Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 5, 1924

LITTLE LUCIA MERLE ASKEW DIED. Lucia Merle, the thirteen-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Askew died Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Wright. The baby was well and playful at 12:00 o'clock and the Grim Reaper had snatched her away before nightfall. The body was tenderly laid away in the Folkston Cemetery Wednesday afternoon, Rev. L.E. Williams conducting the burial service. The parents and grandparents are receiving the sympathy of everyone in the loss of this beautiful baby.

UPTONVILLE SCHOOL. Uptonville school opened Monday with a good attendance. The building has been remodeled and for the first time three teachers have been employed, Mrs. Barney Gowen, principal; Miss Thelma Gowen, intermediate and Miss Kate Knox, primary.

SCHOOLS BEGIN CLASSES. Charlton County High School and the Folkston Consolidated School opened Monday. About 40 patrons were present to show their interest. All the teachers and 207 pupils were ready to begin work. On behalf of the Woman's Club, Mrs. Toy presented a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica and Mrs. Strathdee gave The History of the World and Great Nations. The St. George Jr. High School and St. George Consolidated School opened Tuesday and about 35 patrons showed their interest by attending the opening. Like Folkston, the lack of an auditorium necessitated the holding of the exercises in the open air. 156 pupils and all the teachers were present. Twenty-one high school pupils are in the three grades carried in this school.

NOTICE FROM GAME WARDEN. Sportsmen of Charlton County: I am appealing to the law-abiding men of the county to aid in the enforcement of the game laws. The Warden does not have the time nor inclination to skulk around in the woods to see who he can catch. It is left to the citizens to see that these laws are observed by reporting violations.
Respectfully, A.S.MCQUEEN, Warden

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. A committee consisting of Mrs. Rosa Toy, Mrs. A.S. McQueen, Mrs. W.B. Smith and Mrs. George Stewart went to St. George Thursday to look at different plans and decide as to the material to be used for the new Presbyterian Church.

WEDDING. Friends of Mr. Fred Osterman of St. George will be interested to learn that he was married about two months ago to a charming young lady in Brooklyn, N.Y.

NEW PRESBYTERIAN PASTOR. Rev. Mr. Dawson of Atlanta is the new Presbyterian minister who succeeds Mr. Layton Frasier. Services will be held every fourth Sunday.

LANG MARTIN DELIVERS TIMES-UNION. The Fla. Times-Union is now handled here by Lang Martin. Delivered daily and Sunday for twenty cents per week.

September 12, 1924

GRAND JURORS. Grand Jurors for the October term of Superior Court: F.J. Strickler, H.O. Stokes, J.W. Spencer, J.H. Barnes, T.A. Scott, Richard C. Taylor, O.J. Shuman, B.B. Gowen, W.C. Hopkins, E. Alexander, R.E. Condon, Hansel Carter, Ben Rodgers, J.W. Vickery, Joe Taylor, Lewis E. Stokes, C.E. Stroup, John S. Tyson, Jr., L.H. Wasdin, L.M. Reynolds, J.M. Wilson, James Purdom, A.F. Phillips, H.C. Parham, Joe Prevatt, Chas. H. Gibson, Aaron Canady, E.B. Stapleton, R.A. Boyd and A.S. Mizell.

TRAVERSE JURORS. Traverse Jurors for October Term of Superior Court: W.L. McDuffie, T.J. O'Quinn, P.G. Mizell, J.C. Barber, Taylor L. Pickren, Jr., Eddie Crews, Curtis Dixon, S.M. Mills, John Snowden, J.M. Sikes, B.R. Burnsed, M. Combs, W.S. O'Quinn, Fred Thompson, Sam Edwards, S.A. O'Quinn, W.R. Keene, T.T. Petty, Charlie Chisholm, F.D. Mills, Sol P. Mills, John Hardy, R.T. O'Quinn, Niram Dixon, John A. Allen, L. Knabb, C.S. Bethel, Lawt Crews, J.Q. Harvey, J.S. Taylor, W.A.J. Box, W.T. Mitchell, Fred Osterman, Frank Dowling, F.L. Murray and W.C. Leckie.

MR. CHARLIE T. WAINWRIGHT DIED. Mr. C.T. Wainwright, 31 years old, proprietor of the Forsyth Cleaning Co. of Jacksonville and son of W.R. Wainwright died Sunday in St. Luke's Hospital where he was confined from an operation for appendicitis. In a delirium he escaped from his room and had gotten upon the stoop over the entrance. He was rescued but the exertion made him take a turn for the worse and he died a few hours afterwards. His remains were brought to Folkston and interred by the side of an infant brother and brother Dolph, Wednesday. Services were conducted by Rev. L.E. Williams, his brother Rev. E.L. Wainwright assisting. Mr. Wainwright is survived by his widow and a son, 12 years old; his father and mother and five brothers, Rev. E.L. Wainwright, Clyde Wainwright, Drawdy Wainwright, Roscoe Wainwright and Esther Wainwright; one sister, Mrs. Crystal Kent. In the death of Charlie, this makes loss of the third son by death.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill school opened Monday with 31 on roll. Only one teacher was here, the other one is expected the last of this week. Miss Rivers Brock is acting as assistant this week.

LIBRARY. The librarian of the Folkston Woman's Civic Club reported that during vacation 245 books were presented to the library. These were given by Miss Virginia Wolf of Jacksonville and Dr. Brockman of Ottumwa, Iowa. We now have in our library 604 volumes.

MR. JEREMIAH HARDEN DIED. Jeremiah Harden, age 62, a well-known citizen of Charlton County, died at his home near Folkston Sunday. He was a native of Tattnall County and married Miss Lilia Ray of Telfair County and moved to Charlton County about thirty years ago. He was a fair and upright citizen. He is survived by his widow and six sons, Henry Harden, Owen Harden, Lewis Harden, Joe Harden, Robert Harden and Bertie Harden; one daughter, Otella; two brothers and two sisters. The funeral was held at Sardis Cemetery Monday.
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MR. HENRY GIBSON IMPROVING. The many friends of Mr. Henry Gibson will be glad to know that he is improving from being badly injured when a truck in which he was riding ran into a ditch near Blackshear. He is still in the hospital but in a few days will be able to move to his son's home in Waycross.

September 18, 1924

MR. A.H. HOWARD DIED. A.H. "Bud" Howard, age 50, died at his home in Princeton Thursday. The body was brought to Folkston arriving Saturday. The funeral was at Sardis Sunday. Mr. Howard was a well known and highly respected citizen of Charlton County. Two years ago he moved to Princeton and engaged in the trucking business. He is survived by his widow and three daughters, Miss Vera Howard, Mrs. Ira Anderson and Mrs. W.B. McVickers.

JOHN S. TYSON, JR. BUILDING NEW HOME. The latest addition to the pretty homes in Folkston is the handsome bungalow being built by Mr. John S. Tyson, Jr.. This will rank as one of the prettiest and most convenient residences in our city.

IMPROVEMENTS AT FOLKSTON SCHOOL. All desks in the entire Folkston school building are being put on strips to make sweeping easier and keep down noise and confusion.

NEWS OF SCHOOLS. In the Uptonville school a partition has been run through the south room dividing it into two good rooms. The Winokur school is in charge of J.C. Jones and Miss Beulah Grooms this year. The building in the Prospect district is having a new roof added. The patrons of the Riverview school met at the building one day before school opened and put everything in readiness for the term. Sardis is to be made a two-teacher school this year, another room having been added.

MR. WILL DAVIS DIED. We have received the news of the death of Mr. Will Davis who has been ill and suffering intensely several months. We hope to give a more complete account of his death and burial next week.

September 26, 1924

NEWS OF SCHOOLS. The school at Winokur held a box supper Friday night. A volley ball and net will be added to the school equipment. At the Racepond school the floors are already oiled, the honor roll and schedule are posted, the handwork is displayed and Friday afternoon exercises are held. The visitors last Friday brought a treat of grapes for the children. At the Traders Hill school Miss Etha Cliett is the new teacher of the higher grades. Mrs. Grooms has the primary grades. The fourth year high school class of Folkston, which is to graduate in June, has elected J.C. Littlefield, Jr., president; Helen Pickren, vice president; Gertrude Wildes, secretary and Georgia Littlefield, treasurer. The Folkston second grade is going to dramatize Little Boy Blue and Little Miss Muffett. Louie Passieu will take the part of Little Boy Blue and Mamie Allen will be Little Miss Muffett.

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