Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1935

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 6, 1935

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL OPENS. St. George School opened on August 29th with 110 pupils. The program began at 10:15 in the auditorium and was followed by organization in the various rooms. At noon a basket dinner with plenty of lemonade was served on the school grounds. A large crowd was in attendance.

STOLEN HOG. Several up-country farmers, having more feed than they need, are down in this section buying hogs. One case of over-buying turned up Thursday when farmer Tip Kennison, disposing of some of his, found that the buyer had already purchased one with his mark. Sheriff Sikes recovered the hog for Mr. Kennison.

NEW FARM SUPERVISOR. Farm Supervisor Jones was displaced the first of the month by Ralph Mallard from Reidsville. Mr. Jones had been in Charlton for almost a year handling the work here and had quite a program started. Mr. Mallard comes highly endorsed as a demonstrator and supervisor. He will make Folkston his headquarters.

WEDDING. The announcement was made the past week of the marriage of Delmos Roddenberry of Winokur and Miss Margene Minter of Waycross, the event taking place in Homerville on April 14th. He is connected with the Walker Chevrolet Co. and they will make their home in Waycross.

FOLKSTON SCHOOLS BEGIN NEW TERMS. The schools in Folkston held the first session of the 1935-36 term Friday with 459 pupils in primary and elementary grades and 134 in high school. Application has been sent to Atlanta for a W.P.A. grant and loan of $35,000.00 for the erection of a new Junior High School building and heating plant. The list of high school pupils winning letters last year by making an average of B was read as follows: First year, Virgil Colson, Ben Gibson, Mildred Huling, Mildred Prescott. Third year, Annie Belle Lowther. Fourth year, Carlie Mae Stokes, Cleo Huling and Marian Johnson. The operation of the dining room under the charge of Mrs. T.E. Scott was begun Monday and has been very successful. Over a hundred pupils have taken advantage of the five cent lunch each day.

GENE NORRIS JOHNSON. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson announce the birth of a son on August 30 at St. Luke's Hospital. He has been named Gene Norris.

September 13, 1935

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Kathleen Wildes of Folkston and Wilburn D. Jones of Swainsboro is of much interest to friends here. Miss Kathleen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes. The ceremony was performed at the Methodist parsonage at Folkston Tuesday morning, only relatives and a few friends attending. They will make their home in Swainsboro.

MRS. JOHN A. PRESCOTT DIED. Funeral services were held at Corinth Thursday for Mrs. J.A. Prescott by Elder L.M. McDonald. Her death occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alvin Dixon Tuesday. She had been seriously ill for some time, which turned into blood poisoning. She was seventy years old and an active member of the Primitive Baptist church. Her husband John Prescott preceded her in death in 1925. Mrs. Prescott was formerly a Miss Ammons, daughter of the late Jim Ammons. She is survived by one son, Robert Prescott and four daughters, Mrs. Cora Jones, Mrs. Molly Rozier, Mrs. Lizzie Dixon and Mrs. Tassie Dixon.

WEDDING. Mr. H.T. Monroe of Folkston and Mrs. Geneva Solomon, Paxton Place, were married by the Ordinary on August 31st.

September 20, 1935

GRAND JURORS, October term of Charlton Superior Court: V.A. Quarterman, Raiford Carter, T.G. Brock, Fred Osterman, Owen Aldridge, B.S. Prescott, L.J. Stokes, Julian Crews, Farley Burnsed, R.L. Canaday, W.D. Thompson, James H. Wrench, Mose Hendrix, Noah Stokes, J.B. Carter, G.H. Jacobs, R.A. Boyd, S.C. Stokes, J.W. Dinkins, W.L. Chancey, J.C. Littlefield, Jr., G.H. Davis, John D. Mizell, Sol Burnsed, Fred Kottman, L.W. Freeman, P.G. Mizell, J.W. Vickery, B. H. Lowther, Charles H. Gibson.

TRAVERSE JURORS: Ben Prescott, A.G. Gowen, Mack Lloyd, Sr., J.O. Huling, W.D. Thornton, C.M. Scott, J.M. Crews, M. Norwood, N.E. Roddenberry, Odis Johnson, S.G. Gibson, W.C. Hopkins, J.V. Gowen, Lewis E. Stokes, J.P. Russell, Charlie Hodges, G.A. Dean, Lee Prescott, H.C. Parham, H.S. Hodges, Harold Thomas, Leon Askew, H.C. Page, C.E. Stroup, J.S. Tyson, Jr., Grady R. Thrift, E.H. Johnson, Willie Dixon, J.O. Hannaford, E.C. Gowen, Howard Huling, Walter McLain, W.L. Thomas, D.R. Wainwright, Jack W. Crews, S.T. Cockrell, J.M. Crawford, Ernie Bell, J.H. Warren, J.M. Wilson, Sr., Alva Wilson, L.D. Hickox, Everett Prescott, Edward M. Stokes, A.C. Crews and W.E. Gibson.

SIX LEAVE FOR COLLEGE. Charlton's representatives at the institutions of higher learning is unusually good, there being six students leaving this week. Martha Stapleton, Martha Grace Lang, Annie Jane Vickery will attend G.S.C.W.; Mary Bruschke left for Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa with a scholarship to that school; Marguerite Mills leaves for the State College at Valdosta and Alva Hopkins returned to the state university in Athens.

NOTICE: Wanted, a country boy who has no bad habits, that is large enough to drive a car, and wishes to go to school at Folkston. Will give him board and washing to drive our car and help my wife of evenings and Saturdays. --H.G. GIBSON.

MISS GOWEN ENTERTAINS. Miss Hazel Gowen entertained a host of friends at her home Tuesday evening with a bunco party. Juanita Stokes won high score for the girls and Jasper Stokes won high score for the boys. Gertrude Wildes received consolation. Mr. Hutchinson sang and was accompanied at the piano by Marie Hendrix. Those present were Myrtle Hayes, Zell Ross, Ruth Mallard, Marie Hendrix, Gertrude and Aderine Wildes, Margaret and Mary Jane Littlefield, Myra Jacobs, Martha Stapleton, Thyra McDuffie, Mary Tillman, Eunice Chute, Annette Turner, Maggie and Juanita Stokes, Jessie Overstreet and Ruby Harrison, Scott Johnson, Jasper Stokes, Ralph Mallard, Dick Stroup, Ben Rodgers, Pearce Stapleton, J.V. Gowen, Randall Gowen, Chandler Littlefield, G.D. Hutchinson, Guy Bentley, Eugene Shivar, Dean Oxley and Casper Walker, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Gowen, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Gowen and Mrs. N.V. Brown.

September 27, 1935

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. It took some time for the seniors to decide on their class officers for this, their last year. Finally it was decided and they are: President, R.A. Boyd; Vice-president, Joan Barnhill; Secretary, Louie Passieu; Treasurer, Colquitt Hopkins and Reporter, Mildred Wainwright. --Reporter

FOUR OFF TO UNIVERSITIES. Miss Carlie Mae Stokes has entered college at Valdosta for the fall term. Mr. Whitcomb Barnhill has returned to the University of Georgia at Athens. Ed Barnhill has returned to Georgia Tech in Atlanta and Mamie Allen has returned to G.S.C.W. AD: Drs. Fleming and Sawyer. Office Opposite Post Office. Telephone 19.

WEDDINGS. Judge Gibson announces two marriages this week. Miss Mattie T. Chesser of Traders Hill to Mr. H.E. McDuffie of Uptonville on September 21st. Miss Eulevee Conner to J.L. Crews, both of St. George on September 26th. Both marriages were performed by Judge Gibson.


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