Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1936

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 4, 1936

NEW MANAGEMENT FOR DIXIE CAFÉ. The Dixie Café, owned by Mrs. J.M. Purdom, which has been operated the past several months by Mrs. J.L. Layton, was taken over this week by Thomas Wrench. Mrs. Fitzhugh Murray is associated with him in this business.

GILBERT MIZELL BUYS MEAT MARKET. The grocery and meat market operated by J.A. Prevatt was this week purchased by Gilbert Mizell, who will continue its operation.

BURRELL CREWS KILLS HIS WIFE. Burrell Crews, about twenty years old, well known young man of near Waycross, shot and killed his wife at an early hour Thursday at Dowling Camp south of Waycross. He is the son of Luther Crews. Both are natives of the Winokur section, but have resided in Waycross for the past several years.

TWO HUNDRED AT CEMETERY CLEANING. The annual clean-up program at Sardis Cemetery was held last Tuesday with nearly two hundred persons present to take part in the work of placing the cemetery in good condition. A picnic lunch was enjoyed during the noon hour. The oldest man present was Uncle Tom Rhoden, more than 90 years of age.

OVER NINE HUNDRED ENROLL IN CHARLTON SCHOOLS. All units of the Charlton School system began classroom work Tuesday. Enrollment is as follows: Charlton County High School, 103; Folkston Grammar School 359; John Harris Jr. High, 150; St. George Consolidated High School, 36; Grammar School, 109; Moniac Consolidated, 105; Uptonville District, 49; Winokur District, 30. Total, 941. The enrollment will probably reach the 1,000 mark by next week, as a number of pupils are not yet in.

REPORT OF ACTIVITY OF HERCULES POWDER CO. Davis W. Lane, Field Supervisor for Hercules Powder Co., recently outlined the work of this company in south Georgia at the Waycross Kiwanis Club. The company has removed the pine stumps from nearly a million acres in this section, the stumpage being taken to Brunswick where it is being made into a number of products, including turpentine, resin and pine oil, Approximately a quarter million dollars has been paid to land owners.

Most of news of Sept. 11, 1936 concerned the county primary election.

September 18, 1936

GRAND JURY for October Term, 1936: J.B. Jones, Carl E. Roy, J.H. Johnson, Charlie Hodges, D.R. Wainwright, J.T. Conner, W.R. Dinkins, W. E. Ratcliff, B.H. Lowther, T.H. Lowther, E.C. Aldridge, H.J. Davis, M.M. Crews, Jr., N.V. Brown, L. Knabb, T.G. Brock, Festus N. Stokes, Charles H. Gibson, T.E. Bryant, L.J. Stokes, B. Thrift, William Mizell, Jr., L.T. Wasdin, Richard C. Taylor, John A. Barker, Jr., B.F. Scott, Sr., L.E. Mallard, G.R. Gowen, Sr., Noah Stokes and Julian Crews.

TRAVERSE JURY: O.K. Prevatt, Grady R. Thrift, S.M. Altman, W.E. Renshaw, L.M. Reynolds, Owen Prescott, W.R. Rider, O.W. Layton, Thomas Rhoden, W.H. Robinson, J.A. Prevatt, D.L. Stewart, Josie Thrift, J.M. Mattox, E.M. Mizell, John S. Tyson, Jr., D.L. Leonard, W.R. Wainwright, E.B. Stapleton, Mose Hendrix, M.G. White, H.C. Wunderlich, Eli Waughtel, O.F. Wilson, James H. Wrench, Alva Wilson, J.O. Huling, Ralph Knabb, J.P. Russell, S.M. Mills, W.C. Hopkins, Ira Rogers, R.H. Thrift, F.D. Mills, Walter McLain, H.S. Mattox, G.M. Mizell, Leslie N. Norman, W.L. McDuffie, Shepherd Gowen, O.M. Prescott, Lewis Griffin, E.F. Allen, D.M. Mizell, Theo Dinkins, W.B. Vickery, S. F. Canaday and J.S. Taylor.

TRACY TWINS ENTER NURSING SCHOOL. Misses Ada and Agnes Tracy left on the 14th inst. to take a three years course in the School of Nursing at St. Luke’s Hospital in Jacksonville. They recently graduated from the Charlton County High School with honors, having taken part in all the social activities.

September 25, 1936

MRS. ANNA WHITE GULLATT DIED. Mrs. Anna White Gullatt, widow of the late J.E. Gullatt, died at the residence of her sister Mrs. G.W. Holtzendorf Friday morning September 18th, 1936. She moved to St. George twelve years ago. The remains were shipped to Atlanta Saturday and interment took place in Westview Cemetery.

WEDDING. A marriage announcement that will be of interest to a wide circle of friends is that of Miss Hazel Shuman and Joseph Edward Culley, who were married September 15th in St. Luke’s Cathedral in Orlando. She is the daughter of Mrs. H.S. Mattox and has been a frequent visitor here.

WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Leckie announce the marriage of their daughter, Dorothy Louise, and Alex Elery Hodges on August 30, 1936. The ceremony was performed by Judge Frank Dowling of Macclenny in the presence of Mr. Dowling’s wife and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Hodges will make their home in St. George in the little cottage of the Holtzendorfs.

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