Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


September 1, 1910

WEDDING. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Violet Clifford Davis, from this place, to Mr. John Walter Eubanks, of Blackville, S.C., the marriage to take place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Davis on September 14th.

MRS. LLOYD DEAD. Mrs. Rebecca Lloyd died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.W. Woolard, on Sunday after a short illness of malaria fever. The deceased was in her 82nd year. She is survived by six sons: Alfred, Salem, J.B., L.B., C.H., and Leonard; three daughters: Mrs. Smalls, Mrs. Dan Sikes and Mrs. L.W. Woolard. The funeral took place at Traders Hill Cemetery Monday morning.

SCHOOL BOARD REPORT. Report of Board of Trustees of school, August 31, 1910: Receipts and disbursements since the last report, which was filed January 1, 1909: Cash on hand as per last report: $365.50. Receipts: $2,475.93. Paid teachers for 1908 term, J.R. VanVoorhis, $318.75; Mrs. Waughtel, $191.25; Miss Lynch, $191.25; L.T. Parker, $75.60; Miss Mott, $52.60. For 1909 term, J.R. VanVoorhis, $525.00; Miss Smith, $315.00; Miss Mott, $315.00; Mrs. Waughtel, $315.00. Rent and repairs, etc., 138.28 Cash on hand $38.30.

WEDDING. Miss Dora Mattox and Mr. B.H. Williams were quietly married at Hilliard Sunday P.M., Judge Stewart performing the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Kenzie Mattox of Hilliard and the groom is the popular Town Marshal of our city. The newly wedded couple arrived here Sunday afternoon on Train 22 where the groom had the cage already prepared.

September 8, 1910

SCHOOL. School opened Monday with Prof. J.S. Jennings as Principal, Miss Rena Smith and Mrs. C.W. Waughtel as Assistants. Enrollment first day was 95. There is within the limits of the district about 140 children of school age. We fail to understand why parents will allow their children to loaf around the streets and grow up in ignorance when their schooling is absolutely free.

TAKING COURSES. Miss Katie and Florce Gowen, Govie and Delia Jones and Messrs. Ernest Altman and Broadus Jones left here Monday P.M. for Waycross where they entered Bunn-Bell Institute Tuesday morning.

BEAR. Sunday morning when the family of Josiah Mizell began stirring around their home they found the tracks of a bear and upon examination found that Bruin had visited the horse lot and the front yard, finally going up the grapevine where from all indications he evidently enjoyed a beautiful mess of delicious scuppernongs, after which he took himself to haunts in the great Okefinokee Swamp.

September 15, 1910

COLLEGE. Miss Marward Bedell left Wednesday for Gainesville, Ga. where she goes to enter Brenau Female College.

COLLEGE. Miss Lizzie Bedell left here Sunday for Milledgeville where she is a student in the Georgia Normal and Industrial School.

COLLEGE. Ben Bedell entered the Georgia and Alabama Business College in Macon last Monday. He is taking a course in bookkeeping.

WEDDING. Miss Violet Clifford Davis married Mr. John Walker Eubanks yesterday evening at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Davis. The ceremony was performed by Rev. I.R. Kelly of the M.E. Church South. They will make their home at Blackville, S.C.

September 22, 1910

NEW HERALD HELPER. Mr. F.M. DeGraffenreid of Waycross is now connected with the Herald. He intends to stay if he gives satisfaction and if he fails in that it will be an error of the brain, not the heart. He is favorably impressed with Folkston and Charlton County and hopes to win the favor of her citizens.

DEATH OF N.N. MIZELL. Hon. N.N. Mizell died at the home of his son-in-law, L.E. Mallard, Tuesday afternoon after an illness of about eight months. Deceased was in his 67th year and is survived by his wife, ten children, three brothers and four sisters. Mr. Mizell was a member of the first Board of Education in Charlton County when our public school system was established and was elected president of the board, which position he filled for 16 years. He was elected County School Commissioner in 1895 and held that office until 1907, then retiring. No man who ever lived in the county did more for the cause of education than Mr. Mizell. In honor of the noble work done for the cause of education by the deceased, the school adjourned yesterday morning and attended the funeral in a body. Services were conducted from the residence of L.E. Mallard and interment was at Bethel Cemetery. The services were conducted by the Masons.

BUFFALO COMMUNITY NEWS. Mr. S.E. Lee would like to know where he would get a good coon dog. He says the coons have been giving him some serious trouble. They will walk up in the broad daylight and climb his grapevine, and are even bold enough to go to the house.

AD. Pressing Club. We are now in shape to do dry cleaning and pressing. Cleaning of all kinds. Good work. Satisfaction guaranteed. CITY PRESSING CLUB, Folkston.

September 29, 1910

NEW JOB. Fred Mizell left Sunday for Waycross where he has accepted a position with the Wilson Steam Laundry.

PAGES VISITING. E.L. Porter of Blackshear relieved Mr. H.C. Page as agent for the Coast Line here a few days this week. Mr. and Mrs. Page and the little Pages left Friday for Dillon, S.C. where they spent a few days with Mr. Page’s mother.

FOUR DAY CHURCH CONVENTION. The 95th annual Piedmont Assn. will meet with the Folkston Baptists on October 6-9. Rev. J.J. Bennett of the State Board of Missions is expected to preach the dedication sermon of our church property during this meeting. G.E. JONES, Pastor of Folkston Baptist Church.

NEWELL NEWS. We are glad to learn they are running a revival meeting at Winokur.

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