Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Political ads took up most of space this month. September 8, 1922

KENNISON SCHOOL. Miss Nellie Pickren began teaching the Kennison School Monday morning.

NOTICE TO SCHOOL CHILDREN: In the building next to the school, Verne Pickren will open the doors Monday morning to supply pens, pencils, ink, tablets and candy.

September 15, 1922

BURNT FORT FERRY. At the county commissioners' meeting Mrs. William Lang was given permission to continue the public ferry at Burnt Fort, she agreeing to make the charges according to the charter now on record. She also agrees to post the rates on each side of the river for public inspection.

PRESBYTERIANS ORGANIZING CHURCH. The Presbyterians of Folkston invite their friends to the services to be held at the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon. There is a large number of Presbyterians in this community and this is the first step in organizing and building a church here.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Paxton announce the birth of a fine baby girl on September 9th.

MONIAC SCHOOL. Miss Mamie Askew and Miss Fannie Rodgers left Saturday for Moniac to begin teaching school.

TRAVERSE JURY. Traverse Jury drawn for October Term of Superior Court: J.J. Thompson, James Howard, B.F. Gay, E.H. Wright, Ira Crews, G.W. Holzendorf, J.W. Mills, J.L. Raulerson, Brantley Gay, P.G. Brooks, F.L. Murray, A.A. Pritchard, P.A. Shuman, F.L. Burnsed, Fred Osterman, L.E. Mallard, Henry Smith, C.W. Waughtel, J.A. Thomson, Harry Snowden, G.C. Howard, L.W. Wainwright, N.J. Raulerson, T.W. Wrench, Arthur Nazworth, John D. Mizell, R.L. Prescott, F.J. Strickler, S.R. Huling, W.E. Gibson, R.E. Condon, J.J. Sapp, Albert Mizell, A.A. Allen, Coachman Suggs, W.J. Jones, R.N. Thornton, W.R. Rider, M.D. Reynolds, Chris S. Meham, Carl Scott, Loniel J. Stokes, Rudolph Mills, R.C. Taylor, Sylvester Lyons, Loyd Mack, J.V. Gowen and C.C. Howell.

GRAND JURY. Grand Jury drawn for October Term: S.M. Mills, A.F. Wildes, B.G. McDonald, Albert Phillips, J.S. Joyner, Edd Mizell, G.B. Carpenter, Sol Burnsed, William Mizell, Jr., Geo. W. Chism, C.J. Altman, E.N. Grooms, J.B. Allen, S.C. Stokes, J.S. Tyson, Jr., G.H. Gibson, W.R. Keene, L.T. Wasdin, M.A. Benjamin, W.L. McDuffie, Moses S. Crews, A.J. Howard, G.C. Hodges, I.R. Privett, Hamp Crews. Sr., W.E. Banks, Ben Vinson, J.W. Wilkinson, Samuel Edwards, J.E. Prescott, C.W. Prescott, B.S. Prescott, M. Altman, W.L. Suggs, J.M. Crawford and J.H. Sikes.

HIGHWAY MONUMENT TO BE UNVEILED. Members of the 11th District Press Asso. and the Central Dixie Highway Asso. will meet in Folkston on September 29th. A barbecue dinner will be prepared. The program will last from 10:30 till 4:30 and a monument concerning the highway will be unveiled.

FOLKSTON SCHOOLS. Two hundred forty-five children are attending the Folkston Schools.

MR. W.W. BANKS DIED. The news of the death of Mr. W.W. Banks reached our office a few moments ago. The body will be taken to Cuthbert for interment.

MRS. S.F. MILLS, SR. DIED. The funeral services of Mrs. S.F. Mills, Sr. will be held at Mills Chapel Saturday morning at 11:00. All friends are invited. Mrs. Renfroe of Jacksonville, Mrs. C.Y. McMullen of Dunedin, Fla., together with all the children of the Mills family except Mrs. Jones of Holland, Va. who is quite ill, was at the bedside of their mother when she breathed her last on Friday at 12:00. She died at her home after an illness of only a few days.

September 29, 1922

MR. W.W. BANKS. The death of Mr. W.W. Banks, while a shock to the relatives and friends was no surprise as he had been an invalid for a number of years, gradually growing weaker until Death put his hand upon his brow. The body was taken to Cuthbert where the last sad rites were witnessed by friends and relatives. Mr. Banks had long been a consistent member of the Baptist Church and was a most devoted father. John Banks and W.E. Banks are his sons.

NOTICE: Dr. J.S. Taylor is now permanently located in Folkston. He has well equipped offices in the Rodgers Building and will be glad to have his friends call.

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