Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

(No issue on microfilm for September 2nd or September 9th)

September 16th

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on September 6, 1921: Resources, $154,716.57.

GRAND JURORS. List of Grand Jurors for October Term of Superior Court: J.C. Boughner, B.G. McDonald, R.L. Prescott, L.M. Reynolds, E.T. Mizell, P.G. Mizell, E.W. Wainwright, T.W. Wrench, E.G. Mills, C.M. Mills, S.M. Altman, J.T. Thrift, H.G. Gibson, L.H. Wasdin, A.J. Howard, J.A. Thompson, O.M. Prescott, G.W. Holzendorf, G.M. Canady, C.C. Canady, Hamp Crews, V.A. Hodges, R.A. Chesser, J.F. Burnsed, A.G. Gowen, Sr., Raiford Carter, A. Tyson, W.O. Gibson, Sam Mizell and Lewis E. Stokes.

PETTY JURORS. List of Petty Jurors: D.C. Smith, Joseph Reynolds, S.E. Stokes, E.R. Langley, N.J. Raulerson, F.D. Mills, J.C. Allen, Robert Jones, Jr., C.A. Bryant, M.G. Davis, John Wainwright, J.W. Vickery, O.H. Rowe, T.E. Pickren, B.A. Altman, Chas. W. Divan, John S. Prevatt, Hubert Burch, L.T. Wasdin, J.M. Crawford, Thomas Rhoden, A.G. Harris, S.T. Cockrell, W.R. Keene, James Sands, Sol Burnsed, R.O. Bell, N.M. Gibson, J.E. Summerall, Samuel Edwards, Arthur Roberts, S.M. Mills, Hancel Harris, Oliver C. Mizell, Leon Chisholm and W.I. Minchew.

BOY SCOUT BATH HOUSE BURNED. The Boy Scout bath house at Old River was destroyed by fire Friday night. It's a pity we have in our midst a miscreant so low and miserly that would do an act of this kind because the erection of this bath house was to encourage the boys to be gentlemanly in every respect, always to wear bathing suits. It is hoped that the reward of $25.00 will cause the apprehension of the guilty party.

MRS. J.B. ALLEN DIED. As we go to press we receive the news of the death of Mrs. J.B. Allen at the home of Mr. Joe Allen last night about 11:00 o'clock.

MRS. S.R. HULING DIED. Mrs. S.R. Huling, age 72 years, died suddenly about 1:00 o'clock last Saturday morning. She was stricken with paralysis and before a physician could be summoned, the Angel of Death had taken this good woman to her final reward. Since her early days she had been a devoted member of the Methodist Church. She was a loving wife and devoted mother to a large family of daughters and sons. A funeral service was held at the Methodist Church and interment was in the Folkston Cemetery.

TOLEDO-CORNHOUSE CREEK SCHOOL DIVIDED. Supt. Mallard, T.W. Wrench and W.R. Keene attended a meeting of the Toledo and Cornhouse Creek School patrons Thursday where the rebuilding of a school house for the Toledo District was discussed. A compromise was made wherein the Cornhouse Creek District will be divided at Demp Snowden's place, throwing all patrons south of the line in the Toledo District, and north in the Traders Hill District. Mrs. George Chisholm donated a site on the public road one-half mile north of the J.I. Johnson place, where a new standard school building will be constructed and ready for use by January lst.

NEW TEACHERS FOR FOLKSTON SCHOOL. Charlton County High School and the Folkston Consolidated School began Monday. The teachers have taught here before with the exception of Miss Lucille Barnett and Miss Eleanor Cockrell. They both are highly spoken of as excellent teachers and charming young ladies.

September 23rd

TRAGEDY AVERTED. Nothing but the quick stop of Train 86 Saturday saved the lives of those in a Ford machine when crossing the railroad at Martin's Crossing. The car was loaded with young ladies whose attention was attracted to the work train and failed to notice Train 86 approaching until the quick blast of the engine whistle warned them of danger and the application of the air brakes slowing the train, throwing the passengers almost on their heads. It seems that the death trap at the depot is bad enough especially when the morning trains go through at a twenty-five mile clip.

NEW HOME. O.F. Wilson's new two-story, ten-room residence is nearing completion and will be a noticeable addition to the attractive homes here.

ADOPTED BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dykes, Moniac, have adopted a little girl. She will be known as little Myrtle Dykes.

MRS. ARTHUR RAULERSON DIED. Friends will be grieved to hear of the death of Mrs. Arthur Raulerson, Moniac, which occurred Saturday night September 17th.

JESUP SHORT ENGINEER DIED. Mr. Donaldson, engineer on the Jesup Short and who for thirteen years spent the day in Folkston, died in the hospital in Waycross Tuesday, the result of an attack of appendicitis.

LOUIS EVERETT LANG DROWNED. Mr. and Mrs. B.G. McDonald and little Martha Grace Lang were called to Ocala Tuesday on account of the disappearance of Mr. Lang, Mrs. McDonald's brother and Martha Grace's father, who had been missing since Friday. His car on the side of the lake and a rowboat containing his hat and fish led to the suspicion that he was drowned. The body was found floating in seven feet of water. Mr. Lang had many friends here who will regret to learn of his tragic death.

CARD OF THANKS. A card of thanks concerning Mrs. J.B. Allen's death was printed. It told that her name was Sallie and she died about the midnight hour September 15, 1921. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Prescott.

September 30th

TRUANT OFFICER. J.H. Sikes has been appointed Truant Officer of the Charlton County School system.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. The enrollment of the school totals 207 for the first week.

NEWELL SCHOOL. The Newell School is progressing nicely. Mrs. D.F. Pearce is the teacher.

WEDDING. The many friends of Mr. A.M. Mattox will be interested to learn of his marriage to Miss LaDelle Black of Clarksville, Ga.

THE FORD TRACTOR. I am a Ford tractor. I was made by Henry Ford at Toledo, Ohio to save farmers work. I demonstrated what I can do for the farmers of Charlton County at Mr. Henry Johnson's farm last Friday. I can plow and harrow five acres per day preparing the land for seed. I eat and drink only when I am working and then less than it takes to feed a team the same length of time. Mr. L.E. Mallard, the Ford dealer, furnished a bountiful dinner for all who came to see me show my ability. I have many brothers who would like to live with Charlton County farmers and wish they would buy them to keep me company. Thank you.

WEDDING. Mr. Carl K. Mizell and Miss Elizabeth Donohue of Baltimore, Maryland were happily married at the Methodist parsonage in Savannah, Rev. C.W. Curry officiating Sept. 17th. Mr. Mizell is a Folkston boy who has gone forth and made good. He is very fortunate in winning for his life's companion this accomplished young lady who is a musician of unusual ability.

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