Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 5, 1921

WORK BEGINS ON NEW TEACHERAGE-DORMITORY. Work on a home for non-resident teachers and pupils of the Charlton County High School and the Folkston Consolidated School has begun. The building will contain 14 rooms, and will be two stories high, of a modified California bungalow type. The building is being erected on the corner of the block adjoining H.J. Davis' residence. The work is under the supervision of Mr. Craig who is associated with W.W. Bauman, contractor. The building fronts the north with a combination hall and living room, 14 by 36 feet. From this there extends back two wings, 12 by 36 feet with outside passageways and an open court between. The stairway goes up from the hall and is so planned that little space will be lost in the large living room from which an open arch leads into the dining room, making these two rooms suited for entertainment, classes or groups of pupils. There will also be the kitchen, storage room, bathroom and guest chamber on the first floor. The second floor will be bedrooms with a small study and reception hall.

NEW FARMER ORGANIZATION. The farmers of Charlton County met at the courthouse Saturday morning. M.G. Davis was made temporary chairman. Forty members were enrolled.

THE STEWART GARAGE. George Stewart, Domingo Stewart and Albert Stewart are a trio of talented brothers who have purchased the Standard Garage and have named it The Stewart Garage. From earliest days the Stewart boys have been noted for their love of machinery, fixing broken down engines and anything with wheels so it would run.

TEACHERS' EXAMINATIONS HELD. Teachers' examination on July 29 and 30 was well attended, there being 38 white applicants and 2 colored.

TOLEDO SCHOOL. The Toledo School opened August 1st with John Fish, teacher.

CONVICT CAMP. The convict camp has been moved to another county. The Dixie Highway will be finished by a contractor from Macon.

August 12, 1921

TEACHER EXAMINATIONS. The following applicants took teachers' examinations recently: Mesdames J.D. Roddenberry, B.B. Gowen, D.F. Pearce, C.M. Scott, C.W. Jacobs, Rozella Anderson, Avie Anderson; Misses Madenr Arnow, Sue Everton, Fannie Manor, Eleanor Cockrell, Wilina Walker, Bertha Robinson, Bonnie Lee Irey, Bertrice McDuffie, Kizzie Krews, Mary E. Johns, Mary V. Wainwright, Ola Kaney, Verona Howard, Bernice Rodgers, Ella Crews, Nettie J. Keene, Fannie Rodgers, Eva Mae Allen, Mayme Askew, Pearl Allen, Mollie Hickox, Beulah Lee Grooms, Laura Nazworth, Eva Lena Mattox, Neva Mae Lyons, Christana Lyons, Leila Walden;
Messrs L. Norman Zarfos, J.D. Burnsed, John Harris.

FARMERS ORGANIZE. The Okefenokee Producers Assn. elected officers at the meeting held Saturday at the courthouse. Ben Altman was elected president and Dr. A.D. Williams, secretary. The executive board consists of Dr. J.W. Buchanan, E. F. Dean, Jr., E.C. Kennison, M.M. Toy, T.W. Wrench and P.G. Brooks. Seven hundred acres of watermelons were pledged to be planted next year.

LOCAL BOY SCOUTS AT CAMP. The Boy Scouts of the Okefenokee Council met in Waycross Monday morning and in three special cars were brought to Folkston where the mobilization of the troops took place. There were about 60 boys lined up for inspection, then they marched to the courthouse to the beat of the drums and the bugle call. The boys were excited about the camp at St. Marys for two weeks. The Folkston troop created a favorable impression. In the afternoon a truckload of fine looking boys from Douglas passed through and the Brunswick troop were to come by boat. The Folkston troop committee are making daily trips to the camp to bring back news from the boys. L. Norman Zarfos is Scoutmaster.

PLANS FOR THE TEACHERAGE. The teacherage is to be operated on the family plan. Only a small number of pupils can be admitted, making it possible for each to treated as a member of the family, to be controlled by Mr. and Mrs. John Harris. A daily program will be followed giving regular hours for meals, exercise, recreation, reading, study and school work. The evenings will be spent in the large living room in a happy manner. There will be games, music, interesting reading and a period of supervised study. The plan for the furnishing of the building is for each family of the town and county so desiring to furnish a room as they see fit. Single beds and plain furniture will best meet the needs of the plan of operation. Board and room will be $3.50 a week.

August 19

NOTICE ALL EX-SERVICE MEN. The "Clean-up Squad" sent out by government agencies, the Red Cross and the American Legion arrives in Waycross Sept. 9th. The members will work with every ex-service man who has a claim against the government.

WEDDING. Miss Haughty Stokes and Mr. Andrew Green were married in Fernandina Thursday. The many friends of this couple wish them a long and happy life.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Elvie Gibson announce the birth of a fine baby girl.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill School opens this week with Mrs. Anna Jacobs as principal.

AUGUST 26TH ISSUE: No interesting local news in this issue.

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