Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


No issues of the Herald on microfilm for August 1st and August 8th.

August 15, 1912

AD. I have penned at my place one black steer, split and underbit in one ear; has been at my place over a year. Owner can have same by paying for this notice and proving property. W.N. MURRAY, Uptonville.

BEAR HUNT. Messrs. W.N. Murray, Gad Roddenberry and Walter Davis went out in the Swamp several days last week near Billys Island after bear. They did not get a bear, but saw plenty.

METHODIST CHURCH. Epworth Program: August 20 at 7:45. Songs No. 79, 69 and 150. Prayer. Song 151. Lesson by leader. Comments and questions on lesson by members. Prayer. Song by Everett Mizell. Reading by Eunice Robinson. Recitation by Cornelia Joyner. Closing verse by members.

BRIDGES ACROSS THE ST. MARYS. The County Commissioners met here Monday and among the things they did was appoint a committee consisting of B.G. McDonald and E.B. Stokes who are to confer with the commissioners of Nassau County relative to the erection of a bridge across the St. Marys River somewhere south of Folkston and also a bridge across the river near St. George.

August 22, 1912

MR. FOOR DIED. J.S. Foor, of Homeland, passed away from the effect of tuberculosis last Friday. He had been here some time hoping the climate would benefit, but the dread disease had become too deep-seated.

COMMENT. A newspaper, in speaking of a deceased citizen, said: “We knew him as old Ten Per Cent. The more he got, the less he spent. The more he got the less he lent. He’s dead; we don’t know where he went. But if his soul to Heaven is sent, he’ll own the harp and charge them rent!”

JOHN HARRIS IS NEW HIGH SCH0OOL PRINCIPAL. Mr. John Harris, former principal of the St. George School and editor of the Gazette, has been elected to the principalship for the Folkston High School. Mr. Harris is well known to the citizens of this county as a man of sterling worth and the F.H.S. is in the hands of a good man for the next term.

RAILROAD. Our popular Express Messenger is on the Short. J.A. Grubb is back on his run again and the wheels to the old dirt wagon have on the natural squeak again.

WEDDING. Married at Olustee, Florida on August 22, Mr. C.M. Raybon to Miss Rena Smith. The bride had been a teacher in the Folkston High School for the past several terms and while here endeared herself with each household in Folkston. She is a young lady of many accomplishments and of a disposition that is lovable and winning. The groom is a high standing R.R. official and former resident of this county and numbers his friends by the number of her inhabitants. The Herald extends congratulations and may their voyage on the matrimonial sea be undisturbed to the end.

WEDDING. Married at Homeland Monday evening by Rev. C.T. Rogers, Mr. Will S. Clark of Jacksonville and Miss Maud Wright of this city were united in marriage. The bride is a daughter of the late Dr. J.C. Wright and was a favorite in Folkston with all having gained their friendship and admiration by her charming, pleasant and unassuming ladylike manners and sweet disposition. The groom is a son of the late Rev. W.T. Clark and is now engaged in business in Jacksonville. He is a young gentleman of strong character and possessed of the qualities that make a brilliant career in life. The happy young couple boarded the evening train for Jacksonville where they will start the game of life with bright hopes for success. The Herald joins their many friends in congratulations and wish for them a life full of success with a rose-strewn path all the way.

WEDDING. Married on Monday evening by Rev. D.B. Merritt J.A. Wainright to Mrs. Annie Strickland. The Herald joins their friends in congratulations and wish for them a life full of comfort.


….J. S. FOOR. Mr. J.S. Foor, who came here an invalid nearly two years ago, died last Friday night. He was a gentleman who was held in high esteem by those who knew him. The remains were carried to Toledo, Ohio for burial.

….CHURCH. After a long delay workmen are again busy on the new Baptist Church.

….MARRIED. Mr. W.S. Clark and Miss Maude Wright, accompanied by Mrs. H.J. Davis, drove from Folkston to Homeland last Monday afternoon and were guests at the Palmetto House long enough for Rev. Rogers to join Mr. Clark and Miss Wright in the holy bonds of wedlock.

…..SUNDAY SCHOOLS. The two Sunday Schools of this place will unite in their services for the next six weeks. This is as it should be.

….NEW BABY. The home of Ed Martin was gladdened by the advent of a son last week.

….LAWN SOCIAL. There will be a Lawn Social given by the men of the People’s Church at the ball grounds Saturday night. Everyone is invited to come out and spend a pleasant evening and help a noble cause.

SWEET POTATOES. Mr. P. G, Brooks gave us three large sweet potatoes the size of six to a peck last Wednesday and we enjoyed them to the limit.

August 29, 1912

SHOOTING AT TRADERS HILL. At an up-to-date social function by the colored people out at Traders Hill Saturday night the grand finale showed up Richard Spatcher with a bullet in the thigh sent there from the automatic of Bob Maxwell.

SCHOOL. Professor W.A. Yarber is in charge of the Kennison School this term.

ELLA MALONE. Ella Malone, held in high esteem by the colored people here, died at her parents’ home near Folkston Sunday after a lingering illness of abut ten months. She was a prominent Sunday School worker.

SCHOOL. Owen M. Gibson has returned from the Big Bend where he has closed a successful term of school. This is Owen’s first experience as a teacher and from all indications; he is of the right make-up for the profession.

WEDDING. Mr. John M. Roddenberry left Friday night for Gambier, Ohio where tonight he will be joined in holy wedlock to Miss Lizzie Welker. The bride is a former teacher in the schools here and has many friends who will welcome her as one of us. The groom is our popular Tax Collector and one of our best and most highly esteemed young men and of a business rating that will make life a success. The Herald joins their many and true friends in wishes for a rose-tinted and violet-scented journey down the pathway of life and in the language of old Rip Van Winkle, may they live long and prosper.

STEEL BRIDGE. (From County Commissioners minutes) The matter of the steel bridge at Stokesville was adjusted and the commissioners of Charlton will pay one-third. The bridge is now open for travel.

METHODIST CHURCH. The Ladies Aid Society of the Folkston Methodist Church will give an ice cream social and measuring party at the courthouse Thursday evening at 7:45 to which all are invited. The following is the invitation issued, which explains itself: A measuring party is given for you, ‘tis something novel, something new. The Ladies Aid Society asks you to come and each one bring to aid them some. Five cents for each foot you’re tall. They’ll measure you on door or wall. An extra cent for each inch give, thereby show how high you live. With music, songs, refreshment and pleasure, you’ll be met one and all, at this party of measure.

SCHOOL. Winokur School Program: August 30, 1912, 2:00 P.M. Song by School. Salutatory by Kizzie Crews. Speeches by Bardon Dickson, Lonnie Sykes and Porter Crews. Dialogue by Doris Minchew and Wilbur Dickson. Spice Box. Dialogue y Pauline Wasdin and Pratt Crews.

Recitations by Mary Smith, Myrtle Crews and Hazel Taylor. “Going-A-Milking, Sir” by G. O’Quinn and Louise Dickson. “Guess What I Have in My Pocket” by Harvey Thrift and Dewey Crews. School Teacher. Recitation by Cullis Crews. “The Drunkard” by Vera Wasdin and Odus Sykes. “Getting Ready For a Visit”. “Train to Loontown”. Recitation by Addie Minchew. “Visiting with Sister’s Beau”. “The New Scholar”. “The Serenading Party” Valedictory by Geneva Anderson. Presentation of Medal.


….SWEET POTATOES. W.P. Dalton shipped 52 bushels of sweet potatoes to Jacksonville last week.

…HOTEL. The Palmetto Hotel is receiving a new dress. E.L. Nicholas, our popular painter, is the artist.

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