Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


September 7, 1911

HIGH WATER. P.C. Tracy, just across the river at Traders Hill, had a fearful time with water last week. He had to gather his corn in a boat to save it and when he finished this task and went back to the house he found it necessary to move upstairs to save his household goods. Make one more move, Mr. Tracy, further up the hill!

DR. WILLIAMS’ OFFICE. Dr. Dallas Williams has certainly done the proper thing in the arrangement of his office and his suite as a whole would do credit to even a much larger city. The office has a fine beveled glass door with a handsome oxidized frame sign bearing in beautifully designed letters the words “Dr. Williams”. The waiting room is neatly and tastefully fixed up in every way and is kept supplied with late magazines and the walls hung with pictures so you may look or read while waiting for your turn. Then you go on into the back room, doctor’s workshop, in which he has installed two apparatus of the latest and most up-to-date designs, namely “Supra Heated Air” and “Salvasan 600” which are used for the care of specific diseases. It is said these apparatus are equal to a treatment at Hot Springs. The doctor also has a complete line of drugs and will keep on hand any medicine the community is likely to need.

September 14, 1911

COMMENT. What about Folkston’s telephone service? Are we going to have it?

TOLEDO POST OFFICE DISCONTINUED. The Post Office Department has ordered the discontinuance of the post office at Toledo in this county.

EXCESSIVE RAIN IN ST. GEORGE. The U.S. weather report from St. George was received for the month of August and gives 18.09 inches of rain on August 29th.

GIN BEING REPAIRED. M.J. Paxton has an expert gin man at work on his gins this week and will put the machinery of his ginning establishment in motion by next week.

H.J. DAVIS STORE. [Later, L.E. Stokes & Son; then Miss Maggie’s Store]. You can see back of the new building of H.J. Davis’ an up-to-the-minute apparatus to be used for lighting his handsome building. Whenever Mr. Davis does anything, it is well done and according to business in every sense. He should be happy and contented when he gets into this pretty and softly brilliant carbide-lighted business home, which from signs it will not be very long.

LETTERS FROM RURAL SCHOOLS. County School Superintendent L.E. Mallard instituted a splendid plan among the rural schools in the way of keeping up interest, by having an exhibit of the work done by the pupils mailed to him. He has just received several letters from Sardis School which is being taught by Miss Anna Dean and these letters are exhibits of spelling, penmanship, map drawing, etc. He expects to put this in practice in all the schools.

September 21, 1911

NEW MARSHAL FOR FOLKSTON. Charlie Jacobs has been given the badge of Marshal and S.M. Kempton will be his assistant.

SINGING CONVENTION. Mr. H.C. Page [railroad depot agent] went to Jesup Sunday to attend the Singing Convention but returned on [train] 85 reporting the crowd so large that he could not see the classes.

SCOTT BUILDING NEARING COMPLETION. [Adams Attorney Office] The work of finishing the hotel part of the Scott Building is progressing finely. Before long a large and attractive travelers’ home will be a drawer for Folkston.

R.A. BOYD TO BUILD HERE. R.A. Boyd, third tricker in the [railroad] tower has purchased a fine building lot from T.L. Pickren and will build a handsome residence in the near future.

MEDICAL ASSOCIATION TO MEET HERE. Dr. Dallas Williams has invited the next session of the Ware County Medical Assoc. To meet here and they have accepted the invitation and will hold forth in Dr. Williams’ office in the Scott Building on October 3rd. These gentlemen will give several lectures and read important papers. The people of Folkston are at liberty to hear these and are invited to be there.

H.J. DAVIS’ STORE. H.J. Davis is moving right along with his building and will be ready before long to throw the lights on which will consist of a large arc at the front entrance, eight chandeliers with two large globes each in the main store and two large jets for upstairs. When all the lights are thrown on in this building, passersby on the trains will deem Folkston of some class and will soon become stop-overs.

NOTICE: All school books are shipped on consignment and belong to the publishers until sold. There is only 10% profit in them. This is not enough to pay for handling them and then hunting up customers to collect little accounts of from fifteen cents to perhaps a dollar, besides the keeping of a book to charge these little amounts on. Kindly send the money when you want books or don’t think hard when you don’t get them for I positively cannot sell on credit. –THOMAS VICKERY

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of condition of the Bank of Folkston at close of business September 1, 1911: Resources: $53,045.16.

September 28, 1911

LIBRARY AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE. The High School Library will open next Friday with Miss Audrey Scott as librarian and Clyde Mizell as assistant. The hour will be from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. All are invited to visit the library and take advantage of this opportunity.

CREWS BABY DIED. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Crews died at their home in the country last Saturday after a few days sickness with cholera infantum.

UNUSUAL WEDDING. Rev. J.A. Clark found a coat in the road Monday and gave notice as he went on his journey but no one claimed it till after he had returned to his home when Jesse Nazworth called at Mr. Clark’s house and claimed the coat. Then he also stated that he had intended to go back home to get the J.P. to marry him, but as it would be too late to catch the Justice, asked Rev. Clark to step down to his buggy and tie the knot. Rev. Clark proceeded to the buggy waiting. He pronounced the words that united her to Mr. Nazworth for better or for worse. [J.S. Nazworth and Nora Pervatte, September 25, 1911.]

NEW BABY. J.A. Wainwright of Winokur is all smiles. He has a fine little daughter.

O’QUINN BABY DIED. We are sorry to learn of the death in Winokur of Mr. and Mrs. Steve O’Quinn’s baby. It passed away Thursday night at 1:00 o’clock and had only been sick a few days. It was eight months old, the only child and the pride of the household.

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