Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1935

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 2, 1935

4-H Club Camp was held at Burnt Fort.

The Hinds place in Homeland where T.W. Wrench has lived for eleven years was purchased by him this week. He is to have the farm fenced, the house repainted and repaired. This tract contains twenty acres and will make a delightful home, it being on the highway and electricity running by the door.Reports come in that a hospital is in store for Folkston. Dr. Fleming has decided that his home near his office would make a suitable location. He is planning to have the house reconditioned so it will be convenient for hospital purposes. A nurse furnished by the state will be in charge.

Mr. Owen Mizell was accidentally killed at Fort Benning Wednesday on the target range according to reports of Gene Aldridge. He belonged to a team that practiced on the target range and a clip was already in the gun when a gunner accidently fired, the shot hitting Mr. Mizell's neck, killing him instantly. He is a brother of Mrs. Gene Aldridge and is well known here. The funeral was in Waycross, the body having been shipped to his former home. He had been in service for eighteen months.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bryant of Miami on July 4, a baby girl, named Francine Janet.

August 9, 1935

The registration of pupils for the Moniac Consolidated School took place Friday. 101 [or 191] pupils were enrolled that day and arrangements made for a month's review work in an effort to overcome a marked retardation caused by a short term and poor attendance last year. Teachers this year are G.C. Flanders, principal, Mabel Smith, Leila Crews and Monnie McDuffie. Work was started last week on a seven room residence by W.E. Gibson. The building is located between the Baptist parsonage and the home of George Gowen. This home will have a metal roof, seven rooms and will be modern throughout. Ed Shivar is supervising the construction.In the death of Samuel C. [O.?] Crews, 77, at his home at Newell last Friday, Charlton County loses one of its most noted characters. Born on the Big Buffalo in upper Charlton he has lived his entire life within twenty miles of where he first saw the light of day. He had a reputation of being sturdy and honest, having his failings, yet always holding the respect of every citizen. His regular attendance upon court for the past fifty or sixty years and his association with court officials made him a factor in local politics. He served the county as a Commissioner in the Winokur district and held a strong influence with his people. He was a good provider and has quite a holding in real estate. He had a large number of relatives but no direct descendants. He was buried at Hickox with services by Lambert Jones. His wife passed away a year or so ago and he was laid to rest beside her.

August 16, 1935

Mr. Shivar announces that work was started this week on a seven-room residence for M.V. Brown, operator for the Atlantic Coast Line here. It is estimated that within the near future work will be started on at least two more dwellings.

NOTICE: There will be a cemetery working at Bethel next Saturday, August 17th.

At the monthly Board of Education meeting, on recommendation of local trustees, school bus drivers were approved as follows: J.H. Warren, I.V. Carter, Claud Prescott, Virgil Colson, Guy Gibson, A.D. Crews, Dexter Petty, Council Stokes, Champ Crews, G.C. Flanders, Festus Green and Hugh Crews. Provision was made for Thrift and Lee children's schooling to come from contingency funds.

August 23, 1935

Warden G.A. Dean and J.W. Vickery have been in Macon this week taking in the state meeting of wardens. To date there has been a total of 10,982 cans of produce canned in the county's canneries. Charlton County has one of the best canning records of the state.

August 30, 1935
Long article on building activities throughout Folkston.

Dr. A. Fleming of the County Board of Health reports that during the past year 606 persons have been examined and treated for hookworm and total cases immunized of diphtheria were 207. Total cases immunized for typhoid fever were 244. Dr. Fleming is the pioneer in hookworm iradication in this section of the state, having treated thousands of cases in Charlton, Ware and Clinch counties, much of this work being done without renumeration. Teachers who are employed by the Board of Education for the coming school term are: County High School, J.C. Adams, principal, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Ruth Mallard, Margaret Littlefield, Myra Jacobs, G.C. Hutchinson, Eunice Chute, Guy Bentley. Folkston Consolidated School, Mayme Askew, principal, Eleanor Cockrell, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Thyra McDuffie, Mary Jane Littlefield, Marie Hendrix, Zelle Ross, Annette Turner, Marion Pearce, Myrtle Hayes, Daisey Neal. St. George Consolidated, William S. Smith, principal, Ethel Brannon, Aethada Suggs, Marie Boyd. Moniac Consolidated School, G.C. Flanders, Mabel Smith, Leila Crews, Monie McDuffie. Uptonville School, Sally Prescott, Ernestine Prescott. Winokur, Nettie Keene.

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