.L. Huling, Jr. and Oscar Milligan having volunteered for enlistment. They have been assigned to army camps for their basic training. Robert Harrison is at Camp Croft, S.C.; W.L. Huling, Jr. is at St. Petersburg, Fla. and Oscar Milligan is at Fort McPherson, Ga.

GEORGE CREWS IS NEW WINOKUR COMMISSIONER. Commissioner Jack C. Howard of the Winokur district tendered his resignation this week as a member of the Charlton County Board of Commissioners and George Crews, well known citizen of that district, has been named by Judge Dickerson to succeed him.

BILL McQUEEN PROMOTED. Pfc. William Alexander McQueen has been promoted to Corporal, effective August 15th. He is a courts-martial clerk at Base Headquarters, Paine Field, Everett, Washington.

ON THE HOME FRONT. Plan to be self-reliant. Discomforts and many changes are coming on the home front. Folks who stick to their ruts may get caught short. Those who plan readjustments will get along. Once again we are being asked to comb our premises for metal. School kids will be enlisted to keep the giant steel mills going full blast. Unexpected values are being attached to common products. Corncobs are being used to make a solvent. Second-hand pipe, unearthed in Texas, goes into the Trans-Florida Pipeline. Out of general circulation are electric fans, caffeine, which goes into cola drinks and anti-freeze. Two-tone shoes are restricted. Taxi cabs are limited to a zone within ten miles of their city limits.

SCRAP METAL COLLECTON. County Agent W.D. Jones says he will have collecting points in Racepond, Winokur, St. George, Moniac, Uptonville and Folkston for those with small quantities of scrap. The county will furnish a truck to collect it from these points on sale day.

WAR BOND QUOTA. This month’s Georgia quota for War Bonds is $8,500,000. Charlton County’s quota is $1,400.

NEW BABY BOY FOR PRESCOTT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Mercel Prescott announce the birth of an 8 pound baby boy, born Monday at McCoy Hospital. Mother and baby are both reported to be doing nicely.

JOE HARDEN PROMOTED AND RE-ASSIGNED. Joe Harden, who has been serving in the Army for the past several months, has been transferred to the Army Air Base at St. Petersburg, Fla. He was recently promoted to corporal.

SGT. RALPH WRENCH SERVING IN ENGLAND. Sgt. Ralph Wrench has arrived safely overseas and is stationed “somewhere in England” according to a letter received this week by his parents. He is in the Army Air Force and is an expert mechanic.

September 25, 1942

FRED M. CREWS ASSIGNED TO DIESEL SCHOOL. Fred M. Crews, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Crews, is enrolled in the Naval Diesel School at the University of Illinois.

C.H. LEWIS IS NEW SUWANNEE STORE MANAGER. J.O. Hannaford, who has served as manager of the local Suwannee Store, has resigned and he has been succeeded by C.H. Lewis, who comes here from Adel, Ga. He has been experienced in the grocery business and has already moved his family, wife and seven children, to Folkston.ON THE HOME FRONT. Junk makes fighting weapons. One old radiator will provide scrap steel needed for seventeen .30 caliber rifles. One old lawnmower will help make six 3 inch shells. One useless old tire will provide as much rubber as is used in twelve gas masks. One old shovel will help make four hand grenades.

MISS MIZELL NOW WITH HERCULES CO. Miss Audrey Mae Mizell, who has served as assistant postmaster, has accepted a position as clerk with the Hercules commissary.

BILLIE CARTER ENLISTS IN NAVY. Billie Carter has enlisted in the Navy Medical Corps and will report for duty next week.

FISHER-GIBSON WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest here is that of Miss Wanda Fisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Fisher of Waycross, and Cpl. Ray Gibson, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Gibson which took place at Waycross last Friday, with Ordinary Cox performing the ceremony. The bride is a graduate of Waycross High School while Mr. Gibson attended the Charlton County schools.

GRINER-FINCK WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Fairey Olive Griner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Griner of St. George, to Robert Finck of Moody Field, Valdosta and New York City was solemnized September 11 at the home of Rev. A.C. Pyles in Valdosta. Sgt. Finck is the son of Mrs. Henrietta Finck of New York City.

SGT. ALTMAN STATIONED IN ENGLAND. Sgt. Hubert H. Altman has arrived safely overseas and is stationed “somewhere in England” according to a letter received this week by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Altman. He was recently promoted to Sergeant.

CASON-KNOWLES WEDDING. Cpl. Lonnie Knowles and Miss Louise Cason of Camp Pinckney were quietly married by the Rev. Lory Bradley at the pastor’s home last Friday. Only close friends and family were present.

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