Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1928

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 3, 1928

HIGHWAY TO KINGSLAND. At this week's Chamber of Commerce meeting the matter of securing the rights of way for the 60 feet wide Kingsland-Folkston highway was taken up.

PROPOSED DAIRY ROUTE. Farmers from Mattox to Prospect Church met at the Sardis schoolhouse this week to hear County Agent Hursey speak on the subject of dairying. The farmers are eager to begin a cream route. Forty cows of improved strain were signed up.

FIRST BRICK HOME FOR FOLKSTON. The H.J. Condon Construction Co. is a new business in Folkston. Their first contract is the first brick residence in our city, the W.J. Jones bungalow.

BURNT FORT BRIDGE. Piling has been driven and the bridge approach floored for the Burnt Fort bridge. Piling for the 80-foot channel span are being driven and soon traffic will be using this much-needed convenience.

BANK BURGLAR ALARM. Clang! Clang! Clang! pealed forth, an unusual musical ring Wednesday attracting the attention of everyone within a half mile of the Citizens Bank. The new radio burglar alarm is functioning. The investigation of the curious came to see it perform. It can not be tampered with without setting the alarm off.

AIR PORT SITE IMPROVED. J.D. Roddenberry, with a force of hands, is stumping the Folkston Air Port grounds. The placing of the beacon light will be done in a week or so. Stations have been located in Waycross, McRae and Eastman.

TWO STILLS DESTROYED. Charlton County Police seized two stills in active operation, both down in the Bend section, west of St. George. One had a capacity of 250 gallons per day and the other was a 200 gallon maker.

MRS. ETTA BIDDY KILLED IN WRECK. Mrs. Etta Biddy was killed in a car wreck near Uptonville Sunday morning. She was buried in the Folkston cemetery, Rev. M.G. Davis reading the burial service.

MISS KETCHUM HAS WASHINGTON JOB. Friends of Miss Merrium Ketchum, St. George, will be delighted to know that Miss Merrium has taken another step upward and is now Assistant Librarian at the Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.

NEW BABY. Albert Phillips wears a winning smile. There is a reason. There is a young man weighing in at seven pounds in fighting togs that came to accept bread and board at his place Tuesday. Mrs. Phillips is doing nicely. They reside in the W.H. Mizell home.

MIDNIGHT PICNIC. The BYPU entertained with a midnight picnic at Gray Gables this week. There were about 70 members and friends present.

August 10, 1928

ALLEN & VICKERY BUY MAIN STREET BUILDING. Folkston's furniture store, operated by Allen and Vickery, own their own building, having closed a deal this week with R. M. Roney for the proper
ty at which they are now located. It is well built with beautiful pressed brick frontage. With the Citizens Bank, Dean & Gowen, the furniture store, Stapleton Pharmacy, the Progress office and Passieu Motor Co., it is indeed a representative business block of the town.

WILLIAM CREWS DIED. Leaving home for the purpose of locating some cows Saturday, William Crews, better known as Bill, was located Wednesday by parties on the lookout for him by seeing buzzards flying over a spot in the woods. They discovered his body lying in the open where he had laid and died. The body was discovered between Mose Crews' and Richard Crews' near Mattox. A jury was summoned for an inquest. Mr. Crews was single, about 66 and made his home with a brother, Ira Crews in the neighborhood where the body was found. Nothing discovered indicated foul play and it is thought that he died of natural causes.

ARNOLD CAFE OPEN. Saturday was the opening day for the new Arnold Cafe. With their new building complete and an outfit including tables and other equipment, they are now ready for business. Mrs. T.A. Scott is manager and Miss Bessie Davis is waitress.

August 17, 1928

BAIL SET IN HICKOX CASE. After hearing the evidence in the case wherein Dan Hickox was charged with the death of Manning Hickox, Judge Johnson fixed bail at $5,000.00. No evidence was heard against Homer Hickox, who was charged with having done the actual killing.

FALSE ALARM. The burglar alarm at the Citizens Bank rang out its strong alarm for help early Monday morning. Response was immediate until it was discovered the alarm was false. Vibrations of a passing auto or perhaps a book falling off the shelf in the safe set it off.

BATTEN CHILD DIED. The little four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Batten died at the family home four miles from St. George Monday after a short illness of the dreaded membranous croup. Interment was at Emmeas cemetery. The family has the sympathy of the entire community.

OLD SCHOOL SITE SOLD. At the Board of Education meeting last week, the Supt. was told to deed the land on which the old Rider school house stood to the original donors, W.R. Rider and Harry Petty.

IT'S CAMPMEETING TIME. Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Joyner leave tomor
row for Hortense to spend the next ten days at the annual Campmeeting of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. The tabernacle will hold 2,000 and some twenty members have cottages on the campgrounds, Mr. Joyner being one who owns one.

August 24, 1928

MRS. ED STOKES DIED. Mrs. Laura Stokes, wife of Ed Stokes, who has been visiting at the home of Walter Stokes at Toledo, died Tuesday after an illness of nine days. Interment was at Boone Creek Cemetery Wednesday. She was about 42 years old, having been born in Charlton County at what is now the Kate Crawford home near Toledo. She married Ed Stokes about 21 years ago and leaves five children, Burrel, Roland, Wilbur, Edna and Oliver. The family moved to Lakeland several years ago. About two week ago the family motored up to this section to pay an extended visit to the home of several relatives. She became ill a few days later of bilious fever with complications. Surviving beside the husband and children are sisters and brothers.

PRIZE OF VICTROLA TO LUCKY TICKET HOLDER. The clock which determines the winning of the $125.00 victrola given away by merchant W.E. Gibson was wound up last Saturday evening at 5:45 by L.E. Mallard and started on its run of from seven to nine days. The clock has been placed in his east window and is merrily ticking off time as we go to press. Mr. Mallard was allowed to wind it as he liked so its time of running is indefinite. It may stop today or it may run right on through to the ninth day. You can keep your eye on it and when the hand points to the stopping time you will know if you are the lucky winner as your tickets indicate the day, hour and minute.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frazier Oliver, St. George, on August 13 a boy. Mrs. Oliver will be remembered as Miss Lorena Varn.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Gibson of Sardis are the proud parents of a baby boy born to them August 18.

STOKES FAMILY MOVES TO FOLKSTON. L.E. Stokes of Stokesville this week moved his family to Folkston for the school term at least. They have the Dormitory rented and Folkston's good people will welcome this splendid family who comes from their country home to give their children high school benefits.

August 31, 1928

TEACHERS FOR NEW YEAR. Those in attendance at the pre-teaching conference were: CHARLTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL, L.H. Fargarson, Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Ruby Brightwell. FOLKSTON CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL, Mayme Askew, Kathleen Moon, Byrdie Pearson, Mrs. W.A. Wood, Sara F. Hayes, Marion Pearce, Lily Hopkins, Chloris Stapleton and Mrs. L.H. Fargarson. ST. GEORGE JR. HIGH, L.S. Vinson. ST. GEORGE CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL, Eleanor Cockrell, Mrs. R.L. Kight, Jane Quarterman, Gladis Cockrell. UPTONVILLE CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Irene Armstrong, Ena Gibson and Marie Boyd. SARDIS, Gladys Hall, Winnie Jacobs, Bessie Thomas. MONIAC, B.R. Burnsed, Sippie Canaday and Mrs. B. Burnsed. WINOKUR, Gertrude Exum and Rosa Stephens. RACEPOND, Joyce Howard. PRESCOTT, Annie Gowen. RIVERVIEW, Mrs. Katie Crawford.

AVIATION FIELD NEARLY READY. The Aviation Squad, that puts the finishing touches to fields that have been cleaned, are expected in Folkston in a few days. The field is to be fenced, lights on each side of the runway installed and a spiral light will aid the airships to locate the field. H.G. Gibson will be keeper of the grounds. Mr. deWay has had a large sign painted labeling it "U.S.A. Aviation Field".

OLIVER HICKOX WON VICTROLA. Mr. Oliver Hickox won the beautiful $125.00 Victrola on ticket No. 10:37. Two thousand tickets were given away to Mr. Gibson's customers and then the clock started.

NEW BABY. Born on Monday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Crews, St. George, a boy.

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