Digest of Charlton County Herald - September 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


September 3, 1908

JURY. The following is a list of the jurors drawn for the October Superior Court:

Grand Jurors: John M. Wilson, C.W. Waughtel, Richard Crews, J.H. Rogers, J.H. Parker, J.W. Canada, G.W. Allen, Jesse P. Mizell, G.W. Gowen, F.D.Mills, R.H. Wilkerson, B.F. Gay, J.W Moore, J.W. Swearingen, E.W. Seals, H.C. Page, H.P. Bryant, S.J. Smith, O.G. Medlin, C.L. Cowart, J.D. Donahoo, George W. Chism, J.S. Mizell, E.T.Torode, A.G. Gowen, Sr., Josiah Mizell, I.R. Privett, W.R. Ryder, S.M. Lyons, A.J. Sykes.

Traverse Jurors: F.J. Osterman, J.B. Rogers, Jas. I Wilkerson, G.N. Canada, C.H. Lloyd, A.A. Wainright, H.D. Thomas, M.A. Freeman, Reaves Davis, J.B. Reynolds, S.G. Gibson, G.D. Terry, N.B. King, J.D. Crews, J.W. Dixon, J. Willie Lee, S.C. Stokes, Geo. Benedict, A.B. Carmical, T.H. Davis, J.C. Raulerson, Absolam Crews, A.W. Bremer, J.R. McClellan, L.M. Floyd, Gad Roddenberry W.H. Grooms, B.A. Chesser, Raiford Carter, J. Walter Johnson, Lee Chancey, George W. Holzendorf, John Vickery, Donnie Roberts, J.H. Hickox, P. F. Houston.

ARTESIAN WELL. Said a prominent citizen yesterday when discussing the condition of the artesian well: “Mark what I tell you, the well is finished, and left in its present condition in a short time very few people will be using the water on account of its state, from standing in the pipe. And in three months the boys will have the pump off playing with it. The well will be filled with rocks and in five years from now, when it is mentioned at all, it will seem as a vague dream.”

RAILROAD. The work of construction on the double track steel railroad bridge across the St.Marys River for the Atlantic Coast Line has been finished. The finishing touches were put on last Monday morning and the bridgemen have gone. The work of laying the heavy steel rails is being pushed and in a comparative short time trains will be using the new bridge.

LEST WE FORGET. Speaking about the artesian well, another week is past and no better arrangements have been made. The country people are entitled to a trough for watering their stock. This was one of the main features held out to them to induce them to petition the county commission to pay half the expense. The hot weather will soon be over and the stock will not need so much water in winter. Some arrangements should be speedily made for the accommodation of the poor suffering dumb animals that are driven here with heavy loads and have to stand hitched for hours helpless and thirsty.

EDITORIAL. July and August have come and gone and the weeds are still uncut. We have resided in Folkston for twelve years and this is the first year the weeds have not been cut. The time has been when the Marshal looked after such things, now nothing is done. Even the street lamps are allowed to burn 24 hours a day. The Herald has frequently called attention to the broken condition of the sidewalks, but it is all the same. Nothing is done.

DENTIST. Dr. I.W. Daniels of Waycross is at the Denmark Hotel this week and will be glad to have you call to have your teeth examined.

HOUSE PAINTED. Mr. B.H. Williams is adding to the already handsome appearance of his place by newly painting his house. When completed, his place, with its massive live oaks, will present a striking appearance.

SCHOOL. Professor Vanvoorish of Ohio, who is to take charge as principal of the Folkston School next Monday, arrived last Friday with his wife and little son. The trustees have made considerable improvements in the erection of blind fences, sanitary toilets, etc.

ROBERT HATCHER DROWNED. Yesterday afternoon, about sundown, while looking for a boat to cross the river at the Traders Hill Ferry, Mr. Robert Hatcher stumbled and fell head first into the water, his feet landing on the bank. Some boys who chanced to be near finally succeeded in pulling him out, the largest of who, instead of rolling him to get the water out of his lungs, childlike ran off for help. When assistance arrived, it was too late. It is said that Mr. Hatcher was breathing when first taken out of the water.

September 10, 1908


….NEW BABY. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knipl Friday morning.

….ANOTHER NEW BABY. A daughter arrived at the home of A.N. Mitchell Tuesday morning.

….RAILROAD. Mr. John C. Walding, Supt. of the bridge gang, has just completed the crossing on Bowery Lane.

….SHOE SHOP. William Remich, the shoemaker, has purchased a lot from C.W. Waughtel opposite the hotel, upon which he will erect a dwelling and shoe sho0p.

WEDDING. Last Monday evening at six o’clock Miss Susie Hathaway of Folkston and Mr. J.D. Welcher of Jacksonville were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s sister in Jacksonville. The bride is well and favorably known here since this having been her home from childhood while the groom is a prominent businessman engaged in the furniture business there.

SCHOOL. Mr. G.W. Holzendorf of St. George was here last Friday looking for a school teacher.

No issues on microfilm between September 10th and October 8th, 1908.

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