Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

There was nothing of historical interest in the September 3, 1937 issue.

September 10, 1937

STUDENT TOTAL IN COUNTY’S SCHOOLS. The total enrollment of pupils in the schools Monday are as follows: Folkston schools, 671; St. George 135; Moniac 106; Uptonville 39 and Winokur 24.

TEACHERS IN CHARLTON COUNTY. The following is a complete list of the teachers who began work in the Charlton County School system this week: Charlton County High School: Guy W. Bentley, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Eunice Chute, Myra Jacobs, Minnie Belle Pryor, Charlton Tolbert and Charles P. Willson. John Harris Jr. High: Mayme Askew, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Eleanor Cockrell, Gertrude Allgood, Susie Johnston, Daisey Neal, Carlie Mae Stokes, Edith Mixson. Folkston Grammar School: Marion Pearce, Gladys Duncan, Cleo Huling, Louise Bledsoe, Zelle Ross, Marguerite Mills, Frances Hinds, Mary Leverett, Alice DeShields, Sarah Henderson, Martha Stapleton, Mrs. Frank Davis. St. George Consolidated School: William S. Smith, Mrs. H.D. Templeton, Ann Cone, Helen Bruschke, Cora Edenfield, Thera Hambrick, Ella Maund. Moniac: Thyra McDuffie, Louise Nelson, Ernie Lee Johns and Marie Boyd. Uptonville, Matilda Lang . Winokur, Agnes Brooks.

CLYDE O’QUINN INJURED. Clyde O’Quinn, 21, employed in the logging operations of the J.J. Mizell Lumber Co. on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp near Racepond, suffered serious injuries Monday when he was struck by a falling treetop. He was struck a glancing blow on the back of the head by a large limb which fell from about 60 feet from a tall pine where it had been lodged. He was brought to the hospital by the Hawkins ambulance where he was under the care of Doctors Fleming and Sawyer. At last reports he was said to be improving.

NEW PASTOR FOR BAPTIST CHURCH. After hearing two impressive sermons delivered by Rev. R.W. Waterman of Kingsland at the Baptist Church here Sunday, the congregation at the conclusion of the evening service extended a formal call to Rev. Waterman to serve as pastor of the local church. Rev. Waterman immediately announced his acceptance of the call and will begin his pastorate here on the fourth Sunday in this month.

MR. ROMA LEWIS DYAL DIED. Mr. Roma Lewis Dyal of Racepond was called by Death August 31 after a brief illness. His survivors are his widow, Mrs. Ida Dyal; five sons and six daughters; also three brothers Randall, John and Dan Dyal and one sister, Mrs. J.B. Carter. Funeral and burial services were held at Raymos Church in Pierce County.

September 17, 1937

WEDDING. The wedding of Miss Meta Beatrice Tracy, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Tracy and Earnest Albertie Cushing, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Cushing took place September 10 in Ocean Way Baptist Church in Jacksonville She is a graduate of Charlton County High School and was an employee at Fuqua’s Drug Store in Hilliard. He is a graduate of Andrew Jackson High School and is connected with Western Electric Co. in Jacksonville.

KEMP LITTLEFIELD THROWN FROM HORSE. The court yard was a center of attraction last Sunday when Kemp Littlefield was thrown from a fast horse broadside into the firehouse standing directly behind the courthouse square. He was riding his horse past the courthouse when the horse started running through the courthouse yard. After being knocked unconscious he was carried to the hospital. No injuries were found except a knot on his head. His many friends will be glad to learn he has completely recovered.

NEW SAWMILL FOR FOLKSTON. A new industrial enterprise for Folkston is a modern sawmill and planning mill plant which is being established here by E.E. Patterson, lumberman of Waycross. It is located just beyond the ice plant near the site of the old Johnson mill. Much of the machinery has already been set up. It is expected to give employment to about twenty men at the mill and about fifteen on the logging end. It will have a saw mill, planning mill, lath mill, dry kiln and shingle mill.

September 24, 1937

CLASS OFFICERS CHOSEN. The class clubs of the St. George High School held their election for officers Monday and the following were chosen: Senior Class: George Chism, Dorothy Hodges, Eula Hodges, Council Stokes. Junior Class: Jack Huston, James Leckie, Emma Crawford, Frona Hodges, Lonnie Rhoden. Sophomore Class: Herbert Smith, James Radcliff, Geneva Reynolds, J.V. Hodges, Vera Mae Lloyd, William Norman. Freshman Class: Anna Bell Hutson, Juanelle Suggs, Martha Suggs, Nellie Smith, Iva Bell, Wesley Lyons, Marguerite Osterman.

WEDDING. On Tuesday evening Miss Jewell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Russell, Homeland, was united in marriage to Roy Combs. They will make their home with her parents

WEDDING. A wedding of much interest here was that of S.P. Green of Moniac and Mrs. Sallie Thomas of Macclenny. The wedding was performed Sunday by Judge A.S. McQueen.

GOWENS MOVE TO TOWN. Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Gowen and family moved to Folkston from Traders Hill Saturday and now occupy once more their home on West Main Street.

NEW OPERATOR AT TELEPHONE COMPANY. Miss Audrey Mae Mizell is now connected with the Parker Telephone Co. as operator.

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