Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1920

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


August 6, 1920

NEW COUNTY OF BRANTLEY. The Citizens’ Committee presents the following facts for consideration of the General Assembly:

Favored by Senators of three affected districts. Brantley County includes territory from the districts represented by the senators Larkin, Vickery and Kirkland, all of whom favor the new county and urge their friends in the Senate and House to support them in its creation.

Favored by Representatives of the affected counties. Representatives S.P. Sweat of Pierce and Knabb of Charlton whose counties are being cut by the new county favor the creation of Brantley.

We believe it rather unusual for a new county to have the combined support of so many senators and representatives from affected territory. In the way of a brief explanation, we add that Brantley will have an area of 423 square miles, taking from Pierce 215, Wayne, 185 and Charlton 23 square miles.

J.A. JOHNS WILL LIVE IN BRANTLEY COUNTY. J.A. Johns of Bachlott was in Folkston Saturday. Mr. Johns will become a citizen of the new county, Brantley, much to our regret.

ALBERT WAINWRIGHT DROWNED. Last Thursday, after eating dinner at the railroad bridge crossing the St. Marys River, several of the boys who were clearing the railroad right of way decided to take a swim. Albert had lived near the river all his life and was no doubt a good swimmer, but cramps or fright caused him to sink never to rise. Lee Lloyd attempted to save him, but was forced to let him go. As soon as the news of the drowning was received in Folkston a number of citizens went to the scene. Every effort was made to locate the body which was unsuccessful. The search was kept up until Saturday morning when the body was found floating near Kolar’s Ferry. Alfred was buried in Antioch Cemetery Saturday afternoon. He is survived by his father, two sisters, one brother and an aged grandfather.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. Traders Hill School began Monday morning with a large attendance, Miss Josie Dobbs Principal and Miss Exie Hobbs, assistant. Miss Dobbs was principal of the school during the winter term.

August 13, 1920

DIXIE HIGHWAY. Discussion and doubt as to where the Dixie Highway will go, as it leaves Folkston, is settled. The force of hands cutting out the route has cleaned out the underbrush between the McDonald and Paxton property west of the gin and northward through the Way and McDonald property intercepting the old highway road just before the milepost is reached, straightening out the curve at that point. The work will go forward rapidly as there is little grading to be done.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill School has on roll now 75 pupils. We hope to have 100 on roll by Christmas. Helen, Annie, Klyne, Jessie and Glynn Gowan, Clyde Robinson, Ben Brock, Johnny Mills and Neta Gay are new pupils in the school.

AD. Get ice cream made from pure cream for your dinners Saturday. For sale at Ice Cream Factory.

TEACHER EXAMS. The following teachers stood the examination held in Folkston July 30-31. Reading Course: Mary McQueen, Mrs. S.P. Mills, E.G. Warren, B.R. Burnsed. Elementary: Mrs. Louise Griffin, Mrs. Avie Anderson, Amanda Nobles, Beulah Suggs, Nettie Keene, Nina Vickery, H. Grady Langley. Primary: Eunice Taylor, Lucille Brock, Ella Crews, Sarah Bennett, Neva Lyons, Fredricks Lyons, Millie Higginbotham, Bonnie Irey, Verona Howard, Naomi Sikes, Stella and Annie Keene.

ICE CREAM FACTORY. Folkston has a new venture. Dr. Buchanan has built and placed machinery for making ice cream. This factory will in time make a market for all the milk and cream produced in this vicinity. The ice cream is made from pure Jersey cream and samples have been placed on the market this week.

August 20, 1920

CHURCH ORGAN REPAIRED. Mr. Worth Yarbrough has been working on the organ at the Scrubb Church this week.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Bryant are the proud parents of a fine baby boy,

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. There was a fine attendance at Traders Hill School the past week, having 79 on roll.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Tom …(not legible) announce the birth of a fine baby girl August 12th.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Stokes announce the birth of a fine baby girl on August 13th.

TOLEDO SCHOOL. The Toledo School began Monday morning with Mr. Jim Burnsed as teacher.

COTTON BUYER. I will be in Folkston to buy cotton during the season. See me before selling. R.H. HENDERSON

“MOVING DAY”. It was Moving Day this week. W.W. Bauman moved to the house vacated by A.C. Franks. Mr. Franks moved into the house vacated by C.E. Stroup. Mr. Stroup moved into the house vacated by W.W. Bauman.

BOULOGNE POST OFFICE DISCONTINUED. The Post Office at Boulogne will be discontinued August 31st. All mail addressed to it will be received and delivered at this office. By order of the Postmaster General, Washington, D.C.


MRS. GEORGIA M. RODDENBERRY DIED. The death of Mrs. Bob Roddenberry, aged 22 years, occurred at her home near Folkston Wednesday night. She had been ill for several months but had been improving under the treatment of physicians and hopes were entertained for her recovery. The news of her death was a sad surprise to her many friends. She was, before her marriage, Miss Georgia McClain. She is survived by her husband, three small children, mother, two brothers and four sisters. The interment was at Sardis Cemetery Thursday afternoon.

August 27, 1920

WOMEN CAN VOTE. Thursday morning when Secretary Colby of the United States Department of State officially affixed his signature to the proclamation announcing ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Federal Constitution by the requisite number of states of the Union, the women of this country were made citizens – voters, with equal rights with men. It is estimated that more than 20 million women have been added to the list of American voters.


Roscoe Dean is a new pupil in school.

The Mattox children are new pupils in school.

A pump has been placed on the school ground and the pupils are enjoying the pure water. Window shades have been put up.

Ruth Dean entered school Monday morning. She is an 8th grade pupil.

The ice cream social and pie supper given at the schoolhouse Friday night was a great success, making $135.00. A box of candy was given to the most popular young lady. Misses Josie Dobbs and Exa Hobbs were nominated. Miss Dobbs received the candy.

FOLKSTON SCHOOLS. Both the county high school and the Folkston grammar school will begin September 6th. Entrance exams will be held September 3rd. The following will teach at the Folkston schools: JOHN HARRIS, Principal, Science, Biology, Physics, Political Economy, and Modern History. L. NORMAN ZARFOS, Physical Training, English, Rhetoric, American Literature. MRS. J. D. RODDENBERRY, Beginner Latin, English, History, Ancient History, Algebra and the Classics. MISS MARION POPLIN, Domestic Science, Cicero and Geometry. MISS MARY MCQUEEN, 6th and 7th Grades. MISS MARION POPLIN and MISS MAYME ASKEW, 4th and 5th Grades. MISS FANNIE JOYNER, 2nd and 3rd Grades. MRS. JOHN HARRIS, Beginners and lst Grade.

WEDDING. Miss Nancy Crews and Mr. Milton H. Crews were happily married Sunday evening at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Crews at Winokur, N.H. Crews officiating. The happy couple left via “Eighty” for Savannah for a wedding trip. They will live in Brunswick where Mr. Johns is employed.

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