Digest of Charlton County Herald - August 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

No issue on microfilm for August 6, 1908

August 13, 1908

TELEPHONE INSTALLED. Mr. H.J. Davis has installed a telephone service between his store and his residence.

PARTY. Last Tuesday evening a merry party consisting of Misses Maud and Lessie Wright, Myra Mizell and Mamie Tyler, accompanied by W.O. Weeks, Herbert Mizell, Dr. A.D. Williams, I.C. Featherston and C.C. Pickren and chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Mills and Mrs. B.G. McDonald, was arranged by Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Mills, who furnished the double team. They enjoyed a delightful moonlight drive as far as the home of Mr. S.F. Mills where a cordial reception awaited them. Here a couple of hours were very pleasantly spent, the hungry crowd making a raid on Mr. Mills’ grape vineyard which seemed to be loaded especially for the occasion.

AD. On account of the new eight-hour law passed by congress in the interest of telegraphers, also on account of so many new railroads being built and old lines extended, an unusual demand for operators has been created. Approximately 20,000 new operators will be needed soon. Young men, now is your opportunity. Enroll in our school now! SOUTHERN SCHOOL OF TELEGRAPHY, Newnan, Ga.

AD. When in need of a good sewing machine remember the SINGER is always ready for service. Also the WHEELER and WILSON. Oil, needles and machine supplies. See Alex Mills, Singer Sewing Machine Agent, Folkston, Ga. Office in Bank Building.

No issue on microfilm for August 20, 1908

August 27, 1908

FIRE. Sam Council had the misfortune to lose his barn and stable last Thursday by fire. It is not known how it originated.

ARTESIAN WELL. We take it for granted that the artesian well is finished. It has been two weeks since the work of boring and casting has been completed. It is true that there is a hand pump that works easily but you have to stoop and buckle down to it till you form a semi-circle, and by the time you have pumped out the water which has been standing in the pipe your back is almost broken. But the officials seem to be content and we presume the well is finished.

J.C. ALLEN. Tax Collector Elect J.C. Allen spent Saturday here. Mr. Allen will move his family here in the spring.

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