Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


August 7, 1913

LIGHTNING STRIKES WAUGHTEL. We are pleased to learn that Mr. Waughtel of Homeland, who was stunned by lightning last week, is doing quite well.

PICKREN GRANDCHILD DIED. T.L. Pickren received a telegram Saturday announcing the death of the five-month-old infant of his daughter, Mrs. R.L. Free, in Atlanta, where they had carried the little one for treatment.

CHAIN GANG. Warden Roddenberry has carried his gang out in the Spanish Creek settlement and will improve the roads for these good people.

STOKES TO OPEN SHOP. Ira O. Stokes left Monday for Jacksonville where he will open an up-to-date barber shop.

SCHOOL TAX ELECTION TALLY. The result of Thursday’s election by precinct was as follows:

For Against

Moniac 4 25

Gaineyville 31 -0-

St. George 34 -0-

Traders Hill 18 14

Folkston 112 29

Uptonville 4 18

Winokur 12 33

Total 215 119

The above shows there is quite a majority in favor of taxation, but the law requires a two to one vote to carry it and it failed to carry.

NEW SCHOOL STAFF. Miss Charlotte Cushing [Mrs. M.G. White] was elected as assistant teacher and Miss Mabel Cullison as principal of the Homeland School for the year 1913. For the Folkston School Prof. W.W. Edwards will be principal, Albert Yarber as teacher of Intermediate Grades and Miss Hilda Mattox[Jones] as teacher of the Primary Grades. Salaries as follows: Principal, $80.00 per month and $45.00 each for the other teachers.

TICK ERADICATION. The vat of E.F. Dean, Jr. for the purpose of tick eradication is proving a success. Wake up farmers, and open a business eye to the bright side of life.

August 14, 1913

DR. WILLIAMS, SR. Dr. Dallas Williams of Jacksonville was here Saturday to see his son.

ALVA READY TO SHINE SHOES. Alva Stokes has a shoe-shining outfit in Mr. Kilbury’s barber shop and is prepared to put a looking-glass shine on your mud slushes on short notice. Go see him.

AUTOMOBILE RIDE. D.L. Keen carried B.F. Scott and R.O. Lee in his machine to Waycross via Newell and that section Friday, and these gentlemen say it was a treat indeed.

WILSON SAWMILL. Owen Wilson says he is going to put Jim Thomas to work sawing logs the first of next week.

FOLKSTON BANK FIXTURES. J.P. Parmenter and Co., bankers of Worthington, Florida, has purchased and shipped the fixtures of the old Bank of Folkston to reinstate the recently burned bank at Worthington.

NEW BABY. Matthew Smith is the happy father of a little girl by the name of Jessie, who is now able to go to the table and assert her rights, so Matthew states.

BAUMAN’S LUMBER SHED BURNED. W.W. Bauman happened to the misfortune of losing his lumber shed and a lot of lumber at Homeland early Sunday morning by fire. He had some insurance but not of a sufficiency to near cover the value of his lumber and shed.

FIRE ALARM. G.T. McCaskill has a patent on an electric fire alarm and is exhibiting it in Lawtey Anderson’s storeroom. It gives the alarm when a fire occurs and throws up in electric letters what part of the building the fire is, and you can fall out of the bed, grab the hose and nip the flames. We think he has a good thing.

PROF. JENNINGS. Prof. J.S. Jennings of Savannah, former principal of the Folkston Graded School, visited here this week. He is now manager of the Vale Royal Dairy in Savannah.

J.M. CRAWFORD MURDERED. Sheriff Mizell went to Valdosta Friday to serve a warrant on C.W. Cobb, charging him with the murder of J.M. Crawford on the 4th instant.

TELEPHONE SYSTEM. The Bailey Branch Telephone Co. has completed the lines in the Newell and Mills’ settlements and are now on the edge of Folkston asking for a union with us.

NOTICE: When traveling, cross the St. Marys River at KOLAR’S FERRY, the shortest and best route. Quick service at all times.

CARD OF APPRECIATION. I take this method of expressing my thanks and appreciation to Dr. T.P. Reville for curing my son George of hemorrhages caused from a cut. He has now passed all danger. I have had others in my family, who have passed to the great beyond on account of this same trouble, and had this good Doctor been here, then things might have been brighter to me. My heart throbs with appreciation towards this good Doctor and I shall ever feel under bonds of appreciation to him for his excellent service. E. KNOWLES.

SCHOOL. Prof. Harry J. Gibson is progressing very nicely with his school in the Spanish Creek settlement.

CAUGHT FISH, LOST FISH. Mr. E.F. Dean, Jr., wife and others went out Friday and spent the day in the [Suwannee] canal. They report having very good luck but had the misfortune of losing their fish by letting the hogs get into them.

MIZELLS RAFTING TIMBER. J.T. Mizell, sons Pratt and Elva, left Monday a.m. for their camps up on the Satilla River were they hope to put in some fine timber.

August 21, 1913

MISS MARY GARRETT DIED. The remains of Miss Mary Garrett who died at Raiford, Fla. were brought here yesterday and will be laid away out at Bethel today.

WEDDING. W.B. Minchew and wife attended the wedding of Pat Higginbotham to Miss Corrie Johns at Bachlott Sunday.

E.P. LOWTHER DIED. E.P. Lowther, a native of this county, died in Willacoochee Tuesday the 19th and his remains were brought here and buried out at Sardis on Wednesday the 20th. Deceased had a number of friends and relatives here to whom the Herald extends sympathy.

FIRE AT DAVIS STORE. Early Tuesday morning fire was discovered in the mercantile establishment of H.J. Davis and for a while it looked as though a disastrous fire was breeding, but fortunately it turned out more smoke than fire. Damage was quite serious to Mr. Davis who had no insurance and whose loss will overlap the $300.00 mark. The home fire-bucket brigade as usual was on the spot. The fire started from the negligent throwing of a cigar or cigarette stump into a sawdust filled box used as a cuspidor. Mr. Davis never stopped to mope or bemoan his fate, but got a move on and by dark his store was in as fine shape as ever. But one point of neatness will be left off from now on – the cuspidors.

METHODIST CHURCH MOVED. The Methodist Church is being moved this week from its present site to a lot up near the school building. Many pleasant recollections will be left on the old spot. We hope the move will prove of benefit to these good people and that their organization will take on new life and continue its influence for good. Our two pieces of hustle and do-it-now, W.W. Bauman and E.L. Martin, were the engineers. L. E. Mallard kindly gave the new lot.

DRILLING BACK TO NOAH’S TIME. Geo. Phillips brought us in a piece of the backbone of a fish and an infant oyster that he picked up out where they are drilling the well, which goes to show that they are down to where we lived before the Flood.

E.C. ALTMAN INJURED. E.C. Altman of Hebard Cypress Co. had a narrow escape Tuesday night of last week. He was in between an engine and a box car. Joe Colson ran another train up to that one and it hurt Elbert Altman a little but we think he got off mighty light. It just sprained his shoulder and bruised his hand. Joe is awful sorry about it. Elbert, you must be more careful or you will get killed, I am afraid.

WOMAN PRISONER ON THE GANG. A negro woman prisoner was brought over from Camden Friday to be placed in our chain gang.

August 28, 1913

COTTON-GINNING TIME. Paxton’s ginnery is in full blast. Four bales were shoved out on the platform Tuesday and the cotton is coming right along. Jim T. will keep that calliope going right on from now until spring.

SPANISH CREEK GATORS. J.B. Baker is being bothered by gators robbing his hen nests. Better put an end to Mr. Gator. Men’s eggs are value received these days.

BRANDLAU GIRLS LEAVE FOR MORE SCHOOLING. Mrs. F.P. Brandlau and three daughters Edith, Vernette and Nettie of Homeland, left Sunday for Charles City, Iowa where the girls go to finish their school days, having gone as far as possible in the local schools.

NEW PRINCIPAL. Prof. Roberts will be the new principal at the school house this term. He comes from South Carolina and carries recommendations showing him first class in his line.

METHODIST CHURCH. The Methodist Church now sets completed on her new lot and the workmen who put her there deserves praise.

TELEPHONE SYSTEMS. We judge that the Bailey Branch and Folkston Telephone lines have made connection as we received a message from the Mills’ settlement Tuesday morning.

DRAWDY WAINRIGHT. Drawdy Wainright will fill Dolph Wainright’s position at the Merchants Grocery Co. for the present. Dolph has gone to Texas, out where Clyde is.

CONNER’S MILL LITERARY SOCIETY. H.G. Gibson visited Uptonville Saturday and also visited the Conner’s Mill Literary and Debating Society Saturday night. He reported that the debating society is doing some good work.

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