Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

(Issue for September 2, 1927 not on microfilm)

September 9, 1927

SCHOOL HAS BEGUN. The Charlton County High School classes are in the county high school building, just remodeled. Eighty-one were enrolled this week. Total enrollment of the Folkston Consolidated School is 277.

TELEPHONES CONNECT CHARLTON. The recent lining of Folkston, Homeland, Traders Hill and Paxton Place by the Union Telephone Co. has caused the whole community to be placed in talking distance of each other. As a result, we are all practically next-door neighbors. The local exchange has over ninety phones installed and sixteen recent subscriptions to be added at once. Mrs. Dell is the efficient local operator in charge of our exchange. They also handle long distance.

LEE LLOYD IMPROVING AFTER INJURY. Mr. Lee Lloyd returned last week from a seventeen day stay in the King's Daughters' Hospital in Waycross. He had his right jaw broken on August 13th at Crandall, Fla. by being struck by a cant hook while snaking logs with a truck.

HOG RANCH AT BURNT FORT. Mr. J.C. Littlefield and Mr. Joe O'Berry are partners in a new business--a hog ranch. The ranch is located at Burnt Fort, taking in ten miles of river lands, a mast-covered area just splendid for such a venture.

THE HERALD HAS NEW OWNER. The Charlton County Herald has been purchased by me. With this issue I assume charge as its editor. Col. William Olliff brought the Herald into being in 1900. The late Rev. E.L. Wainwright owned it for a while. Two ex-editors are now in our midst, L.E. Mallard and Mrs. W.H. Robinson. T.W. WRENCH

September 16, 1927

TWO WEDDINGS. Marriage on August 21st: Mr. Harry Bennett of Jacksonville and Miss Dennis Combs, formerly of Toledo, were married at the courthouse by H.G. Gibson.
On August 28th: Mr. E.L. McClane of Lake City and Miss Roxie Johns, Moniac, were married at the courthouse by H.G. Gibson.

ARNOLD HOTEL BEING REBUILT. The new Arnold Hotel has been going up rapidly for the past week. The second-story brick and framing for windows is almost all up.

WEDDING. Miss Marie Crawford and Mr. Lacy Raulerson were married Sunday at the home of Judge H.G. Gibson. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Crawford. They will live in St. George.

DR. McCOY PREPARES OFFICE. Dr. McCoy is fitting up his office in the lower floor of Mrs. Lizzie Wainwright's house on Main Street.

MRS. C.H. LOYD DIED. Mrs. C.H. Loyd died at her home in Homeland Sunday night. She had returned from church, and hearing someone around the house became frightened and ran over to her daughter's home nearby. When returning home she fell and became unconscious, breathing her last about one o'clock. Mrs. Loyd was a good woman and will be greatly missed.

September 23, 1927

JOHNSONS HAVE LIGHT. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Johnson, St. George, have installed a Delco Light system in their home and store building.

POSTMASTER BARKER RESIGNS. Postmaster Barker, on account of the pressure being made upon his time by representing the Good Hope Water, has resigned as postmaster at St. George. Miss Taylor, assistant, is acting postmaster. An examination for new postmaster has been called. The compensation of postmaster at this office was $853.00 for the last year.

NEW SERVICE STATION. Raynor has had a Pan-Am gas station built opposite the Paxton Theater and it will be completed in a few days.

JULIAN MURRAY PAINFULLY INJURED. Julian Murray had his wrist badly hurt Monday when, in throwing ice tongs at a rat, they tore the flesh painfully.

MISS MATTIE CHANCEY INJURED. Miss Mattie Chancey was painfully bruised Sunday when cranking their automobile. It started, and ran over her. Dr. McCoy attended her and she is getting on nicely now, just bruised up.

JEFF STOKES DIED. Jeff Stokes, son of Mrs. J.J. Stokes, died in Brazil on the 17th, according to a cablegram Wednesday. He was in the Merchant Marines. His remains will be brought home later.

COMMISSARY AT PAXTON PLACE. The Georgia-Florida Investment Co. is having built a large commissary building at the Paxton Place. It's being constructed at the intersection of the old Blackshear and Johnson Road from Folkston. It will be quite a convenience to that section as they carry a good line of merchandise, gas and oil. The structure will be 30 by 40 feet, of wood, and Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Johns are the builders.

WEDDING. James Jackson and Susie Walker of Folkston were married at the residence of the Ordinary last week.

(No issue for September 30, 1927 on microfilm)

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