Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

September 2, 1909

ATTENTION CHILDREN: Homeland School opens Monday morning September 6th. Mrs. C.W. Waughtel has been secured as teacher.

NEW DOCTOR’S BUILDING. Dr. J.C. Wright has purchased the Wilson house and now has three carpenters working on it, making two departments. One which will be used as his drug store and the other will be for rent. There is a rumor afloat that the doctor has purchased a place in Florida and will move away. Such a rumor is without foundation. The doctor says he is here and here to stay and thanks all the people for past favors and promises as soon as building is completed to be in a better position to serve the public than ever before. He informs Madame Rumor that that is a fact.

MRS. MIZELL DIED. Mrs. Jos. P. Mizell died yesterday afternoon of typhoid fever after several weeks’ illness. The funeral will take place this afternoon at the Mizell Cemetery near May Bluff.

September 9, 1909

MRS. MIZELL. In our little town sadness reigns in one house, that of Mr. Jos. P. Mizell, one of our best citizens. Several weeks ago the mother of this home became sick with fever and a few days later a son followed. Both suffered day after day and finally last week the mother was called from her bed of affliction to a brighter home above. The son is still very ill but by the faithful attention of the physician and nurses and the standing by of the relatives, there is a hope of his recovery. May the sympathetic Savior be in this home to console and comfort and may the young man soon be restored to health is our prayer.

SCHOOL. School opened Monday with a good attendance. 83 were enrolled and by Monday we believe the number will reach 100.

ED’S ACCIDENT. Ed Wainwright was riding so fast last Saturday afternoon from Winokur to the Allen Ferry that he ran against a stump and broke his buggy.

September 16, 1909

EDITORIAL. Our people should be more interested in the schools. They should be improved. We should have a good system and our County Commissioners should be more interested in the school work. How can we expect to have good schools when we put a teacher in a $100.00 hat on a salary of $25.00 per month and then they wait six months to draw their pay? Will that bring settlers? Levy a tax and have good schools in every district.

SCHOOL. B.F. Granger is putting on the finishing touches on the school building in Homeland.

DRUG STORE FINISHED. Dr. J.C. Wright has his new drug store now completed.

RACEPOND SCHOOL. Miss Nellie Mattox left Monday for Racepond where she begins teaching.

DAVIS TO OPEN STORE. H.J. Davis is buying up his stock of merchandise, getting ready to open up about October 1st.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Dr. Williams now has a full line of school books and a complete line of school supplies.

EYE SPECIALISTS HERE. J.P. Roth and brother Jos. Roth, eye light specialist and refractionists, who are with the Franklin Optical Co. of Philadelphia, are in town this week.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of Condition of Bank of Folkston at close of business September 1, 1909: Resources: $44,096.82.

AD. If you want good axe helves or ox bows call on or write E.T. Hatcher, Folkston.

September 23, 1909

EDITORIAL. It is now the talk among the people of the Methodist Church that the building will be moved from where it is to the east side near the school building. Nothing better could be done. We see no cause why it should not be moved and think it is a good idea, for where it now stands is back of the entire town, and moving it near the center of town would mean much. Why not begin the work and quit talking about it. It will not cost us much and can be moved easily. In moving it we can place it on the lot so that when we are ready to build a brick church we can use it for the parsonage and thereby we will not be at any loss. Some of the members might be against us but if they will consider that which is best for the church and the people, and knowing it will not be a loss, we believe every member will be in favor of moving. Let us call together the church and talk it over and get busy and do the work. Let’s everybody work and let’s move it!

NOTICE. I have resigned as salesman and collector for the SINGER SEWING MACHING CO. There will be an agent put in this territory soon. ALEX MILLS, Folkston.


…WHITE IS FEELING BETTER. J.L. White, who some few days ago, fell through the stationary of the new school building by the breaking of one of the falseheads had his arm broken and was badly bruised, is out again and is able to transact one-arm-business.

…FIRST AUTOMOBILE IN HOMELAND. Who says we are not coming to the front? We can boast of owning an Automobile in Homeland. C.W. Waughtel has purchased an International Touring Car and it looks good on our streets.

…REVIVAL ENDS. The protracted meeting which has been held here since September 1st came to a close last Sunday, September 19th with a fitting climax. Over forty people were converted.

…GOODBYE! A country pastor took leave of his congregation in the following manner: Dear Brothers and Sisters: I came to say goodbye. I don’t think God loves you people much for none of you ever die. I don’t think you love each other very much for I never marry any of you. I don’t think you love me much because you have not paid me my salary. Your donations have been moldy fruit and wormy apples. And by their fruits ye shall know them. Brethren, I’m going away to a better place. I have been called to be chaplain of a penitentiary and where I go ye cannot come. But I go and prepare a place for you and may God have mercy on your soul. Goodbye.

SUPERIOR COURT. Grand Jurors drawn for October Term of Superior Court: W.O. Griffin, L.M. Bedell, A.J. Howard, I.G. Rowe, W.R. Keene, J.H. Johnson, H.G. Gibson, M.J. Paxton, N.N. Mizell, S.S. Crews, H.J. Davis, J.M. Wilson, E.H. Wilkerson, A.J. Sykes, G.W. Allen, Jesse P. Mizell, C.L. Cowart, H.C. Page, G.W. Chism, J.W. Canada, B.F. Gay, C.W. Waughtel, Josiah Mizell, F.D. Mills, J.H. Rogers, E.T. Torode, Richard Crews, O.G. Medlin, Oscar Gilbert, W.O. Gibson and W.R. Rider.

Traverse Jurors are: C.A. Bryant, M.E. Mattox, Martin Nettles, S.E. Jones, W.T. Clark, Lewis Wasdin, T.H. Posey, Jesse Barber, J.M. Thomas, J.R. McClellen, Westly Johnson, B.A. Chesser, Geo. Benedict, L.E. Rowe, S.M. Lyons, W.E.E. Martin, J.I. Johnson, E.T. Hatcher, Smith Warren, G.W. Anderson, J.C. Allen, R. B. Yonells, H.N. Mizell, E.J. Roberts, S.J. Smith, A.C. Warren, W.H. Thompson, Jno. C. Rowe, L.M. Floyd, A.F. Cooner, Reeves Davis, A.A. Wainwright, L.T. Wasden, C.W. Prescott, C.H. Loyd and J.D. Donahoo.

September 30, 1909

EDITORIAL. The life of our editor was saved the other day by a silver dollar in his pocket. A crank shot at him and the ball struck the dollar. Now should we happen to get shot before you pay up your subscription, and there is no dollar to stop the ball, we shall always presume you might have saved our life.


….BAPTIST CHURCH. The Baptist Church of Homeland had a baptizing service last Sunday morning using the swimming place just back of Folkston.

….METHODIST CHURCH. At a business meeting of the Methodist Church Society a committee was appointed for the purpose of raising money to buy new seats.

….PARTY. Last Thursday evening Mrs. John Waughtel gave a surprise birthday party for her husband. Ice cream, cake and pear cider was served.

….PICNIC. At the Farmers’ Union picnic Prof. C.W. Waughtel spoke on “Implements of the Iron Age.” He gave a vivid description of the modern farm as he saw it in Ohio this past season, showing how all these improvements had tended to make the farm more attractive to the boy, so that he had no desire to leave the farm for the city.

LOST: Last Saturday night on the sidewalk from the home of H.J. Davis to the depot via H.S. Mattox’s home, one lady’s gold watch with fob. Return to Herald office.

ROWELL CHILD DIED. Racepond news: The two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rowell of near Dowlings Mill died Sunday morning.

WEDNESDAY. Miss Pearl Wright and Mr. H.J. Davis were quietly married last Sunday evening at 8:00 o’clock at the home of the bride’s father, Dr. J.C. Wright. Rev. I.R. Kelly officiated. The wedding was very quiet, only the members of both families being present. The bride is one of our most refined young ladies, while the groom is a prominent business man of this town. Both are very popular among the people here and their wedding was a matter of interest to a host of friends. Mr. Davis and his bride left on the 9:00 o’clock train for Baltimore and other points on their wedding trip.

WAINWRIGHT CHILD DIED. The little one-year-old girl of Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Wainwright of Crescent City, Florida died yesterday and they all arrived here last night. The funeral will take place in the Vickery Cemetery this morning at 10 o’clock.

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