Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1925

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 4, 1925

DOG FENNELS EVERYWHERE. Folkston's adopted flower is the beautiful dog fennel. It adorns the sidewalks and vacant lots and the beauty of the flower is that the town cow won't eat it.

SCHOOL OPENS MONDAY. The 1925-26 session of the Folkston schools will open Monday. The high school will be in Oak Hall, the teacherage, while the enlarged consolidated school will occupy the school building. Four trucks will bring children from Traders Hill, Kennison, Newell and Homeland. The attendance will be the largest in the history of the school. Two new teachers have been added, Mr. Fred H. Brooks will be basketball coach and athletic director and Mrs. Brooks will teach the fourth grade. All children must bring their lunches and not have them sent in during school.

September 11, 1925

GRAND JURORS. Grand Jurors for October Term Superior Court: J.D. Burnsed, A.D. Johns, J.S. Joyner, J.C. Clements, W.L. McDuffie, Jesse P. Mizell, C.W. Waughtel, N. Roddenberry, Wm. Mizell, Jr., Z.K. Parham, J.P. Mizell, S.M. Howard, E.F. Dean, Sr., M.M. Crews, S.A. Crews, Lewis E. Stokes, J.B. Wilkinson, W.H. Griffin, N.J. Raulerson, L. Knabb, L.M. Bedell, A.A. Howard, Harmon Johns, W.B. Smith, John Vickery, J.A. Prevatt, Dr. A. Fleming, Hamp Mizell, Hansel Carter and G.W. Holzendorf.

TRAVERSE JURORS. Traverse Jurors for October Term Superior Court: G.A. Dean, J.K. Hopkins, Grady H. Gibson, V.A. Hodges, G.C. Crawford, R.T. O'Quinn, A.J. Howard, L.Q. Nobles, R.A. Boyd, O.E. Stewart, E.W. Shivar, Brantley Gay, Moses Hendrix, C.J. Passieu, J.C. Boughner, P.B. Higginbotham, L.H. Wasdin, J.G. Wasdin, N.H. McDonald, O.F. Wilson, P.G. Brooks, E. Alexander, H.E. Huling, Sol Burnsed, L.S. Conner, Arthur Roberts, Wm. Mizell, Sr., G.B. Murray, Geo. J. Stewart, S.T. Cockrell, F.D. Mills, B.H. Lowther, Albert Kemp, R.L. Lollis, T.J. Littlefield and L.H. Kennison.

DUDE DASHER DIED. Dude Dasher, a well known negro of this section, died early Saturday morning. He was buried Saturday afternoon.

September 18, 1925

LOOSE MULES DESTROYING FLOWERS. There is a state law against the running loose of mules on streets and highways, yet several are on the streets and the ladies are complaining of their raids on their flower gardens. Why not be a good fellow and keep him up.

September 25, 1925

BIG BRICK STORE. John S. Tyson, Jr. is having his Main Street lot cleared for the immediate erection of a handsome brick store, 32x65. Work begins at once, part of the material having arrived.

FOLKSTON LIBRARY. Six years ago the Womans Club started their library. At the beginning we had only 51 volumes and these were donated by the club members and non members who were interested in our work. Today we own our own club building which I am sorry to state is not large enough to give our books the right display at the present time. We now have on our shelves 989 volumbes having added to our library every year. Mrs. Albert Fleming, retiring librarian.

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