Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 1, 1941

NEW DRAFT REGISTRANTS. A complete list of the new registrants for the Draft Board is as follows: Holland Sands, Moniac; Jack Hutson, St. George; Jesse Wilbur O’Quinn, Winokur; Lonnie Lowell Knowles, Folkston; Carlton Francis Murray, Folkston; Cleveland Irvin, colored, St. George; Coleman Clarence Highsmith, Racepond; Kirby Robert Jones, Folkston; J.C. Battle, col., Folkston; Thomas J. Haywood, col., St. George; Wille Floyd Kelley, col., Folkston; Leon Crews, St. George; Donald Gray Roddenberry, Folkston; David William Littlefield, Folkston; Isadore Whittaker, col., Folkston; Rudolph Austin, col., Folkston; Dean Crews, St. George; Paul Proctor Prescott, Winokur; Dolphus Crews, Winokur; Henry Frank Taylor, col., Folkston; Murphy Battle, col., Folkston; William Alexander McQueen, Folkston; Lonnie Emmett Roberts, Jr., St. George; Douglas Wilson Mills, Folkston; Paul Lane Buchanan, col., St. George; Tom Young, col., Folkston; Ira McCook, St. George; Hubert Hodges, St. George; Jesse Woodrow Petty, Folkston; Frank Lloyd, Folkston; Frank Marcus Ammons, col., Folkston; Henry DeLaughter, col., Moniac; Gordon L. Spence, Homeland; Carlos LeRoy Crews, Folkston and Eustus T. Gardner, col., Winokur. Volunteers waiting assignment: Ulysees Simmons, col., Folkston; Charlie D. Moultry, col., Folkston; Willie C. Lockson, col., Folkston.

MILLS-ROY WEDDING. The marriage of Mrs. Floy Wilson Mills and Mr. C.E. Roy which took place on July 14th at First Presbyterian Church in Waycross was announced this week. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Wilson. Mr. Roy has been a resident in this community for many years, coming here from Iowa, his native state. They plan to make their home in Iowa, leaving Sunday for Cedar Rapids. Mr. Roy has accepted a position with his brother who is the publisher of the Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette.

MEN DRAFTED THIS WEEK. The first Draft Board quota for August selected the following men for induction: Henry Nipper, Alton Mathew Mizell, Ellis Lee Conner, Oscar Lee Crews. Colored, Willie C. Leckson, a volunteer; Sylvester Turner, Eddie Bacon, Percer James Evans and Leona Boggs.

ALLEN-TYNDALL WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest in the community is that of Miss Mayme Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Allen to Mr. Thomas Tyndall which took place recently in Pensacola, Fla. where Miss Allen has made her home this past several months.

INFANTILE PARALYSIS EPIDEMIC. An epidemic of Infantile Paralysis appears to be making steady progress in this state. The latest reports place the number of cases at 282. Officials of the State Board of Public Health are making every effort to halt the spread of this disease. People are warned about assembling in large crowds. The annual encampment of the Charlton County 4-H Club girls which would have been held at Hursey Park has been called off. In case an attack of the disease develops, the family is urged to contact Dr. A. Fleming, the County Nurse or the Editor of the Herald immediately. They are members of the Infantile Paralysis Board of Charlton County and are prepared to get immediate medical aid from Warm Springs.

4-H CAMP CANCELLED. Miss Gertrude Proctor, Home Demonstration Agent, received a long distance telephone message on July 26 advising her to call off the 4-H Camp and all other meetings where young people are involved on account of so much Infantile Paralysis over the state at this time.

BABY BOY FOR GAY FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Brantley Gay announce the birth of a nine pound baby boy, born Sunday at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Both mother and baby are getting along nicely.

REFRESHMENTS AT SUNDAY SCHOOL. Mr. Ed Stokes has aroused quite an interest among the young and old at Sunday School at Grace Chapel by passing out grapes and boiled peanuts.

August 8, 1941

RAYNOR-JONES WEDDING. Miss Kathryn Belle Raynor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Eldridge Raynor, became the bride of Robert Kirby Jones at First Methodist Church Thursday evening, Rev. Swoll Sawyer reading the marriage lines. Mrs. Jones is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raynor. Mr. Jones is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Jones.

GASOLINE SALES LIMITED. Folkston and Charlton County were cooperating 100% Sunday night with the plan of Federal Petroleum Coordinator Harold Ickes to curtail gasoline sales. A survey showed that most service stations had already closed after the 7:00 p.m. deadline.

THREE YOUNG PEOPLE JOIN CHURCH. During the Baptist revival last week three fine young folks made a profession of faith and offered themselves as candidates for baptism. They are Ann Askew, Joanne Passieu and Leonard Hannaford.

MR. ROBERT H. HARDEN KILLED IN WRECK. Mr. Robert H. Harden, age 30, well known and highly regarded young man of Hilliard, was instantly killed Sunday morning in an automobile wreck. He was a son of Mrs. L.P. Harden of near Folkston. He was born and reared in this county. He was a quiet, unassuming young man and had a wide circle of friends. He had been a resident of Hilliard for the past four years. Besides his wife, Mrs. Leitha Gibson Harden, survivors include two sons, Thomas and Robert, Jr.; two daughters, Francis LaVerne and Margaret; his mother, Mrs. L.P. Harden and five brothers, W.H., O.F., L.H., J.B. and B.G. Harden, all of Folkston and one sister, Mrs. Wilton E. Colson. Funeral services were held in Philadelphia Church and interment followed in Sardis Cemetery.

WINOKUR COMMUNITY SERVICE CLASS. The young folks of Winokur will meet August 12th in the Baptist Church, for the purpose of organizing a Community Service Class. The Baptist Church was selected because of the fine lighting system and the fine piano put at our disposal. Mrs. Waughtel will play the piano and C.W. Waughtel will direct the program.

MRS. DRURY STILL SICK AT HER HOME. Mrs. Ola Drury of Camp Pinckney, who has been confined to her room for many months, asks her friends to call on her and help shorten the long hot days of summer. Her physical condition is about the same.

BABY BOY FOR GAY FAMILY. Mrs. Austin Gay and infant son were released from the McCoy-Sawyer hospital Sunday and reported to be getting along nicely.

NEAL ALDRIDGE RECOVERING. Neal Aldridge who recently sustained a broken leg in an accident at the Gowen sawmill, left the McCoy-Sawyer Hospital Wednesday and is making satisfactory progress.

BABY BOY FOR RIDER FAMILY. Mrs. Johnnie Rider and infant son were released from McCoy-Sawyer Hospital Thursday and were reported to be getting along nicely at their home in the Toledo community.

RAY GIBSON RECOVERING FROM POISONING. Ray Gibson, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Gibson, was admitted to the McCoy-Sawyer Hospital Wednesday suffering from ptomaine poisoning. He is reported to be well on the way to recovery late Thursday.

NAVAL STORES PRICES RISING. The gradually rising market for the spirits of turpentine and rosin the past several days has been followed with interest by the people of Charlton County and especially by the naval stores operators. Spirits on the Savannah market were quoted yesterday at 55 cents per gallon, a rise of two cents over the previous date. Many of our people had become convinced that spirits would never reach 50 cents again and there is, of course, much rejoicing here that this price has now been reached and passed.

TOBACCO SALES. Strong bidding for high grade tobacco cheered growers of the bright leaf crop in the Georgia-Florida belt Tuesday and buyers were frequently going above 30 cents a pound for baskets of top-quality leaf. Charlton County growers generally expressed satisfaction for the prices received for their product on the opening day.

BOY SCOUT CHARTER PRESENTED. The charter for the local organization of the Boy Scouts of America was presented to the troop at its meeting at the high school gym Monday night. This charter bears the signatures of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America and Herbert Hoover as Past President. This is Troop 12 of the Okefenokee Council. C.L. Tolbert is Scoutmaster and Zelton Conner is assistant. The troop committee is John Harris, Chairman; Troy Conner, Jasper Stokes, Rev. Swoll Sawyer and Guy W. Bentley. The charter members of the troop are Carroll Wright, Jr., who was transferred from Jesup, Lamar Gibson, who was a Lone Scout, Kenneth Harrison, Roswald Johnson, Tom Scott, Monroe Altman, LaVerne Clark, J.
S. Haddock, Harry Chesser and James Oscar Hannaford. Others who have since qualified are Billy Haddock, Bill McCoy, Johnnie Tyson and Karl Herrin. A number of others are working toward qualification.


August 22, 1941

NEW RENTAL DWELLING. Construction is underway on a five-room dwelling by L.E. Stokes on the site of the old Rooks Wainwright residence, which was destroyed by fire several years ago. The work is in charge of Leon Askew and Ralph Burch. It is being built by Mr. Stokes for rental property and is to be occupied by Austin Gay and family.

INFANTILE PARALYSIS EPIDEMIC. Sixty-nine cases of Infantile Paralysis were reported over Georgia during the past week, bringing the state’s total this year up to 440 patients.

WINOKUR COMMUNITY SERVICE CLASS. The community service class at Winokur held its second meeting at the church Tuesday night and the attendance was 32. Great interest was shown in the program which consisted of sight singing, world news, a quiz and an address on "What Makes a Good Community." All persons who have the welfare of Winokur in their hearts are asked to help boost these meetings.

KOZY KABIN KAFE. The Kozy Kabin Kafe is under new management, with the sale of fixtures and furniture to Jim L. McKendree and his sister Mrs. Alvin Outlaw of Woodbine. Miss Louise Brockman, former operator, will resume operation of their farm near the city.

MR. AND MRS. ROY RETURN TO FOLKSTON. Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Roy returned to Folkston Sunday after spending several days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had considered making their home in Iowa but their many friends will be glad to learn they like Georgia better and have returned here to live.

CEMETERY CLEANING AT BETHEL. The attendance last Sunday at the Bethel Methodist Church cemetery cleaning was not large enough to finish the task. Another cleaning day has been set for August 28th. All interested individuals are requested to attend or send someone. Those who came last Thursday worked hard all morning but were not able to do more than half. They enjoyed a delicious basket dinner at noon. The plan for another cleaning date was discussed and finally adopted. The work can be finished in the morning if a good number will come out and help.

NEW BABY FOR ROY FAMILY. Mrs. Cecil Roy and baby born last week at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital, left the hospital to return home Sunday. Both are getting along well.

INFANT SON OF M.T. GUY FAMILY DIED. A baby boy was born dead to Mrs. M.T. Guy of the Hercules Camp at the McCoy-Sawyer Hospital Tuesday. The baby was buried at Glennville Wednesday. Mrs. Guy is reported to be making satisfactory progress.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR WILLIE LLOYD FAMILY. A fine baby girl was born to Mrs. Willie Lloyd of Homeland at the McCoy-Sawyer Hospital Thursday. Both are doing well.

NEW BABY BOY FOR YOUMANS FAMILY. Mrs. Youmans of St. George was admitted Thursday and the birth of a fine baby boy has been announced. Both are getting along satisfactory.

NEW TRUCK FOR J.P. CONNER. J.P. Conner of Uptonville is the proud owner and driver of a new Chevrolet truck.

SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC. The Sunday School classes of Grace Chapel enjoyed a picnic and swimming party at the river at Traders Hill Saturday afternoon.

LUM WOOLARD RECOVERING FROM POISONING. Mr. Lum Woolard is recovering from ptomaine poisoning caused by eating shrimp which he caught on Tuesday.

REVIVAL AT MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH. A truck load of young folks are getting a thrill each night by attending the revival services at Mount Zion in the Mose Crews settlement. A truck is run from Folkston and one from Homeland. Revs. Burgen and Batten of Jacksonville are doing the preaching.

THE SOLDIER’S LAMENT. No one knows we are living, No one gives a dam. Back home we are soon forgotten, we’ve been loaned to Uncle Sam. Only one year, can we stand it? One year of our lives we will miss. Boys, don’t let the Army get you, and for goodness sakes, don’t enlist! Boys, don’t take it seriously, for this is just a poem written by five boys from Folkston. Sent in by Pvt. H.L. Guinn and Pvt. Gilbert Spence.


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