Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 5, 1930

NO MORE THURSDAY AFTERNOONS OFF. With the end of August the Thursday afternoon closing period is brought to a close. The stores will continue their closing at 8:00 o'clock in the evening, but the half-day holiday so popular with the clerks has ended.

WEDDING. A telegram from Miss Virginia Cassell bears the news that she was married on August 31st at Holyoke, Mass. to Mr. Ernest Borck, a businessman of that city.

TURPENTINE PLANT BURNED. The turpentine plant at Moniac owned by L. Knabb burned Thursday morning, being a total loss. It is understood that a considerable store of naval goods as well as the plant was destroyed.

BARBER SHOP AD. Hard times are affecting us. This is the way we meet it - by reducing the price of haircuts to twenty-five cents and shaves to fifteen cents. LAYTON'S BARBER SHOP. Phone No. 35.

September 12, 1930

HOMELAND PARK. One of the most important announcements in civic development is the statement given out by the Homeland city fathers, that they voted to deed the beautiful wooded tract known as the Homeland Park to the 4-H Club and Forestry Department for park purposes. This is 65 acres lying east of Homeland and immediately north of Folkston on the Folkston-Nahunta highway. It is covered with pines and hardwood growth, a mass of tangled vines and underbrush that can be trimmed and beautified. The 4-H clubs will construct camps and the Forestry Dept. will assume control of the timber. The branch that flows through the property will be used in constructing a lake.

MYSTERIOUS FLOOD. One of the mysteries of rainfalls happened Sunday afternoon between Dyal and Callahan when the clouds opened and the floodgates were turned loose. The A.C.L. tracks were submerged and road supervisor Hodges was called to the scene and after an all-night task succeeded in maintaining service. Folkston had only a slight sprinkle and just beyond Callahan they enjoyed the same slight shower. Mr. Hodges said the roadbed was covered several inches and it looked like a real flood. Everything was ready for business on Monday and this little stretch of track came out with flying colors of a flood that was all its own.

BIG RATTLER KILLED. Oscar Raynor, tired of chasing foxes this week, ran up on a five foot rattlesnake at the Aviation Field, right under the airplane, and dispatched him with a big stick.

DR. MCCOY BUYS STRICKLER HOME. Dr. W.R. McCoy has proved himself a good citizen by buying the Strickler home on West Main Street and will move some time this month. [M.G. White homeplace, corner of Magnolia & West Main.]

CONGRESSMAN LANKFORD WINS. In the election this week Congressman Lankford defeated Dr. A.D. Williams. All of the other congressmen seeking re-election were also elected. Dr. Williams received 544 votes in Charlton to Lankford's 105 votes.

SCHOOL STARTS. A total of 877 students are enrolled in Charlton's schools. This is 55 less than the total for last year.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. By way of a reminder, we would say that Folkston is the best town in Georgia, the best state in the Union. What else would you expect us to say after living our life within its gates?

BROCKMAN FARM. Miss Helen Brockman has taken charge of managing the pecan grove. The Brockman grove is one of the largest places of its kind in Charlton and is now beginning to bring in good returns.

NEW CAR FOR MR. HOPKINS. Mr. W.C. Hopkins is driving a new Buick car. Says he woke up one morning and found it in the garage.

September 19, 1930

BOND ELECTION FOR WATER SYSTEM. A Waterworks Bond Election has been called for on September 29th in Folkston for the purpose of voting $18,000.00 worth of bonds to put down a water system in the most populated section. The six inch main has aroused some opposition. The need of the system has not been questioned but it seems that the amount of money needed will take up too much of our credit to consider it at this time.

NEW BRIDGE ON CASON BRANCH. The road to the Paxton Place was closed most of this week on account of Lee Lloyd building the bridges on the Cason Branch. This is one of the most used by-roads near Folkston and blocking the road has been a great inconvenience.

KNABB REBUILDS STILL. L. Knabb of Moniac, who had the misfortune to lose his still, is now all set ready to turn out naval stores again. J.B. Baker, a man who knows how to build turpentine stills, has just returned and reports the work done in short order and that the Knabb forces are busy catching up. The low price of turpentine does not seem to keep Mr. Knabb from making spirits.

REV. DEAN MISSED MORNING SERVICE. Rev. E.F. Dean was prevented from reaching St. George by something of a traffic jam on the highway. He arrived during the day and held services Sunday evening.

WEDDING. Miss Verena Monroe of Waycross and Mr. J. Dean Gowen were married September 14th by Rev. J.T. Ponder at the Central Presbyterian manse in Waycross. Mr. Gowen is manager of the City Service Station. They will live in the Gowen residence on Main Street.

SPELLING BEE FRIDAY NIGHT. There will be a Spelling Bee at the Masonic Hall Friday night sponsored by the members of the Sunday School classes of the Baptist Church. Admittance fee of ten cents will be charged, proceeds to go to the church building fund. A popular speller will be used, the "Old Blue Back Speller" being discarded.

CROSS TIES SHIPPED. Six carloads of cross ties were shipped last Saturday from Folkston.

WEDDINGS. Two couples were married last Saturday by Judge Gibson at the courthouse. Corbert Lambert and Susie Lee Williams, both local parties, and Powell Vick of Boulogne led Ethel Mae Williams of Traders Hill to the altar.

September 26, 1930

GRAND JURORS for Fall Term of Superior Court: T.E. Sikes, C.J. Passieu, H.D. Thomas, W.D. Thompson, S.M. Howard, J.M. Canaday, S.C. Stokes, John D. Mizell, E.H. Johnson, Ben Prescott, A.L. Thrift, G.B. Carpenter, J.K. Hopkins, Richard C. Taylor, O.E. Raynor, J.W. Dinkins, G.A. Dean, L. Knabb, Festus N. Stokes, E.N. Grooms, W.J. Jones, L.M. Reynolds, L.T. Wasdin, E.F. Dean, Jr., H.P. Bryant, J. Dean Gowen, Ernie Bell, Lewis E. Stokes, William Mizell, Jr. and Jack Woodard.

TRAVERSE JURORS for Fall Term of Superior Court: Raiford Carter, Fred Kottman, Ben T. Chesser, O.M. Prescott, A.L. Thrift, Charles H. Gibson, Jasper L. Stokes, J.H. Barnes, H.C. Page, Ben Bryant, Thomas Johns, G.C. Crawford, R.A. Bryant, Jesse P. Mizell, Justin Cockrell, J.O. Sikes, O.K. Prevatt, J. Floyd Larkins, W.E. Renshaw, Noah Stokes, E.F. Allen, J.W. Johnson, Ira Rogers, J.F. Mizell, T.W. Wrench, Jack W. Crews, W.O. Raulerson, Milton Brock, V.A. Hodges, Dr. A. Fleming and Owen Prescott.

WATER SYSTEM BOND ELECTION. The City Fathers at their called meeting last week delayed the water bond election until a later date. The development of opposition caused them to conclude that a better understanding of the situation was called for before voting on this.

UPTONVILLE SCHOOL. The repair work that has been going on at the Uptonville Consolidated School has been completed. After the older building had been moved back a hallway was built, uniting the two buildings. A front porch was added, the rooms ceiled and arranged so two of the rooms could be thrown together and used as an auditorium seating about 200 people. The work was done under the supervision of Mr. Conner with E.L. Martin doing the work.

NEARLY SERIOUS ACCIDENT. Conductor J.F. Carter of the local freight ACL train happened to an almost serious accident here Tuesday while placing a car at the turpentine platform which had been made as a flying switch. He was trying to put on brakes to set it when the car going faster than he thought, ran the car by the shed, the corner hitting him on the head, knocking him to the ground and hurting his shoulder. The shed cut a scalp wound, which bled profusely. Conductor Carter had a quid of tobacco in his mouth, the lick causing him to swallow it. The result was profuse vomiting, making many think he was internally hurt. Dr. Williams dressed his wounds and although he was quite sore, he was back on his run Wednesday.

MED. FRUIT FLY QUARANTINE. Mr. T.B. Swilly has returned to St. George where he is again on duty at Toledo. He is a member of the Mediterranean Fly quarantine force.

CANADAY CHILD DIED. Knuten Canaday, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Canaday, was stricken ill Tuesday of last week and died Wednesday Sept. 17th. Interment was at North Prong Cemetery.

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