Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 3, 1923

TOBACCO SHIPPED. The carload of tobacco which was mentioned in last week's Herald has been loaded and shipped. The quality was exceptionally fine, the leaves having cured a clear amber with practically no blemishes. The price was estimated at .35 per pound.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Eva Mae Allen and Mr. Nelson Davis was quietly solemnized at the Baptist parsonage last Saturday, Rev. J.E. Pate officiating. Nothing was said of this marriage, the bride leaving for Savannah Sunday morning to withdraw from her course of training at Oglethorpe Sanitarium. Mr. Davis returned to his work as maintainer at Grand Crossing, Jacksonville. She is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Allen and Mr. Davis has been connected with the A.C.L. Railroad for several years and is now a maintainer at an important point on the railroad.

MRS. LUCRETIA YARBER DIED. Mrs. Lucretia Yarber died Monday night, July 30th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P.P. Pegg at Dinsmore, Fla. She was sick only a few days, having been stricken with paralysis. She was 79 years of age and is survived by five sons and three daughters: W.W. Yarber, John Yarber, P.J. Yarber, S.M. Yarber and W.A. Yarber; Mrs. Delia McMahol, Mrs. Mattie Dalton and Mrs. Lula Pegg. She was a loyal member of the Baptist Church for many years. She was laid to rest beside her husband at the Homeland Cemetery late Tuesday evening.

August 10, 1923

L.E. MILLER VERY SICK. The many friends of Mr. L.E. Miller will regret to learn he was stricken with paralysis Monday at 9:00 o'clock and since that time his life has hung in the balance. Late Thursday afternoon his condition was slightly improved.

MR. MOCK DIED. Mr. Mock, a prominent turpentine operator of Racepond, died last Friday of pneumonia. The body was carried to Colquitt, Ga. for burial. He is survived by his wife and several children.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Fannie Joyner and Mr. B. Fay Mills was quietly solemnized August 2nd, Judge Stokes officiating. Mrs. Mills was one of the popular teachers of the Folkston Consolidated School for the past two years. Mr. Mills holds the responsible position of Postmaster of Folkston. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Joyner.

NEW BABY. Born August 6th a fine baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. Garland Stephens.

NEW BABY. Rev. and Mrs. J.E. Pate announce the birth of a fine baby girl Sunday morning August 5th.

August 17, 1923

NEW COUNTY SEATS FOR BRANTLEY AND CAMDEN. At last the suspense is over and Brantley and Camden Counties know definitely where the county site will be. Last Friday the necessary 2/3rds votes having been cast, removed the county site from the old historic St. Marys to Woodbine. When the county officials will move is not definitely known, probably not before January lst, 1924. Nahunta was made the county site of Brantley County. The county officials moved from Hoboken Tuesday. Both of these removal fights have caused much hard feelings between the factions for and against removal.

TEACHERS MOVE AWAY. By the first of September there will be an exodus of young lady teachers from Folkston. As far as we are able to ascertain the following will go: Miss Marian Poplin and Closs Pickren goes to Grinersville, N.C.; Miss Irene Robinson to Grifton, N.C.; Fannie Rodgers to St. George; Mamie Askew and Mary Banks to Moniac; Marian Pearce and Bernice Vickery will enter the Ga. State College for Women in Milledgeville.

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR PRESIDENT AT ST. GEORGE. Pursuant to a call by Mayor George W. Holzendorf, the people of St. George met at the Baptist Church Friday to hold a memorial service in memory of President Harding who died last week. Rev. Seiffert presided over the service.

W.R. COURTNEY DIED. News was received Friday of the death of W.R. Courtney in Miami Thursday afternoon. On January 9th he was terribly injured by a heavy section beam, crushing both legs above the knees. Everything known to science was done to relieve his suffering and the first of this week the report was that he was much better. Mrs. Courtney was called to his bedside Wednesday.

MEMORIAL SERVICE IN HOMELAND FOR PRESIDENT HARDING. Memorial services were held in Homeland in the M.E. Church Friday, August 10th in honor of the lately deceased Warren Harding. L.E. Mallard, County School Supt., delivered a short address. Mrs. C.W. Waughtel had the program in charge.

HOMELAND'S STREETS IMPROVED. The Homeland mayor, Mr. H. Taylor, is improving the streets of town by having clay scattered on them.

NEW HOME FOR KENNISONS. Mr. and Mrs. Beaner Kennison, Homeland, have bought the place formerly owned by Mac Crews. They moved to their new home about two weeks ago.

PEANUT BOILING AT GROOMS HOME. Quite a jolly crowd of people, both young and old, gathered at the home of E.N. Grooms last Friday night. The first hours were spent greeting friends and chatting merrily with one another. Then came a large pan of hot steaming peanuts boiled just to suit the taste of young and old. Then everyone was invited out under the trees where a table laden with cake was a pleasing object and just behind the table was ten gallons of ice cream and several girls waiting to serve you. The cake was furnished by the ladies and the cream by the gentlemen. After a song and prayer by Rev. Dean and Wood the older people departed for home and left the young people to enjoy a few games, then all went home assuring their hostess they had spent a very pleasant evening.

NOTICE. Bids will be received for transportation of pupils to and from Folkston for the following schools: Newell, Burnt Fort, Bailey Branch and Homeland. B.G. McDONALD, Chm. Board of Education.

NEW PRINTING PRESS. The old Washington Hand Press that has faithfully printed the Charlton County Herald for the past twenty years was dismantled and shipped Monday to make place for a larger, more modern press made necessary by the demands of this thriving town.

August 24, 1923

W.R. COURTNEY DIED. W.R. Courtney, age 41 years, who died in Miami last Thursday after nine months of intense suffering, was laid to rest in the Folkston Cemetery Sunday afternoon. He is survived by his wife and daughter; father, J.H. Courtney, three brothers, Herman, J.L. and L.M. Courtney; two sisters, Mrs. J.W. Holt and Mrs. John King. About fifteen years ago Mr. Courtney came to Folkston and later was married to Miss Nellie Mattox. To the union was born one daughter, Winelle. He was noted for his extreme good humor and kind consideration for his fellow man. The funeral was held at the Folkston Methodist Church then the procession sadly wended its way to the cemetery.

HIGGINBOTHAM BABY DIED. The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Higginbotham was buried at Temple Church in Camden County Sunday afternoon. Rev. Pate officiated at the funeral, which was one of the saddest.

August 31, 1923

BEN DASHER DIED. Please allow space in your paper for me to express the sadness that is left in our homes as citizens of Traders Hill when the Death Angel visited the home of the late Ben Dasher on August 25th at 3:00 in the morning. He had not been well for two years but had been able to do some part of the work on his farm, and this year has the best crop made in several years. According to the best record he was 73 years old. He was an honest and law-abiding citizen. He leaves to mourn his loss ten children, five girls and five boys. Only three were at the funeral, John, Major and Cora. The rest were too far away for a message to reach them in time. He was a deacon of the Adams Baptist Church for six years and served his office well.

LITTLE LOUISE SCOTT DIED. Little Louise Scott is dead. She was six years old on April lst. She was the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Scott. When her mother died leaving the little six-month old baby, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, with a heart full of love, adopted the baby into their home. For several weeks she had been complaining. Attention and care was given her but Thursday night the little spirit took its flight to rest with loved ones gone before. The funeral was held at the cemetery.

WEDDING. Mr. Willie Rosier and Miss Frances Anderson were married at Sardis Sunday, Rev. W.O. Gibson officiating.

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