Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 2, 1940

RURAL ELECTRIC LINES TURNED ON IN BRANTLEY COUNTY. Section "A" of the Okefenokee Rural Electric lines, which embraces the territory in the neighborhood of Schlatterville in Brantley County, was energized August 1st. The power will be turned on in the remaining sections as rapidly as the work is completed. At this time it is thought the lines in our county will not be ready for service until about September lst. The Herald is unable to give full details of the status of the work in this county because of the refusal of a local official to furnish the requested information.

COUNTY DEFENSE CORPS TO BE ORGANIZED. Preliminary steps for the organization of a Charlton County unit of the State Defense Corps were taken at a meeting called by Mayor Hodges Monday night. The organization committee named Mayor Hodges, County Commissioner Chairman O.E. Raynor, Editor R. Ward Harrison, R.E. Tittle, Sheriff J.O. Sikes and Police Chief Troy Jones to the committee. The county commander is to be selected from a list including Alva Wilson, E.B. Stapleton and Edgar Allen. When a county commander has been named by state commander Clay a group of twenty citizens qualified for service will be selected as members of the County Defense Corps by the County Commander.

BOB ALLEN WORKING IN VIDALIA BANK. Bob Allen, Jr., who recently completed a bookkeeping and accounting course in a Waycross business college, left Sunday for Vidalia where he has accepted a position as a bookkeeper in a Vidalia bank.

ARTHUR COLSON ENLISTED IN U.S. MARINES. Arthur M. Colson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Colson, of Folkston, Route Two, was accepted for enlistment in U.S. Marine Corps on July 30th, and was transferred to Parris Island for training.

August 9, 1940

BUS DRIVERS NAMED BY BOARD OF EDUCATION. The following bus drivers have been selected by the Board of Education: Cornhouse and Traders Hill, Woodrow Petty; Coleraine, Owen Prescott; Racepond, J.M. Hilton; Sardis, Fred Crews; Winokur, Ivey Crews; River Route, O.K. Lowther and Toledo to St. George, Champ Crews.

JOHN GLOVER KILLED BY HENRY BELL. A fatal shooting affray occurred at Johnson’s Mill Quarters near Racepond Saturday night when John Glover was shot and instantly killed by Henry Bell, both employed at the sawmill operated by Johnson Lumber Co. The shooting followed a quarrel between the two men, details of which could not be learned. Glover was shot with a pistol and died immediately. Bell claims he acted in self-defense.

BLUE WILLOW CAFE SOLD. Purchase of the Blue Willow CafÈ by Mrs. C.H. Quick was announced this week. This popular establishment was acquired from Miss Lily Pearl Davis who has operated it for the past several months.

WALTER McCLAIN DIED. Walter McClain, age 57, of Jacksonville, died in West Florida Tuesday of last week after a long illness, according to news received by friends and relatives in this county. He was a native of Charlton County, moving to Jacksonville eight years ago. He was a member of the Baptist Church. Besides his widow, Mrs. Ellen McClain, survivors include two daughters and six sons, also one brother. Funeral services were held in Jacksonville and interment at the family cemetery in Palatka, Fla.

BABY BOY FOR HODGES FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Hodges of St. George are being congratulated by their many friends upon the birth of a fine 8 - pound baby boy born Monday at Sawyer Hospital.

NEW SON FOR HODGES FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hodges announce the birth of a son Monday night, August 5th. She will be remembered as Miss Edna Hutson.

EDWARD HUTSON JOINED U.S. NAVY. Edward Hutson, St. George, left Monday from Jacksonville, to join the U.S. Navy.

WAINWRIGHTS WORKING IN JACKSONVILLE. Mr. Tim Wainwright and son, J.S., of Uptonville, started working at the new Naval Air Base in Jacksonville this week.

August 16, 1940

NEGRO SCHOOLS OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 16TH. The Negro schools of Charlton County will open this year on September 16th. The teachers will be: Folkston, Christopher Green, Elnora Hamler and Australia Smith; Traders Hill, S.T. Chatman and Essie Roberson; Paxton Place, Sarah Kennedy; Johnson’s Mill, Irene Tootle; Moniac, Georgia Anderson; St. George, Gertha Raysar; Toledo, to be supplied. Schools falling below twenty pupils in average daily attendance will be discontinued.

FOUR LADIES ATTEND FARM & HOME WEEK. The annual Farm and Home Week held in Athens during the first week in August attracted a large attendance. Those attending from Charlton County included Miss Ida Baugh of St. George, Nettie J. Keene of Folkston, Rachel Wainwright, Folkston and Miss Gertrude Proctor.

BAPTIST TRAINING UNION MEMBERS AT CAMP. The Folkston Baptist Training Union had the largest group at encampment of Unions of the Piedmont Association which met last week. Those attending from Folkston were Catherine Bolton, Gene Pickren, Ruby Dukes, Rosalie Southwell, Alice Waterman, Betty Tyson, Evelyn Wynn, Marion LaVerne Pickren, Janet Thomas, Joyce Askew, Ruth Hughs, Marcel Gibson, Freda Thomas, Vivian Wright, Reta Aldridge, Vernie Mae Robinson, Ben Huling, D.S. Quarterman, Harry Quick, Albert Mills, Clyde King, Morris Mills, Carroll Wright, Jr., Johnny Tyson and Mrs. Marion Pickren.

SCHOOL TEACHERS LISTED FOR COMING YEAR. The complete list of teachers to be employed in the Charlton County schools this year was announced this week. Folkston, Mrs. Thomas Askew, Mrs. N.V. Brown, Mrs. Frank Davis, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Mrs. E.C. Gowen, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Misses Mayme Askew, Lourilla Brooks, Louise Bennett, Eunice Chute, Eleanor Cockrell, Gladys Duncan, Sarah Henderson, Ella Hughes, Cleo Huling, Mildred Huling, Eunice Hunt, Frances Hines, Susie Johnston, Margaret Littlefield, Ruby Lockhart, Jo Lee Mallory, Dortha Morgan, Marion Pearce, Kathryn Raynor, Carlie Mae Stokes, Guy W. Bentley, John P. Hayes, Charlton Talbert. St George, Mrs. Leon Norman, Mrs. Leslie Norman, Mrs. William S. Smith, Mrs. H.D. Templeton, Misses Elizabeth Bradley, Cora Edenfield, Emily Stokes, Mr. William S. Smith. Moniac, Mrs. Imogene Sears, Miss Alma Gainey, Mary Harden, Thyra McDuffie, Dorthy Reynolds. Uptonville, Mrs. J.W. Johnson. Winokur, Rosa King.

MATTRESS-MAKING CLASS IN UPTONVILLE. A specialist from the State College of Agriculture will conduct a leadership training school in Mattress Making in the Uptonville school house August 20th. There is much interest in the art of mattress making since the surplus commodities corporation has made cotton for mattress making available and free to farm homes. A number of ladies of that community will take advantage of this opportunity.

E.B. STAPLETON NAMED AS COMMANDER OF CHARLTON COUNTY DEFENSE CORPS. E.B. Stapleton was this week named as Commander of the Charlton County unit of the State Defense Corps by State Commander Clay of Atlanta. He immediately accepted this work that has been assigned to him in the national defense program. He will have the rank of Captain and a company of twenty citizens to be recruited for the county defense unit. They will serve in the place of the National Guard when that organization is called into the federal service.

MISS KING IS NEW TELEPHONE OPERATOR. Miss Margie King of Arlington, Ga. arrived Tuesday to accept the position of night operator at the local telephone exchange.

August 23, 1940

FIVE AIDES APPOINTED BY CAPT. STAPLETON. Captain E.B. Stapleton, of the Charlton County unit of the Georgia State Defense Corps, has appointed the personnel of his aides for the organization. Those named to serve with Capt. Stapleton are O.C. Mizell, lst Lt.; Alva Wilson, lst Sgt.; Bob Allen, Line Sgt.; E.C. Aldridge and Noah Stokes, Corporals. Members of the corps will be composed of loyal American citizens who are over 35 years of age, of excellent character, in good health and recognized as loyal and patriotic citizens.

NEW HOME FOR FOLKSTON. An attractive six room residence is now being erected in Folkston by Mr. T. Cook of Savannah, who plans to move his family here. The new home is located just south of the old Wiley Wainwright residence in one of the city’s best sections. He has lived here before, being a salesman for the Passieu Chevrolet Co.

BARNES-VICKERS WEDDING. Of much interest to a wide circle of friends was the marriage of Miss Dorris Barnes and Mr. J.M. Vickers which occurred Saturday at Callahan, performed by Rev. J.D. Poindexter. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mrs. Andrew Gowen. Mr. Vickers, originally from Fitzgerald has been a resident of Folkston for 16 months, being employed as bookkeeper for Hercules Co. at the local camp. They are making their home at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gowen.

August 30, 1940

MR. DANIEL MULL KILLED IN WRECK. Daniel Mull, about 45 years old, World War veteran, of Lancaster, Penn. died Sunday a few hours after being injured in the wreck of a pickup truck near Homeland in the vicinity of the pottery plant. The wreck occurred when a tire of the truck driven by Horace Ricketson blew out, causing the machine to crash into a telephone pole. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mull were hitch-hikers and had been picked up by Ricketson. Mull was thrown from the truck, sustaining injuries which resulted in his death. Mrs. Mull suffered severe lacerations and bruises. They were brought to the Sawyer Hospital. Efforts to contact relatives of Mull and his widow were without success. Funeral services were held here Wednesday with interment in the Folkston Cemetery. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of the burial arrangements.

SINGING CONVENTION BRINGS 1200 PEOPLE TO FOLKSTON. Charlton County’s fourth annual Singing Convention was held here Sunday in the Grammar School auditorium and brought out an estimated attendance of about twelve hundred, there being many visitors from nearby towns in Georgia and Florida. Both sessions, morning and afternoon, packed the large auditorium to capacity. Singing teams, quartets and solos were heard all during the day. A bountiful basket dinner was served on the courthouse grounds during the noon hour. All the visitors were guests at dinner of families of Folkston. O.E. Raynor and his helpers in charge of the arrangements expressed their grateful appreciation to the people who so generously cooperated in making this occasion an unqualified success.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR HARRISON FAMILY. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Harrison will be interested to learn of the birth to them on August 28th, of a fine baby daughter born at Sawyer Clinic. She made her appearance on the birthday of her grandfather, Judge J.H. Johnson.

CATTLE GAP. A resolution was approved by the County Commissioners last week requesting the state highway board to construct a cattle gap on U S One about a mile south of Folkston.

RAY GIBSON HAS JOINED U.S. ARMY. Ray Gibson left Tuesday for Fort Benning near Columbus, Ga. where he will enter training as a soldier in the U.S. Army.

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