Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

July 4, 1941

TWENTY-SIX YOUNG MEN REGISTERED. A total oftwenty-six young men, seventeen whites and nine negroes registered for selective military training service in Charlton County July 1st when the second registration ordered by President Roosevelt was held throughout the nation. Folkston, 11 white, 5 colored; St. George, 5 white, 3 colored and Moniac 1 white, 1 colored. Registration cards were also available at the CCC camp for convenience in registering newly arrived enrollees, where a total of 19 were registered. These cards will be sent to the local boards of the home counties of the enrollees.

ROBERT L. PEARRE DIED. The many friends of Robert L. Pearre, age 35, were saddened to learn of his untimely death which occurred last Saturday morning in Long Sanitarium in El Paso, Texas, after an extended illness. Born May 19, 1906 in Cormus, Maryland, Mr. Pearre was the son of Thomas and Elvira Pearre. He was married to Miss Nellie Pickren on May 21, 1926. Accompanied by his wife, the remains reached Jacksonville Tuesday and were brought to Folkston by the Adkins Funeral Home ambulance. Funeral and interment were in the Folkston Cemetery. Besides his widow, Mrs. Nellie Pickren Pearre, survivors include his mother, his sister, Miss Jeanne Pearre and a brother Thomas Pearre of the US Navy.

ALTMAN - BARFIELD WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Altman announce the marriage of their daughter, Bennie Eloise, to Jefferson Harold Barfield of Haines City, Fla. on June 26 at the home of the bride's parents. Judge A.S. McQueen performed the ceremony. The bride is a graduate of Charlton County High School. Mr. Barfield is an employee of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, stationed in Folkston.

CAMP PINCKNEY PICNIC. Camp Pinckney Sunday School will picnic at the river July 4th. A committee of three twelve-year-old girls have already collected money enough for a barrel of lemonade and a barrel of fish.

July 11, 1941

CAMP PINCKNEY SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC. The Camp Pinckney Sunday School gave a picnic at old Camp Pinckney on the banks of the St. Marys River. More than 150 were present. Rev. Little and C.W. Waughtel were speakers. At 1:00 P.M. dinner was announced and among other good things prepared was a barrel of fried fish, beef bar-b-que, fried chicken and wieners with plenty of cornbread, cake and pie. All present voted this one of the best outings ever held by Camp Pinckney Sunday School. Jeffery Knowles is Superintendent and C.W. Waughtel is community director.

FOLKSTON MOTOR CO. TO SELL FORDS. The Folkston Motor Co., a new concern recently organized to enter the automobile sales, garage and service station field, has been appointed as the Ford dealers for Charlton County. The new firm is composed of Theo Dinkins and George R. Gowen, Jr.

JULY FOURTH AT HOMELAND. The Fourth of July was celebrated at the Homeland Community Center with a supper of fried chicken, watermelons and cantaloupe. This occasion was the first time the ladies of the center had a chance to try out their newly installed kitchenette. A Roosevelt July 4th talk was listened to by the audience. Patriotic songs were played by Rev. Sawyer's graphaphone and loud speaker.

GRACE CHAPEL BAPTISM. A large class of young converts from Grace Chapel Church will be baptized Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock at Scott's Landing. The Rev. Hughie Dixon of Waycross will conduct the services.

July 18, 1941

JOHN WHITE IN ARMY AIR FORCE. John White, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.G. White, has enlisted in the US Army Air Service as a flying cadet and left Sunday for Stanford, Texas where he will begin his training.

NINE CHARLTON BOYS IN NATIONAL YOUTH ADMINISTRATION. Just outside Brunswick at Blythe Island where the National Youth Administration is constructing its newest resident work experience center,nine Charlton County boys are helping change the south. This project is the NYA's latest model for democracy, providing jobs for unemployed youth and increasing their chances for private employment. Youth doing actual construction work are James Riggins, James Wainwright, Rhymer R. Howell, Lawrence Crawford, Edward Crawford, Benjamin Lee, Gordon Spence, James M. Crawford and Earl Hutson. The Charlton boys work about 120 hours per month. Each receives $30.00 a month as wages, $20.00 of which is deducted for subsistence.

WESLEY BRYANT GIVEN MASTER RATING. Wesley Bryant, age 27, native of the Traders Hill district has successfully passed the examination and has been given a Master's Rating for the command of oceangoing steam ships.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR BURNEY FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Burney announce the birth of a fine seven pound baby girl born Wednesday in the Ware County Hospital. They both are getting along splendidly at last reports.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on June 30, 1941, Resources: $824,751.71.

MIZELL - FLEWELL WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Lois Edna Mizell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Mizell, to Mr. Lawrence Raymond "Bud" Flewell, which took place Saturday at Woodbine with Justice of the Peace Harry Whitford officiating, will be of much interest to their many friends. The bride has been employed at the Hebard home since completing high school. Mr. Flewell has been a resident of Folkston for the past several years and is employed by Theo Dinkins. They will make their home in this city.

July 25, 1941

HOUSEWARMING AT HARRISON HOME. Mr. and Mrs. R. Ward Harrison had the pleasure of having a large group of friends at an informal gathering at their new home, just recently completed.

WATERMELON CUTTING AT GIBSON HOME. Mr. S.G. Gibson, one of the county's most successful farmers was the host Sunday afternoon for a group of his friends and neighbors at a watermelon cutting at his home in the Sardis community.

ALUMINUM NEEDED. The nation is appealing to all its citizens for active participation for the first time. The nation needs aluminum for airplanes and other vital items in its defense program more rapidly than the existing facilities can produce it. In the meantime the people of the nation can help by donating all used aluminum ware that can be spared from their households without being replaced. No individual or group will make any profit out of this. The entire proceeds of the sale will be used for civilian defense. All aluminum will be used exclusively for national defense. Do your part by giving at least a piece or two. In rural districts we shall have to depend upon the donor to bring his offering in. Supt. Harris has agreed to supply a truck and Boy Scouts will make a house-to-house canvas in Folkston. Centers: Folkston, Bank and Poolroom. Homeland, Post Office. Traders Hill, Gowen's commissary. St. George, G.G. Howard's store. Moniac, Ralph Knabb's store. Racepond, S.M. Howard's store. Uptonville, Tucker's store. Winokur, N.E. Roddenberry's store. We are counting on you! T.W. WRENCH, Aide to Chairman William Mizell.

HENRY - HODGES WEDDING. A marriage that will be ofmuch interest in the community is that of Miss Ruth Henry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Henry of Atlanta and Mr. LeRoy Hodges, son of Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Hodges which took place Saturday at the Baptist Pastorium, with Rev. R.W. Waterman officiating. The bride's home is in Atlanta. She is a graduate of Hernando County, Fla. High School. Mr. Hodges has been employed in the Signal Department of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. They will be making their home with Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Hodges.

JESSE H. PRESCOTT DIED FROM ACCIDENT INJURIES.Jesse H. Prescott, age 43, son of the late Dr. E.W. Prescott, died Sunday night at his home in St. George from injuries received in an automobile accident Saturday night, according to reports. Details were not learned but it is said that Mr. Prescott and a party of St. George friends went on a fishing trip Saturday and an accident occurred near Yulee while returning home. Deceased was a native of the Lake Park section of Lowndes County but for the past several years made his home in St. George. Funeral services were held at Statenville and interment was in the Statenville Cemetery.


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