Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1929

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 6, 1929

NEW HOME. Mayor Stapleton let the contract to Contractor Shivar for a six room bungalow to be built on the Martin tract recently purchased by him. The foundation is down and the framework is going up.

HANGAR UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT AVIATION FIELD. Contractor Hamp Wainwright with a force of workmen went to work on the hangar, put in the foundation, and the heavy framework is mostly up. An airplane is to be stationed here, so Mr. deway advises us, and flights daily over the Okefenokee are scheduled.

MRS. EULA A. CATOE DIED. Mrs. W.R. Catoe died Wednesday at the hospital in Savannah, having been taken there this past week in an effort to save her life. She suffered from tumors in her stomach. Mr. Catoe was with her when death came, a blood transfusion taking place Monday in which he gave his blood in an effort to save her life. The body was gently laid to rest in the Mt. Zion cemetery -- the Allen Burial Ground. Mrs. Catoe was thirty-eight years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Allen, and leaves bereft a husband and ten children, the youngest a nine-month-old child. Besides her parents, surviving her are a brother, A.A. Allen; and five sisters, Mrs. Jim Mills, Mrs. Jack Howard, Mrs. J.H. Sikes and Mrs. John Sikes.

WEDDING. Married August 31 by Ordinary H.G. Gibson, J. Ellis Prescott and Miss Marie Herrin, both of Winokur.

WEDDING. Married August 29 by Ordinary H.G. Gibson, Ivan C. Clements of Okeechobee, Fla. and Miss Genie Rogers, daughter of Mr. Jim Rogers.

September 13, 1929

HANGAR AND INN UNDER CONSTRUCTION. These are busy days at the Aviation Field. The heavy timbers of the hangar are up and the massive roof is pointing skyward. The force of hands are also carrying on the structural work on the Inn. At the same time the framing for the dining room is going up.

NEW SANDWICH SHOP. Mrs. George Stewart has started a new business venture - a lunchroom for the school children. It is a neat little structure opposite the consolidated school on the Presbyterian Church lot, for which they are to get a tenth. It opened up Monday and sold out clean, hot dogs, sandwiches, milk and soft drinks going good. Mrs. Stewart wants a name for it and offers the child author of the selected name a week's lunch as the prize.

SOUTH GA. GROCERY CO. TO LOCATE STORE HERE. A representative of the South Ga. Grocery Co. was here this week to locate a branch of their chain stores in Folkston. They leased the Roney Building and will handle groceries on a cash and carry plan.

PRESCOTT MILL. On our trip to the Prescott school last week, we had some real pleasure in our talks with the people there. From Mr. C.W. Prescott we learned of the old stone mill that used to grind grist at his place. Incidents of the old days in this section would prove a good story for the school children to write about.

WHERE ARE THE FLAGS? Mrs. R.M. Toy was down Wednesday searching for the Flag she presented the courthouse and the school. She expresses herself as thinking that the children are not taught as much loyalty and love of the colors as they should be. This is a thought worthy of consideration, as well as all children knowing the National Hymns.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. Well, well, what is wrong with Folkston? The bowling alley has up and left us and the horse shoe pitching has stopped.

Cartoon: Farmer in field, hoe in hand, looking toward sky. "Time to quit! Here comes the air-mail. Ma said to come in for supper when the mail flew across, and that's her!"

September 20, 1929

THE CITIZENS BANK. At a meeting of directors of The Citizens Bank on September 14th, William Mizell, Sr. was elected chairman of the board of directors and William Mizell, Jr. was elected president and cashier. The bank has had a remarkable growth since 1922, when Mr. Mizell, Sr. became president. In 1925 the branch at Nahunta was opened. The combined resources of the two banks amount to more than $625,000.00. While there has been an unusual number of bank failures in Ga. and Fla. in the past several years, the Citizens Bank has enjoyed a steady growth.

MRS. MILLS REAPPOINTED. Mrs. Fannie L. Mills has been reappointed postmaster of Folkston.

BOXING MATCH HERE. Folkston is to have its first carnival of fistic mix-ups on Tuesday. The new hangar will be the scene of the scrapping. We have some boys here ranging from bantam Fitzhugh Murray on up to Glen Chancey. W.L. Shoemaker, James Askew and Frank Mains are ambitious to box. You can count on a good scrap. Be on hand to see it.

NEW BABY. Born, a fine eight pound boy to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mizell on September 18th. Ed is as tickled as if it was number one.

PRESCOTT'S GRIST MILL. Johnny Wells, of Burnt Fort, is helping C.W. Prescott to get his grist mill ready. He hopes to be able to grind corn in a few days.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chisholm, St. George, a baby girl on August 3rd.

September 27, 1929

GRAND JURY: N. Roddenberry, N.J. Raulerson, R.C. Roy, E.F. Dean, Jr., J.H. Johnson, Mack Lloyd, Sr., P.C. Mizell, I.L. Jackson, Sol P. Mills, B.A. Altman, R.E. Player, W.D. Thompson, Jesse P. Mizell, E.N. Grooms, L. Knabb, H.C. Page, C.W. Prescott, H.P. Bryant, A.F. Phillips, Wm. Mizell, Jr., A.L. Thrift, Matthew Smith, E.B. Stapleton, C.W. Waughtel, J.C. Littlefield, A.C. Crews, Noah Stokes, W.L. Chancey, H.S. Mattox, and Willie Prescott.

TRAVERSE JURY: C.W. Divan, R.L. Chism, H.S. Hodges, W.O. Gibson, E.C. Kennison, D.L. Leonard, D.O. Pearce, J.J. Johns, C.E. Stroup, J.J. Sapp, Herbert McDuffie, Ira Rogers, R.A. Shackleford, Fred Kottman, H.S. Bryant, Paxton Stokes, D.M. Mizell, O.E. Raynor, Charles H. Gibson, A.C. Bliss, D.W. Reynolds, W.O. Raulerson, T.L. Postma, W.C. Thurston, S.A. Crews, G.A. Dean, G.R. Thrift, J.S. Grooms, I.T. Hickox, V.J. Pickren, J.H. Roddenberry, A.A. Allen, H.D. Strickland, S.H. Brown, H.H. Crews, W.C. Leckie, S.G. Gibson, R.A. Boyd, T.H. Lowther, W.L. Suggs, Newton Askew, Thomas Johns, J.W. Crews, J.M. Mattox, J.P. Russell, D.R. Wainwright, Everett Jones and Will M. Crews.

TOURIST TRAFFIC INCREASING. With a hangar built and a flying plane here for Okefenokee sightseeing, we have quite an attraction to keep before the public. Traffic is increasing over Federal Route One from 600 to 700 cars daily.

ANNIE LOIS BURGIN OFF TO SCHOOL. Annie Lois Burgin, daughter of Robert and Lillie Moore, left Saturday to take up her studies at the Florida Industrial Training School for Negro Girls. She completed two grades last term.

WEDDING. Ordinary Gibson married Mr. J.A. Buckhalter of Folkston and Miss L. Cook of Valdosta on September 20th.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Powell announce the birth of a bouncing ten-pound boy, born September 21st.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bradley, St. George, on September 15th, a baby girl who has been named Lois Elizabeth.

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