Digest of Charlton County Herald - August, 1914

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

August 6, 1914

MRS. J.S. JOHNS DIED. On last Saturday occurred the death of Mrs. J.S. Johns. She was born in 1862 in Pierce County, coming to Folkston only a short time ago. A husband and nine children are left to mourn her death. Her body was interred in Pigeon Creek Church Cemetery in Nassau County. During the last five years of her life Mrs. Johns suffered much from cancer. The Herald offers heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved.

AUNT JUDY CHATMAN DIED. On the 23rd of July Aunt Judy Chatman died. She was 72 years old and had made many friends among the white people of Folkston as well as being honored greatly by her own race. Old Uncle Silas Chatman and Aunt Judy were often pointed out as a couple full of thrift and honesty.

EDITOR F.M. DeGRAFFENREID DIED. On last Thursday morning F.M. DeGraffenreid died suddenly of heart failure while standing at the depot in Folkston. Mr. DeGraffenreid with his family moved here from Waycross three years ago, he taking management of the Charlton County Herald in hand, which he very successfully conducted until death claimed him. He was born in Chester, 1863 and was christened and reared in the Episcopal Church. He leaves a wife and four children, two boys who are small and two girls, Kathleen and Julia Belle, both of whom are teachers and highly accomplished young ladies, and a brother and sister, both of Savannah. The body was conveyed to Jasper, Fla. and laid to rest in the cemetery at that place. He once resided at Jasper and he and his family have many friends and a number of relatives in that city. May the sod rest lightly over our good friend.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Notice is hereby given that the St. George Telephone Co. has changed hands and the name has also been changed to the Ham Telephone Co. of St. George. R.E. WILSON.

August 13, 1914

WINOKUR SCHOOL. A handsome school building is in course of construction at Winokur.

TELEPHONE COMPANY. C.E. Hobbs of Callahan was here the first of the week and put through a deal by which he becomes the owner and manager of the Folkston Telephone exchange, giving to his new system the name of Callahan-Folkston Telephone Co.

MRS. deGRAFFENREID DIED. Miss Kathleen DeGraffenreid of the Herald was called by telegram to Jasper, Fla. last Saturday on account of the critical illness of her mother who was with relatives at that place. Monday of this week the sad news of the death of the good woman reached Folkston which caused sorrow in every home in town.

FIRE. Fire Monday night destroyed the house occupied by section foreman K.R. Gordon and family, together with almost all his household goods. The flames were making rapid progress when discovered and the occupants of the building narrowly escaped without injury. Being in a remote suburb, few of our citizens knew of the destructive fire until Tuesday morning. Besides the heavy loss in household furnishings Mr. Gordon and a boarder in the home lost $20.00 to $30.00 in paper money which was consumed with their wearing apparel. The fire occurred about midnight and its origin is unknown.

August 20, 1914

THE GRIM REAPER SPREADS SORROW. The Death Angel has again visited the DeGraffenreid home and taken Mrs. Kate DeGraffenreid, one of our very best Christian women. The Jasper correspondent of the Times-Union tells of the passing away of the good woman as follows, her death occurring in that city: Jasper, Fla., August 15th – Mrs. Kate DeGraffenreid died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Julia Tuten last Monday morning at 1:00 o’clock after being sick only a few days. This was one of the saddest deaths which has occurred in Jasper for some time on account of fact that only ten days before this she and her four children had accompanied the body of her husband here to be buried, he having died in Folkston on July 31. She was taken with a severe stroke of paralysis on the day after the funeral of her husband, from which she never recovered. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.D. Tuten and was a good Christian woman. Besides her mother, sister and several brothers, she leaves two daughters, Kathleen and Julia Belle and two small sons, Charley and Maurry. The body was laid to rest beside her husband Monday afternoon in Evergreen Cemetery. She was 43 years of age when death claimed her.

J.D. WILLIAMS DIED. J.D. Williams, well known citizen of St. George, died at an early hour Monday morning.

McDONALD MOVES IN NEW STORE. B.G. McDonald has moved his stock of merchandise into the new and handsome building he has just erected and the storeroom he vacated is now occupied by the Folkston Grocery Co.

NEW BRIDGES. Charlton County Commissioners Minutes: It was agreed that the Cornhouse Creek Bridge be let to A.G., Gowen, Jr. for $350.00; the Harris Creek Bridge be let to E.F. Dean for $448.00 and Boones Creek Bridge be let to E.F. Dean for $442.00.

THE DRUG STORE. Dr. Dallas Williams will soon have all his fixtures set up and will be in to his friends and customers in one of the neatest and best stocked drug stores to be found in any of the small cities. He is a nearby neighbor of the Herald’s and has already been generous toward yours truly at his handsome soda fountain. May he live long and be very prosperous.

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. Folkston’s new school building will soon be in course of construction. It is to be a modern school house in all its appointments. Material is being placed on the ground and work on the building will begin at an early date.

August 27, 1914

THE DRUG STORE. “The coolest place in town” is rapidly nearing completion. Already the young folks are beginning to saunter past the Herald office in quest of some delicious beverages. Hurry, Dr. Williams, these hot days can’t last long now!

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. Work on the school building is going on at a rapid rate. Probably the children’s voices may be heard at their lessons by the middle of October.

WEDDING. On Sunday morning at 8:30 occurred the marriage of Miss Hilda Mattox and William J. Jones. The wedding was a very quiet one, only the immediate families being present. The bride is one of Folkston’s own girls and was reared here from infancy. She has taught during the past two years in Folkston and has many friends among the parents of the school children. The groom is well known and liked in this little city and has a host of friends. He is an employee of the A.C.L. Railroad Co. They will live in Willacoochee.

PARTING WORDS. Beginning the first week in September the Charlton Herald will be in the hands of T.W. Wrench of St. George. Mr. Wrench is an old newspaper man and is well known in this county. During the short time that my father ran this paper we became acquainted with many of the good people of dear old Charlton and a relationship as editor and publisher is not longer possible. KATHLEEN deGRAFFENREID.

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