Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 6, 1937

THOSE WHO WILL TEACH. The Charlton County schools will begin their fall terms September 6th. The following teachers will be employed this year. County High: Guy W. Bentley, teaching-principal; Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Eunice Chute, Myra Jacobs, Dorthy McCarthy. John Harris Junior High: Mayme Askew, teaching-principal; Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Eleanor Cockrell, Susie Johnston. Folkston Consolidated: Marion Pearce, teaching-principal; Daisey Neal, Carlie Stokes, Gladys Duncan, Cleo Huling, Jessie Overstreet, Zelle Ross, Marguerite Mills, Frances Hines, Mary Leverett, Sarah Henderson, Martha Stapleton, Eunice Hunt and G.B. Hutchinson. St. George Consolidated: William S. Smith, teaching-principal; Helen Bruschke, Thera Hambrick and Ella Maund. Moniac Consolidated: Ethel Youngblood, Ernie Johns and Marie Boyd. Uptonville: Hazel Prescott.

BRILL’S FEVER STRIKES PECK WRIGHT. H.C. “Peck” Wright was stricken last week with a severe attack of Brill’s Fever and has been confined to bed at his home here for the past several days. This serious disease is reaching almost epidemic proportions and steps are being taken to wage a campaign for the destruction of rats here.

REV. KILPATRICK TO ACCEPT JOB AT ALMA. Rev. E.G. Kilpatrick, pastor of Folkston Baptist Church, tendered his resignation Sunday, effective September l. He is to accept the position of pastor of Alma Baptist Church.

NOTICE: Brill’s Fever is on the increase and there have been several recent attacks in Folkston. This is caused by infected rats. Please do everything possible to eliminate this menace. This Saturday night has been agreed upon as the time to put out rat poisoning. The cooperation of all will be appreciated. Keep pets away from poison and burn the dead rats as soon as you find them. DR. A. FLEMING, County Health Officer, JEWELL PAGE, County Nurse.

SOCIAL SECURITY PROGRAM BEGINS. The Social Security program, financed jointly by state and federal governments, was officially begun in Charlton County last Saturday when eighteen checks were received for distribution to applicants, passed on by the local board in time for payment for the month of July. It included seventeen checks for old people and one check for dependent children. Checks were in varying amounts, averaging about $14.00 each. Mrs. Bernice Allen, county welfare director, is busily at work investigating other applications.

OKEFENOKEE SWAMP LANDS CONDEMNED IN FEDERAL COURT. Judge William Barrett, in Federal District Court in Augusta, Tuesday condemned 293,000 acres of Swamp land in the Okefenokee Swamp and ordered that it be turned over to the Department of Agriculture for development as a Wildlife Game Preserve. The Hebard interests, former owners, have been paid $438,000 for the condemned tract.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crews, Homeland, announce the birth of a baby girl Monday night. Mrs. Crews was formerly Miss Mildred Lloyd.

August 13, 1937

PLANS FOR AIR MAIL WITHIN GEORIA. Making a survey of a number of south Georgia cities with view of an establishment of an all-state air mail route, which would be the first of its kind in the country, a plane carrying R.D. Hager, airline executive, and piloted by C.R. Lockwood, landed at Folkston airport at 3:20 Monday afternoon and took off for Atlanta thirty minutes later. The plane was met at the airport by a delegation of citizens headed by Postmaster V.J. Pickren. The visiting airmen were escorted into Folkston for refreshments. The plane on the eastern route next Monday will take off from Folkston at 6:00 a.m. and will arrive in Brunswick at 6:30 and after picking up mail there will arrive in Savannah at 7:00. From there it will continue to the other cities on the route arriving in Atlanta at 11:30 the same morning.

MR. JAMES E. ROBINSON DIED. Mr. James E. Robinson, about 84 years old, prominent and well known pioneer citizen of Charlton County, died at his home in the Sardis community Thursday after an extended illness due to the infirmities of old age. He died on the home place where he was born and reared and spent his entire lifetime. He was widely known over the county and held in the highest esteem by a large circle of friends. He was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church and once served this county as Tax Collector. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Cicie Robinson; four sons, Walter, Hamp, Tobe and Alvin Robinson; one daughter, Mrs. M.A. Brown. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.O. Gibson and interment was in Sardis cemetery. Hawkins Funeral Home had charge of the arrangements.

MITCH MIZELL HOME PLACE SOLD. The Mitch Mizell Place, located nine miles south of Folkston, near the old canal, consisting of a dwelling and 37 acres of land, was purchased this week by J.W. Vickery who resold it to John C. Allen, of Atlanta.

MRS. PEARCE TO BE CLERK AT COUNTY WELFARE DEPARTMENT. The County Commissioners this week accepted Mrs. Lucille Pearce, being the lowest bidder for the position of clerical assistant in the county department of Public Welfare. It was ordered to employ her for $40.00 per month.

August 20, 1937

NEW ST. GEORGE SCHOOL BUILDING APPROVED. Supt. John Harris received word this week that the grant from the Federal Emergency Administration for the erection of the school building at St. George has been approved. This will make $20,863 of PWA funds available for this building, to be added to the $25,000 local funds already allocated for the project.

MR. H.C. WUNDERLITCH DIED. A telegraph message was received in Folkston Tuesday afternoon announcing the death of Mr. H.C. Wunderlitch at the home of a son in Elgin, Illinois near Chicago. Mr. Wunderlitch left Folkston on Monday of last week to visit his son in the Illinois city, making the trip by airplane from Jacksonville. Information was later received here that Mr. Wunderlitch had lost his mind on the journey to Chicago and was unable to tell his identity or destination when he arrived at the Chicago airport. Papers in his pocket established his identity and also contained the name and address of his son in Elgin, a Chicago suburb, who was notified by officers, and took his father to his home. The friends of Mr. Wunderlitch here had known for some time that he was in bad health and that his mind was affected, but news of his death came as a shock to them. He was about sixty years old and is survived by his wife and a daughter who reside at Homeland, as well as his son in Illinois. He had been a resident of Folkston for many years and was highly regarded by all who knew him. Funeral arrangements were not learned here, but it is said he will be buried in Illinois. He was a native of Germany.

PENSIONERS NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE MORTGAGES. Georgia applicants for old-age pensions and aid to the blind will not be required in future to mortgage their property to the state by a lien agreement, announcement was made by the State Dept of Public Welfare. It was reported that the welfare program can be carried on without the necessity of the state insisting on the lien agreement and recommended that the practice be discontinued. They will send notices to all county boards of Public Welfare, advising them that no applicant is to be asked to sign a lien agreement. He will also give instructions that all liens on file be returned to the applicants.

JOHN WHITE RECEIVES TWO YEAR SCHOLARSHIP. John White, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.G. White, has been awarded a two year scholarship to Abraham Baldwin College as a result of the record he has made in 4-H Club work, mostly in livestock development.

WEDDING. Miss Lena Mae Guinn, accomplished daughter of G.H. Guinn, was united in marriage to Mr. Golden Manley Thacker, of Jacksonville, Wednesday. Miss Guinn is a graduate of Folkston High School. Mr. Thacker is an experienced carpenter. The maid of honor was Geraldine Waughtel and the best man was Roy Combs. They will live in Jacksonville.

ST. GEORGE LIBRARY OPEN. The St. George Library has been opened to the public, young, old, little and big. There are 400 volumes of the very best reading and 40 more are expected soon. A daily report is made as to how many visitors and how many new people go into the library for reading.

August 27, 1937

REVIVAL. A revival meeting is being conducted at Mt. Zion Church this week and every one is invited to attend the services. There will be dinner on the church grounds Sunday and the people of the community are invited to attend and bring a basket.

TWO NEW ROOMS FOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The two new primary rooms which have recently been added to the Grammar School building will be occupied for the first time this year. These rooms are being equipped with new kindergarten tables and chairs. They are 34 by 34 feet and not connected to the old building, being entered from separate entrances, and having their own toilets.

MRS. VICIE ALTMAN ROBINSON DIED. Mrs. Vicie Altman Robinson, widow of the late James E. Robinson, and a life-long resident of the Sardis community, quickly followed her husband in death by passing away just eight days after his recent demise. She was more than eighty years old but had been in good health up to the time of her husband’s death. She was stricken suddenly while visiting at the home of her son, Alvin Robinson, in Hilliard, passing away on Friday August 13. She was a member of a prominent pioneer family of Charlton County, being a sister of Mr. M. Altman. Other survivors include four sons and two daughters. She was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church and funeral services were held at Sardis cemetery on Sunday morning following her death with Rev. W.O. Gibson officiating. Arrangements were in charge of Hawkins Funeral Home, Folkston.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Littlefield, Jr. of Newell announce the birth of a son on August 12th. He has been named John Morrison.

SEABORN ALLEN RODDENBERRY DIED. Seaborn Allen Roddenberry, age 43, a native of the Winokur district, who has been connected with the ACL Railroad for more than two decades, died Wednesday in the Coast Line Hospital following a brief illness of pneumonia. He was foreman of the paint crew for the Southern Division. He was a World War veteran and a member of the Denton Baptist Church, Woodmen of the World and Elks. He was a son of the late Seaborn B. Roddenberry and Mrs. Mary Jane Allen Roddenberry, pioneer residents of Charlton County. He was a member of one of the most widely-connected families of this section. He is survived by three brothers, George W. Roddenberry, Harry S. Roddenberry and N.E. Roddenberry; three sisters, Mrs. S.J. Byrd, Mrs. L.W. Nutt and Mrs. A.J. Ellis. Funeral services were held at the Denton Baptist Church with burial at Denton Cemetery.

WEDDING. A marriage announcement of much interest is that of Miss Jessie Mercer Overstreet and Mr. A. Eugene Shivar, who were married August 16th in Jacksonville. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Overstreet of Lawtey, Fla. Mr. Shivar is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Shivar of Folkston and was formerly associated with his father in the contracting business here. He works for the A&P Bakery in Jacksonville.

ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED. Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Tracy announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Meta Beatrice to Mr. Ernest A. Cushing, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Cushing of Callahan. The wedding will be solemnized October 10 in the Oceanway Baptist Church, Jacksonville.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hodges are the proud parents of a baby girl born August 16th which is to be named Patricia Fay.

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