Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1934

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 7, 1934

WEDDING. Judge Gibson married two of Toledo’s young people Monday, they being Fell Crews and Miss Ola Cone. They happily left for Toledo and will make it their future abiding place.

SCHOOL BEGINS. Friday was the school’s enrollment day and quite a few of the parents were on hand to take part in the Opening Day’s exercise. The roster of teachers and school bus drivers are: Folkston Principal, Mayme Askew, Principal of high school, J.C. Adams. Teachers, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Thyra McDuffie, Daisey Neal, Mary Jane Littlefield, Jessie Overstreet, Marion Pearce, Ann Smith, Annette Turner, Myrtle Hayes, Frank Logan, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Margaret Littlefield, Clyde M. Lane, Mrya Jacobs and Eunice Chute.

St. George Principal. Eleanor Cockrell; teachers, Ethel Brannon, Aethada Suggs, Marie Boyd. Moniac principal, Alyse Robinson; teachers, Mary Georgia Cockrell, Lela Crews, Monie McDuffie. Winokur, Nettie Keene. Uptonville, Ernestine Prescott. Bus drivers are Dexter Perry, Ivey Carter, Clyde Prescott, Maurice Altman, Guy Gibson, A.D. Crews, Oliver Johns, J.B. Warren, Oscar Crews, Council Stokes, Champ Crews, A.L. Thrift and F.L. Burnsed.

TREES FOR A.C.L. PARK. Supt. Hodges was busy the first of the week with his park workmen setting out the double row of palm trees through the park on the west side of the square.

WESTERN CATTLE FALL IN WELL. Six cows jumped in an old mill well down in the Burnt Fort pasture the past week and quite a time was had taking them out. The cattle are used to the plains and seem not to understand stumps and holes but walk blindly into them. There were some cows down near Old Toledo that happened to a similar accident this past week and some fishing was done to get them. In both incidents the cattle were recovered.

September 14, 1934

ELECTION RESULTS. The most political contest in Georgia ended with the battle of the ballots Wednesday when Governor Talmadge was swept back in the governor’s chair for another two-year period. Among others winning elections were W.B. Gibbs, for Congressman for the Eighth District. Folkston physician Dr. A.D. Williams was also a candidate in this race. And Representative of Charlton County to the state legislature was won by T.W. Wrench.

FIRE TOWER AT WINOKUR. A lookout tower will soon be constructed at Winokur with Wilmer Jones in charge. The Charlton County T.P.O. has already purchased materials for the two wooden towers and plans to erect a third.

SCHOOL ENROLLMENTS GIVEN. The total enrollment of the various schools of the county is given: Folkston County High School 139. Consolidated School 408-546. St George 110. Moniac 115. Uptonville 45. Winokur 32.

HOMER ALLEN IN CCC. Homer Allen who holds the rank of Sergeant in the CCC camp at Nahunta spent a few days this week with the home folks.

WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis announce the marriage of their daughter Jessie Davis to John Junior Davis of Atlanta, the marriage taking place at the home of Judge H.G. Gibson on July 20th.

September 21, 1934

MRS. MACY CREWS HAYES DIED. Mrs. Macy Crews Hayes, 31, wife of A.M. Hayes, formerly a section foreman on the A.C.L. railroad just across the river from Folkston, died Monday at their home in Dothan, Ala., after an illness of several weeks of Brights Disease. She was the daughter of H.M. Crews of Uptonville and leaves beside her husband three children, Marvin, Madison and an infant, also a large number of relatives in Charlton County. The funeral took place in Midland, Ala. Attending upon the bedside of Mrs. Hayes was her sister Velma Crews, Mrs. Oscar Carter and Mrs. Ocie Cason and her father H.M. Crews who returned to Folkston after the funeral.

September 28, 1934

CCC CAMP FOR CHARLTON COUNTY. Charlton County is assured of having a camp removed from Waycross and stationed at the 4-H Club Park. It will be removed within the next few weeks, as soon as quarters can be built, the present club quarters will be used as the dining room. Winokur will claim a squad of the boys at the beginning, completing the fire signal station near there. The Wade building was tendered as temporary quarters, but both of the projects will be built shortly and then the company will be brought to Folkston.

WEDDING. C.J. Williams of Folkston and Miss Gladys Mann of Homeland were married September 12 by Judge H.G. Gibson.

HIGH SCHOOL TO BE VENEERED WITH RED BRICK. The approval of the further work to be done on the Charlton County High School in Folkston, veneering the white brick walls with red brick, will make this one of the neatest and best expenditures made in Charlton County. The plan is to have a clinic in the new auditorium before it is used for other purposes. The idea is to have a district nurse and physician to attend the clinic. The fee is nominal and those unable to bear the expense will be looked after.

BAPTIST REVIVAL. The revival at the Baptist Church ended last week with seven new members: Cleo Quarterman, Gertrude Hodges, Eula Wilson, Mrs. Chisholm, Mrs. Donald Wilson, Mrs. Eva Crews and Mrs. Mamie Edwards.


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