Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 1, 1939

THIRD ANNUAL SINGING CONVENTION. Charlton County’s third annual singing convention was held last Sunday in the Grammar School Auditorium with about one thousand visitors. The auditorium was packed morning and afternoon and often there were many looking in at every window. Over 150 cars and trucks were parked nearby. O.E. Raynor was in charge of all arrangements.

BAKING LIGHT BREAD. A baking demonstration was held in St. George last week, under direction of Miss Gertrude Proctor, County Home Demonstration Agent. Twenty 4-H girls took part, each girl baking light bread under instructions given, with very good results.

FOR SALE OR TRADE: One Black Hawk hand corn sheller. One Purdom potato vine cutter. C.W. Waughtel.

September 8, 1939

CCC SINGERS ON RADIO. The Okefenokee Crusaders, a glee club made up of enrollees in the colored CCC camp near Folkston, will present a radio program on Station WAYX at ten P.M. Saturday. The boys are excellent singers and the program will be well worth hearing.CHARLTON STUDENTS GOING TO COLLEGE. Many of our young people will be attending college this fall. Among them are the following from Folkston: Martha Sue Dean, Sara Kathryn Mizell, Jewell Mizell, Kathryn Raynor, Kathleen Stapleton, Robert Harrison, Kemp Littlefield, J.E. Harvey, Jr., Eloise Tison, Bill McQueen, Wordie Leckie, Virgil Colson, Delene Thomas and Pauline Lowther. From St. George are: Emmett Roberts, Jack Hutson, James Templeton and Emma Crawford.

SCHOOL TO BEGIN SEPTEMBER 18TH. According to plans adopted by the Board of Education this week, all units of the Charlton County school system will begin operations on September 18th. Plans have been made for intensive work from the beginning with as little diversion as possible. All matters that interfere with class work will be eliminated as much as possible. New bus bodies have been purchased by all units except Moniac, where new buses were purchased recently. These are the all-steel type with safety-glass throughout. Numerous changes in teaching personnel are being made. It is impossible at this time to give a full list of those to be employed.

ROBERT HARRISON TO TAKE SPECIAL COURSE. Robert Harrison, son of Editor and Mrs. Ward Harrison, left Tuesday for Milledgeville where he will take a special course at Georgia Military College to prepare to enter the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He has been given a Principal’s Place Appointment in the Class of 1941 by Congressman W. Ben Gibbs. This is the first appointment to either of the service schools ever tendered a Charlton County resident.

DR. McCOY TO RETURN TO FOLKSTON. The many friends in this section of Dr. W.R. McCoy will be glad to learn he has returned to Folkston to resume practice here, and in the future will be associated with Dr. James L. Sawyer at the Sawyer Hospital and Clinic. His family will join him here later.

NOTICE: Due to the large number of applications being received, the Charlton County Dept. of Public Welfare will not accept applications for any type of relief except Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. BERNICE ALLEN, Director

NEW OIL WELL. An oil well is being drilled near Hilliard by the St. Marys River Oil Corp. This was confirmed last week by Robert B. Campbell, President of the Peninsular Oil and Refining Co.

TRADERS HILL METHODIST CHURCH REVIVAL. The revival meeting at Traders Hill Methodist Church closed Tuesday night after more than a week of preaching. Two new members were received, Miss Emma Louise Hendricks and Mrs. Johnnie Brockinton. This is said to be the oldest church in Charlton County. The first church was built nearer the river and in a beautiful oak grove. This old church building was said to be more than a hundred years old. The present building, higher up on the hill and more centrally located was built during the pastorate of Rev. H.C. Griffin [1930-1933].

AD. To my customers and the public. I regret very much that owing to widespread uncertainty and unsettled conditions prevailing in commodity markets throughout the country due to the outbreak of war in Europe, I am unable to quote prices this week on any of the various commodities I handle, as wholesale prices are wildly fluctuating from day to day, with a steady advance in prospect. In fact, great difficulty was encountered in securing a sufficient quantity of various commodities to serve my customers as usual, as attempts were made to limit purchases to less than had been customarily purchased in the past. I have not the slightest desire to profit at the expense of my fellow citizens and if prices advance beyond reason, it will be through no action of mine. THEO DINKINS.

September 15, 1939

UPTONVILLE’S NEW CHURCH NEARLY FINISHED. The church at Uptonville is nearing completion. The carpenters will finish their work Saturday. Painting will be done later on. Dedication service will be observed September 17th. The dinner will be 12:30 to 1:15 P.M. The song service after that, then preaching. Rev. Huey Dixon will be assisted by some outside ministers for the day.

NAME THAT NEW STREAMLINED TRAIN CONTEST. A contest seeking a name for the new streamlined train, with which the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and the Florida East Coast Railway will operate daily service between New York and Miami, was announced this week. $650.00 in prizes is offered. Rules were listed.

SCHOOL TO OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 25TH. It was decided yesterday to postpone the opening of school one week. There was an unexpected delay in getting the buses ready and it has been impossible so far to secure two high school teachers with training in library science, as required by the accrediting commission. It was decided to open all schools on Monday September 25th. The school at Uptonville will operate as last year. The one at Winokur will follow the grand jury recommendation and be only a Primary School, all pupils above the third grade being brought into Folkston, all others remaining at Winokur. This arrangement will continue as long as an average of twenty pupils can be maintained at Winokur. All other schools will operate as last year except the 7th grade will be carried at Moniac instead of transporting those pupils to St. George.

REMODELING AT R.A. BOYD HOME. An extensive program of remodeling and repairs is being carried forward on the home of R.A. Boyd. When the work is completed this will be one of the most attractive residences in the city. The work is in charge of E.D. Shivar, assisted by Bill Bruschke and Rufus Russell.

WEDDING, McLEAN-STEWART. Mr. L.P. McLean of Macon announces the marriage of his daughter, Annie Louise, to George J. Stewart, Jr. on September 4th. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart will live in Macon. The groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Stewart and a grandson of Mrs. Stewart Mizell.

PEANUT BOILING. The Peanut Boiling at the home of Mrs. Nancy Carter in Uptonville last Friday was very much enjoyed by all present.

MISS ANDERSON ATTENDING NURSING SCHOOL. Miss Floyce Anderson left this week for Augusta where she enters school for the profession of a trained nurse.

WEDDING, HARDEN-COLSON. A wedding of beauty was that of Otellia Harden and Mr. Wilton E. Colson which was solemnized September 10th at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. L.P. Harden. Mr. and Mrs. Colson both graduated from Folkston High School. The bride is the only daughter of Mrs. L.P. Harden and the groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Colson. They will make their home in Princeton, Fla. where he has been engaged in truck farming for the past four winters.

MR. CALVIN CREWS DIED. Mr. Calvin Crews, age 78, of St. George, passed away the early part of this week. He has been a resident of St. George for twenty-five years. He made his home with his son there. Mr. Crews leaves a large number of relatives to mourn his passing.

LLOYD LAD IN JACKSONVILLE HOSPITAL. The young son of Charlie Lloyd, Camp Pinckney, is in St. Vincent’s Hospital where he is being treated for a cut. It was feared he would bleed to death.

September 22, 1939

UPTONVILLE CHURCH DEDICATED. The church at Uptonville was dedicated September 17th with an all-day program. The church was completely filled. Rev. E.F. Dean preached the opening sermon. Hugh Dixon, the pastor, followed Bro. Dean with a fine talk of the history of the little church. There was another speaker after dinner.

SCHOOL TO BEGIN MONDAY. Charlton County school children will take up their studies again Monday morning after an unexpected two weeks extension of summer vacation. Supt. John Harris stated that there will be a full nine-months term if it can possibly be managed. The annual teachers’ conference will be held Sept. 22nd. As many home teachers as possible are being used this year. Three-fourths of the pupils are transported to and from school. This year they will ride in new all-steel bodies with safety glass throughout. Five new bodies, sixteen feet long, will be used on the Coleraine, Uptonville, Winokur, Stokesville and Toledo routes. The new routes will be from Racepond, Sardis and Camp Cornelia. The buses are from the Blue Bird Body factory in Fort Valley, Ga. and are substantial and fine-looking. No fleet in the state will be superior.

LITTLE HUBERT HARRIS DIED. Hubert Harris, eight-year-old son of D.L. Harris, died Saturday morning shortly after reaching the Ware Hospital as a result of acute appendicitis, passing away before an operation could be performed. The little lad had been ill for several days. Funeral services were held at Sardis cemetery. Besides his father, the child is survived by a number of brothers and sisters. His mother died only a few months ago.

HOMECOMING AT CAMP PINCKNEY CHURCH. A Homecoming Day will be observed at the Camp Pinckney Baptist Church Sunday with three outstanding speakers from the Piedmont Association scheduled to take part on the program. A basket dinner will be spread on the church grounds during the noon hour. Rev. R.T. Peeples, of Kingsland, is the pastor and will preside throughout the day.

MRS. A.J. BENNETT DIED. Mrs. A.J. Bennett, age 55, passed away at her home in Homeland Saturday after a prolonged illness. She was born and reared in Charleston, S.C. but had been a resident of Charlton County for the past 23 years. She was a life-long member of the Missionary Baptist Church and was a lady of the highest Christian character. Besides her husband, survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Louise Kencaid, Mrs. Celeste Dinkins, Mrs. Estelle Murray and Mrs. Jackie Gurwe; four sons, Arthur, Vandell, Hubert and George Bennett; three brothers, C.E. Hall, Hubert Hall and L.N. Hall; three sisters, Mrs. T.K. Hatcher, Mrs. J.R. Little and Mrs. L.J. Dorsey. She is also survived by eight grandchildren. The funeral was conducted at the residence in Homeland and interment followed in Sardis cemetery with Adkins Funeral Home in charge.

NEW BABY FOR SMITH FAMILY. A fine baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Smith, Uptonville, on Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Smith will be remembered as Miss Lois Brooks.

September 29th, 1939

WARD EMERSON MIZELL DIED. Ward Emerson Mizell, age 28, a son of the late Pratt G. Mizell and Mrs. Mizell met a tragic, mysterious death on the outskirts of Jacksonville some time Monday night. His body with a bullet wound in his head was found on the tracks of the Seaboard Airline Railroad. The last information concerning young Mizell’s movements was that about dark Monday night when he was carried to Jacksonville by Wilton Stokes. For the past two months he has been making his home in Fernandina with relatives. Besides his mother, survivors include two sisters, Audrey Mae and Sally Lou Mizell; three brothers, Gilbert, Eustace and Jim Mizell as well as numerous other relatives. Funeral services were held at the home of his mother. Interment followed in Sardis cemetery. Arrangements were in charge of Adkins Funeral Home.

CLEAN CHANNEL OF ST. MARYS RIVER. The work of cleaning out and clearing the channel of the St. Marys River of all obstructions began yesterday at Traders Hill and will proceed to the mouth of the river, making this stream navigable for barges and similar craft. The dredging and clearing of the river has been carried out largely at the request of J.V. Gowen, Sr., one of the principal users of the stream for transporting naval stores.

MR. JAMES SAMUEL SHIVAR DIED. Mr. James Samuel Shivar, age 58, died suddenly at Starke, Fla. Sept. 22ndfrom a heart attack. Ed. W. Shivar, brother of the deceased, was notified. The body was brought to Folkston by Adkins ambulance. The funeral took place in Sardis cemetery. He was born in Lenoir County, N.C. For a number of years he was a resident of Charlton County. He moved to Starke about two years ago. Besides his brother, E.W. Shivar, survivors include two children, a son James Francis and a daughter, Mrs. R.L. Minter, and one grandchild. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

STUDENTS AWARDED FOR HIGH SCHOLASTIC AVERAGE. The following students of the Folkston Sr. High School received the letters of their school for high scholastic average for last year. The letter “C” is awarded to those making A or B grades in all their studies for last year. The students are Bessie Askew, Jewell Conner, Margie Scott, Rosalie Southwell, Grace Wright, J.R. Thrift, Grace Chancey, Lorene Crews, Merlyn Huling, Velma Crews, Juanita Aldridge, Margaret Tison, Beryl Barnes, Irene Gibson, W.L. Huling, Nell Kendricks, Edith Lowrimore, Sara Kathryn Mizell.

MRS. MAGGIE TAYLOR CREWS DIED. Mrs. Maggie Crews, age 50, passed away at her home at Mattox last Sunday after an extended illness. Mrs. Crews lived a useful life of devoted service to her family and neighbors, having taken into her home and given a mother’s care to several children besides rearing a large family of sons and daughters of her own. Funeral services were held at Bethel Church and interment was in Bethel cemetery. She is survived by four sons, Leonard, Freeman, Wiley and Raymond; three daughters, Mrs. Lettie Crews, Mrs. Allen Carter and Mrs. Leona Cason; three brothers, Aaron Taylor, Ben Taylor and Ira Taylor. Funeral services were in charge of Adkins Funeral Home.

MRS. RUBY ALENE HALL DIED. Mrs. Ruby Alene Hall was killed instantly in a car crash in Jacksonville. She had lived in Jacksonville about a month. Surviving are two children, Norma Jean and Ronald; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Henderson; one sister Mrs. Ethan Griffin; two brothers, Roy and Cleon Henderson in Alapaha. Her husband, Winston C. Hall, was driving when a rear tire blew out and the car struck a curb, throwing her out of the vehicle. She was buried in Alapaha.

CHARLTON SCHOOL TEACHERS LISTED. The following is a preliminary tally of the students attending the Charlton County schools: Folkston, 596; St. George, 165; Moniac, 81; Uptonville, 58; Winokur, 23. The following are the teachers for this term: Charlton County High School, Guy W. Bentley, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Eunice Chute, Charlton Talbert, Sara Muril, Dortha Morgan. John Harris Jr. High, Mayme Askew, Mrs. N.V. Brown, Eleanor Cockrell, Mrs. E.C. Gowen, Susie Johnston, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Nina Moore. Folkston Consolidated School, Marion Pearce, Carlie Mae Stokes, Ruby Lockhart, Cleo Huling, Gladys Duncan, Frances Hines, Mrs. Thomas Askew, Louise Bennett, Ella Belle Hughes, Sarah Henderson, Mrs. Frank Davis and Eunice Hunt. St. George Consolidated School, William S. Smith, Mrs. S.D. Templeton, Elizabeth Bradley, Cora Edenfield, Mrs. Leon Norman, Mrs. Leslie Norman, Mrs. W.B. Smith, Emily Stokes. Moniac, Thyra McDuffie, Mrs. Imogene Sears, Mary Harden. Uptonville, Mrs. J.W. Johnson, Mrs. Howard Huling. Winokur, Rosa King.

WEDDING, STAPLETON-JOHNSON. Of interest to their many friends is the marriage of Miss Martha Stapleton and Mr. Merrill Tracy Johnson which was solemnized September 24th at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Stapleton. Rev. Swoll Sawyer, Methodist pastor, officiated. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Johnson of Waycross and is a druggist with the Pearce Pharmacy of that city. He is a graduate of the Crowe School of Pharmacy in Atlanta. They will live in Waycross.

NEW BABY FOR KENDRICKS FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Kendricks are being congratulated upon the birth to them on September 24th of a fine baby daughter weighing 8 l/2 pounds. The baby was born at Dr. Fleming’s hospital.


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