Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

No issue on microfilm for August 5, 1909

August 12, 1909

METHODIST CHURCH ORGANIZED. Last Sunday, August 8, the first Methodist Church of Homeland was organized with fourteen members. J.L. White was elected class leader and S. Fink and M.J. Fieber as stewards, F.A. Armbruster as secretary. The others will be taken up and attended to at a future meeting. Rev. Kelly, who organized the Society, preached a very able sermon. After the Church Society was organized they had a communion service. Now that we have two churches we look forward to more action work on the part of the people. There is a bad feature of all of our services and that is time. We don’t seem to realize that it is necessary that we get there on time. Let’s not come straggling in any old time. Some seems to think it’s all right to get there in time to hear the amen said.

RACEPOND SCHOOL. The Racepond citizens are building a new schoolhouse which they expect to complete in time for the fall term of school.

MASONIC HALL. The Masons have bought a lot just east of the bank from Col. W.M. Tomer of Jacksonville where they will build a hall. The old site was sold Saturday to C.M. Raybon.

August 19, 1909


….BAD WEATHER. The Baptist Church of Homeland did not hold Conference Saturday evening on account of rain.

….NEW SCHOOL. Finishing work on the new schoolhouse is going along nicely. They are ready to put in the windows, doors and ceilings.

August 26, 1909


….MR. REMICH LEAVES US. William Remich, an old soldier who came here for his health, has sold his belongings and his property and left last Friday for the Soldier’s Home at Washington D.C. Mr. Remich was living alone and batching. He said it was time to quit work and that he wanted to spend the balance of his days at Home.

….CIGAR COMPANY. Homeland Cigar Co. received another shipment of tobacco from York, Penn. And is very busy filling orders. They make good cigars, as is shown by orders from customers ordering second and third shipments. The only fault that can be found, if any, is the fact that the cigars are a little green, but that will soon be overcome as the company is trying to get cigars ahead so that they will be dry enough to ship and leave the factory ready to smoke.

BOSS GOODMAN’S WIFE DIED. Boss Goodman’s wife died last Saturday in Camden County and was buried Monday at Uptonville.

RUNAWAY HORSE. A son of Tom Colson had the misfortune to get his leg broken last week by a horse running away. He is getting along very nicely.

SCHOOL BOOKS AVAILABLE. Dr. Dallas Williams has signed a contract with the publishers of the state-adopted books and will have a complete line of school supplies in a few days.

ANOTHER RUNAWAY. B.H. Williams had a horse to run away with him this week, throwing him out of the buggy and causing a bad wound on his head.

WEDDING. On Sunday August 15, Mr. Lewis Allen of Kingsland and Miss Ollie Bryant of Traders Hill were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryant at Traders Hill, Rev. I.R. Kelly performing the ceremony. The young couple is widely known and have many friends who wish them a long life of happiness.

WATER PIPED TO HOMES. In the last two months several thousand feet of piping has been laid in the town and now many homes have the water furnished to their homes from the city pump. Col. W.M. Olliff was the first to begin the movement by running a pipe to his home and using the water in his dwelling, garden and at his barn. Since then C.M. Raybon, H.C. Page, B.G. McDonald, H.J. Davis and F.D. Mills have connected and have the water at their home. A main line has been laid to the courthouse but no connecting has yet been made.

MRS. LOYD DIED. Mrs. Thomas Loyd died in Fanlew, Florida last Saturday at noon, of heart failure. Her remains were brought here Sunday, and Monday morning the funeral took place at Traders Hill, the service being conducted by Rev. G.E. Jones. She leaves a husband and many small children, a brother and sister who are Noah Altman and Mrs. Sweat of Blackshear.

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