Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1934

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 3, 1934

NEW COOLING SYSTEM. We were interested to view the working of the new Kelvinator refrigerator system placed in the W.J. Jones Market this week. It is an air cooler keeping the temperature at any set degree desired and keeps the meat dry with no moisture necessary to keep it in the best of condition. The cost is also quite an item, saving about $12.00 worth of ice a month. Mr. Jones is as pleased with it as he can be. If you wish to see this advance in science and air cooling, visit his store and look this one over.

CCC CAMP FOR HOMELAND PARK. On October lst Charlton County will regain its CCC camp. The War Department representatives and Mr. Mosely and Mr. Tittle representing the Forestry Service made an inspection of the Homeland Park site this week making the decision causing the erection of a base camp for the CCC. The site has been agreed upon and the agreement signed with the department by the County Commissioners for a lease of the property for that purpose.

August 10, 1934

MORE CATTLE FROM THE WEST. Another twenty-three carloads of cattle from the drought-stricken west arrived in Folkston Thursday and were unloaded in the Mizell pasture lot and then driven to his Burnt Fort range where 15,000 acres of river bottoms has been fenced, ready for their reception. Most of the shipment were young yearlings.

STOCK RAISERS ASK FOR HELP. Charlton County stock raisers told of the great destruction of the screw worms on their sheep at a meeting Monday. Several of them said they were not able to combat the screw worms and bury the dead sheep. Federal aid is being sought to stop the ravages of these worms. Aid is needed now.

MRS. LAURA P. GOWEN DIED. Mrs. Laura P. Gowen, 72, wife of the late Andrew Green Gowen, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. W.N. Casey in Kingsland Monday after several months of illness. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in Folkston. She was born in Mississippi but had been a resident of Traders Hill over 45 years and for the past two years lived in Kingsland. She was a member of Folkston Baptist Church and is survived by five daughters, Mrs. W.N. Casey, Mrs. H.B. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. W.D. Copeland, Mrs. J.W. Vickery and Mrs. Mary Brock; three sons, J.V. and Andy Gowen and G.W. Gowen. Mrs. B.B. Gowen of Uptonville is a daughter-in-law. She has two living sisters, Mrs. Mattie Denmark and Mrs. Sue Emanuel. The body was interred in the family burial ground at Traders Hill beside her late husband who passed over the River on March 5, 1924, and her sister Kate Denmark who died December 15, 1930.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobs a ten pound baby boy. Mother and baby are doing nicely.

TEACHERS REASSIGNED. Two new teachers are announced for the Folkston school. Mrs. B.B. Gowen takes the place of Miss Byrdie Pearson who resigned on account of ill health. Miss Myra Jacobs will teach Spanish, Biology and other studies in high school.

MR. JULE THOMPSON MUCH BETTER. Friends of Mr. Jule Thompson will be glad to hear he is much better and is now up and walking around over his place.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Barker, Jr. on August 4, a fine daughter.

August 17, 1934

JERUSALEM HOLINESS CHURCH. The members of Jerusalem Holiness Church went to Manhattan Beach Thursday and enjoyed a wonderful church outing. There were twenty-five, chaperoned by Elder Elonza Davis, pastor. Laura J. Jones, secretary.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harden announce the birth of a ten pound boy on August 10th.

STOKES COTTAGE ALMOST FINISHED. The Stokes cottage will be ready for occupancy by the time school starts and will be occupied by John Southwell.

CLARENCE ROGERS BACK IN HOMELAND. Clarence Rogers, former citizen of Homeland, has returned, occupying the Condon home on the highway. Clarence made the trip from St. Louis on a bicycle and we learn had an interesting time coming.

OLD BUILDING SOLD. The old building sold by the Homeland town council last Friday afternoon brought $36.00 and was bid in by contractor Hall.

ASKEW TWIN SON DIED. One of the twin infants of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Askew died Saturday night after a few hours illness. The birth of both boys was announced Friday night and they appeared to be two fine youngsters but the quick death of one saddened their parents who were so proud of the twins.

NORTH DAKOTA CATTLE ARRIVE. Ten more cars of cattle from the drought-stricken west arrived Sunday and were taken to the Burnt Fort pasture, making fifty cars turned over to O.C. Mizell for pasturage, something like 2,000 head. These last shipments did not appear to be in quite as good condition as the first received. They came from North Dakota.

PRAYER MEETING. Satilla Riverside News: The Holiness Church met Tuesday to pray for Mrs. Sindy Drury who has been ill for some time. The ones present were Mr. and Mrs. Allen and little daughter; Mrs. Lizzie Higginbotham; Mrs. Belle Johns; Mrs. Harmon Johns, daughter and grandson; Mrs. Taylor and son Nelson; Mrs. J.H. Warren and family; Ollie Barber and Bailey Barber and Mrs. A.L. Pitts and family.

PARSONAGE TO GET NEW ROOF. The ladies of the Methodist Church are undertaking to re-roof the parsonage, it beginning to leak. They have been calling upon the membership of the church this week with that purpose in view and hope that any member that has not been seen will come forward with whatever aid he can render to make the job one that all helped with. Report to the ladies, the pastor or Dr. Fleming.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS SELECTED. At the Board of Education meeting last week the following were selected as bus drivers: Guy Chesser, Ivey Carter, Morrice Altman, Guy Gibson, A.H. Crews, Oliver Johns, J.H. Warren, Oscar Crews, Council Stokes and Champ Crews.

August 24, 1934

FOR SALE: Two dressers, one buffet, one davenport, two good tables, chairs, one Jack Frost icebox 100 pounds cap., one disc harrow, two steelbeam plows, one cultivator, one fertilizer distributor and some small tools. R. BRUSCHKE, Homeland.

UPTONVILLE TOURIST CAMP SOLD. The Uptonville Tourist Camp has been sold to O.E. Raynor and John Petty, with Mr. Petty in charge. He will continue the same good service given by George Hennig who developed the place and brought it up to a high standard.

TRAGIC ACCIDENT KILLS CHILD. A three year old child of Isaac Thrift living in upper Charlton County was smothered to death last week near Hoboken while its mother and grandfather were taking a load of tobacco to the Blackshear market. The car was driven by Herman Barber. The car turned over and the child was under the tobacco load and young Barber ran off to get help, the child dying before it could be taken out.

August 31, 1934

CATTLE FROM CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ARRIVE. Saturday night forty-three cars of cattle shipped from the stockyards in Chicago arrived in Folkston to be pastured on the ranges of the county. They were driven to the Gibson Pasture for inoculation and then taken to the ranges. 1,000 were placed with W.C. Hopkins and J.V. Gowen and the other thousand at the Paxton Pasture where E.B. Stapleton will have them in charge, he having a lease on that range.

MRS. J.W. KINDER DIED. Mrs. Jessie Nancy Kinder, 48, native of Indiana who has been a resident of Homeland for the past four years, died Monday from tuberculosis, having been an invalid since moving here. She leaves only her husband J.W. Kinder to mourn her death. She was buried in the Homeland cemetery, the services conducted by Father F.M. Perry of Brunswick. She has been looked after by some local friends and the Catholic Church of Waycross has been giving aid since she has been in such low state of health. That church has assumed obligation of the burial expense, paying the same.

SCHOOL BEGINS SOON. All school units will begin on August 31st. A change in the teaching force at the county high school is announced, Clifford G. Hale has resigned and I.D. Nichols has been employed there.

TEACHER REASSIGNED. Miss Robinson, the Sardis teacher, has been assigned to the Moniac school for next year, Sardis school having been brought to Folkston by consolidation.

WEDDING. A marriage of interest of many friends in Folkston is that of Miss Maude M. Crews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Crews, to Harry J. Joelsck of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 4th. She has been living there for some time with a brother.

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