Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 4, 1922

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING FOR PRIVETT DISTRICT. Trustees and patrons of the Privett school will meet next Tuesday at the new school site for the purpose of cleaning off the grounds for the building of the schoolhouse. The school site is three acres just north of the old J.I. Johnson place where the road curves up the hill. A state planned building will be constructed for a two-teacher school and at least three months schooling will be given this year.

NEWELL SCHOOL. At the Board of Education meeting, it was agreed to add Newell school to the Folkston Consolidated School.

August 11, 1922

DEWEY CREWS KILLED IN EXPLOSION. Brunswick, Ga., August 9th: Mr. Dewey Crews, one of the victims of the accident at Atko, a camp of the Hercules Powder Co., who was so seriously injured last Saturday, having his left arm and eye blown away, died at the city hospital Tuesday. Mrs. N.L. Crews of Winokur, his mother, and a brother-in-law were with him when the end came. When the young man was brought in after the accident, little hope was entertained for recovery and his death had been hourly expected. The body was carried to Winokur for interment.

FOLKSTON BAPTIST CHURCH. The Baptist Church is being redecorated, the ceiling to be painted ivory, the walls a light tan, woodwork, seats and furniture, mahogany. The seats will be sandpapered and finished in a hard varnish.

August 18, 1922

BURNT FORT FERRY. At the County Commissioners meeting, Mr. Grooms came before the body in behalf of Mrs. Wm. Lang who is seeking a change in toll rates for the Burnt Fort Ferry. It was decided to not allow more toll charge than given her in her charter. It was understood that she would surrender her charter at the next meeting of the Board.

HOGS ARE ABOUT GONE. The absence of hogs on the streets of Folkston is quite noticeable since the 7th of August. The cooperation of the people with the city council is commendable as very few hogs are on the streets now.

NOTICE: Cotton Gin in operation. I will gin cotton every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until season closes. A.W. ASKEW

August 25, 1922

NEWELL AND LITTLEFIELD SCHOOLS. The Newell and Littlefield schools have been consolidated with the Folkston school and the Board of Education will purchase a truck to convey the children.

PRESSING CLUB HAS NEW OWNER. V.J. Pickren has purchased the City Pressing Club from Paxton Stokes and Oscar Pearce. He has moved the outfit to the little building, which was formerly known as the candy kitchen, between the courthouse and school house.

SAM MILLS TO TRANSPORT STUDENTS. At the Board of Education meeting, Sam Mills' bid to carry Homeland district and Mills district school children for the coming term was accepted.

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