Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

July 5, 1940

1940 CENSUS COUNT. The final figures for Charlton County’s 1940 census count were released this week showing that this county has had a population increase in the past ten-year period, moving up from 4,381 in 1930 to a total of 5,267 for the county in 1940, a gain of 886 persons. Folkston advanced from 506 in 1930 to 1,023 in 1940, showing a population gain of more than 100 percent.

LOUIE JAMES BROCK DIED. Louie James Brock, 11 years old, passed away Monday at the Sawyer Hospital after suffering several days from an attack of that dread malady, tetanus, or lockjaw. He was stricken last Thursday with convulsions and was brought to the local hospital where everything possible was done to save his life. Born June 16, 1929, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Dinkins of Racepond. Besides his parents survivors include three half brothers, Dannie, Dell and Eugene Dinkins; his grandparents, Mrs. A.J. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dinkins. The mother of the little boy, before her former marriage was Miss Celeste Bennett. A sad feature of the little lad’s death was the fact that at the time he passed away, his stepfather, Dan Dinkins, was also a patient in Sawyer Hospital, suffering from a serious attack of pneumonia. At last reports Mr. Dinkins was said to be some better. Funeral services were held at Sardis and interment was at Sardis Cemetery. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

PROTECT EAST SPRING, DR. FLEMING ADVISES. Dr. A. Fleming writes the Herald to protest the damage recently to the concrete covering at East Spring and to suggest that measures be taken to protect this spring located one mile east of Folkston on the Kingsland Highway. He points out that the county furnished the money to improve the spring and concreted it up to keep it free from contamination. He says it is the only real good soft water in this community and many people use the water for medicinal purposes, some coming all the way from Waycross.

MR. TROY CARTER DIED. Many will be grieved to learn of the death of Mr. Troy Carter of Homeland, who passed away Friday in a Waycross hospital. He suffered from heart and lung ailments. He was a native of Charlton County, being a son of the late Will Carter, former Racepond postmaster and turpentine operator. He is survived by his wife and several children as well as a number of other relatives. He had been engaged in the wood hauling business the past few years. Funeral services were held from the residence, with interment in the Racepond cemetery.

July 12, 1940

MRS. MARY CARTER DIED. Mrs. Mary Carter, widow of the late Will Carter, was stricken with an attack of paralysis at her home in Homeland Tuesday and was removed to the Sawyer Hospital where she passed away Wednesday. She suffered a complete stroke and it was realized from the beginning that her death was only a matter of time. Worry and grief over the illness and death of her son, Troy Carter, who died two weeks ago is believed to have been a cause to bring on the fatal attack. She was a member of the Advent Christian Church. The funeral was held Thursday and interment was in the Racepond cemetery. Survivors include five sons and three daughters, Elvin Carter, James Carter of the CCC, Ernest, Cecil and Donald Carter; Mrs. Mary Aldridge, Miss Vera Carter and Miss Ruth Carter.

NEW BABY FOR BENNETT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Vandell Bennett announced the birth of a fine baby girl born July 4th at their home in Homeland. Both the mother and baby are reported to be getting along well.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR HIRES FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hires of Jacksonville announce the birth of a baby girl born July 6th at the home of Mrs. Hires’ parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.D. Williams. The little girl has been named Linda Pearl.

MRS. J.W. DINKINS INJURED IN FALL. As a result of accidentally falling from the porch at her home in the Uptonville community Saturday night, Mrs. J.W. Dinkins suffered painful injuries in the back and shoulders. Mrs. Dinkins, who is 68 years old, walked off the porch when the candle she was carrying was extinguished by the wind. Dr. James L. Sawyer was called immediately and she was given medical treatment at her home. While the injuries are extremely painful, she is said to be improving at last reports.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston and Nahunta at the close of business June 29, 1940, as called for by the Superintendent of Banks: Resources, $687, 998.57.

B.S. PRESCOTT APPOINTED TO WELFARE BOARD. The Charlton County Commissioners have appointed B.S. Prescott as a member of the Public Welfare Board, to succeed R.E. Player, who resigned.

HOMELAND POST OFFICE NEARLY COMPLETED. The rebuilding of the Homeland post office building on the old site is nearing completion. Postmaster Waughtel is to be commended for rebuilding the late structure which was destroyed by fire.

ROZIER FAMILY BUILD NEW HOME. Mr. and Mrs. Rozier have moved into their recently built residence in Homeland.

GRACE CHAPEL BAPTISM. There will be a baptism service in the creek near Grace Chapel Church Sunday morning at 10:30, by Rev. Hughie Dixon. Those who wish to attend are invited to be at the church not later than 10:30.

July 19, 1940

IMPROVEMENTS AT RITZ THEATER. Owners of the Ritz Theater have made improvements by installing an inclined floor on the main floor and new seats with comfortable cushions. While the work was in progress the regular show for Tuesday was canceled. The Ritz is operated by Louie Passieu, assisted by his sister, Mrs. L.D. Majors.

NO LYNCHINGS SO FAR THIS YEAR. According to information compiled in the Department of Records and Research of Tuskegee Institute there is record of no lynching for the first six months of 1940. This information is based on news releases and investigations made by persons living in various areas of the country, according to the Institute.

EDGAR J. JOHNSON DIED. Edgar J. Johnson, 45, died Sunday at his home in Orlando after a short illness according to news received here by friends and relatives. Deceased was a son of the late Elijah Johnson and spent his boyhood days in Folkston. His family having moved to Waycross more than twenty years ago. Funeral services were held at the chapel of W.L. Hinson Co. in Waycross and burial was in Kettle Creek Cemetery. Survivors include two daughters and three sisters. Mr. Johnson’s mother and father both died in the same week about a year ago.

H.J. DAVIS VERY ILL. Last Thursday, while on his way from his home to the bank, H.J. Davis, one of Folkston’s most prominent citizens, was stricken with a serious attack of illness. He was accompanied by his nephew, Walter Mills, who immediately carried him to the Sawyer Hospital. He was taken to the Ware Hospital in Waycross, then brought back to his home here by Adkins ambulance, accompanied by Dr. Fleming. At last reports he was said to be resting quietly but his condition is regarded as extremely critical, with little hope for his recovery. He is past 80 years of age and has been in declining health for several months.

KITTY JACKSON DIED. The dead body of Kitty Jackson, Negro woman, age about 40 was found in a roadside pool of water early Tuesday morning just east of the city on the Burnt Fort Road, her death evidently having resulted from drowning. Her body was found by J.M. Cooner as he was on his way into town. An investigation was launched by Sheriff Sikes, with the aid of Dr. Fleming. Dr. Fleming stated her death resulted from drowning. It was established from relatives that she was subject to epileptic fits, and it is supposed that she fell into the pool of water when she suffered an attack.

GRADING MONIAC-ST. GEORGE ROAD. A WPA project for grading the Moniac-St. George Road has been approved and an allotment for this work has been set up for financing the construction entirely by WPA funds. Forty men will be given employment on the job, providing work for the unemployed in that section of the county. The Moniac-St. George Road is part of Valdosta-Jacksonville Short Cut Route and has already been made a part of the State Highway System.

CARTER CHILDREN MOVE TO WAYCROSS. The Carter family of children who were made orphans by the recent death of their mother, the late Mrs. Will Carter, moved to Waycross last week to make their home with a sister. We regret to lose them and wish them success in their new home.

GRACE CHAPEL BAPTISMS. Quite a large crowd witnessed the baptism of eleven persons at a creek near Grace Chapel last Sunday morning by Rev. Hughie Dixon. Immediately after the baptism he preached an impressive sermon to a house full of people.

July 26, 1940

REA POWER LINE IN FINAL STAGES. Construction of the power lines for the REA project through Charlton County is reported to be in the final stages this week, with only two or three miles remaining to be completed before the juice can be turned on. This project is expected to be one of the greatest achievements in years for the development of our section, and will make life on the farm more attractive and convenient.

ATTENDANCE AT ADULT LITERACY CLASSES IS DOWN. On account of the hot weather and the tobacco harvest, attendance at the various community meetings have fallen off considerably. The attendance at Camp Pinckney Tuesday night was 44. The last meeting at Uptonville had an attendance of 15 and Cornhouse had 30. That makes a total weekly attendance of 89 whereas the normal attendance is 130.

PULP MILL PLANT TO BE IN ST. MARYS. Plans have been launched for an independent pulp mill plant to be located at St. Marys. J.V. Gowen, William Mizell, E.B. Stapleton and L.E. Mallard attended a special meeting last week at Woodbine to hear reports of plans for this pulp mill plant.

TWO WERE BAPTIZED AT BAPTIST CHURCH. Baptismal services were held at Folkston Baptist Church preceding last Sunday night’s service, at which time Mrs. Jacobs and Miss Janett Thomas were baptized.

MRS. H.J. MAYS BUYS FOLKSTON RESIDENCE. A real estate transaction of interest announced this week was the sale of the residence of G.A. Dean, the purchaser being Mrs. H.J. Mays of Homeland. She and her two sons plan to occupy the residence.

4-H CLUB MEMBERS ATTEND DISTRICT MEETING. Miss Rebecca Jean Allen and Miss Lois Chesser, both active leaders in 4-H Club work, attended the 4-H Club district contests in Douglas on July 11-13.

TOM ASKEW WORKING AT BANK. Mr. Tom Askew who has been employed in the Gowen Bros. store has accepted a position as bookkeeper at the Citizens Bank.

COMMODITIES ISSUED TO 151 FAMILIES. During the past thirty days needy persons living in Charlton County have received a total of $1,321.71 in commodities. Surplus farm products are purchased by the Surplus Marketing Administration and turned over to the State Welfare Dept. for distribution to needy families throughout the state. In this county there are 151 families certified by the local welfare department for the receipt of commodities. The primary purpose of the surplus removal program is to relieve the farmers of his surplus products and at the same time give needy people the benefit of such surpluses.

GRACE CHAPEL CHANGES SUNDAY SCHOOL HOUR. The Sunday School hour at Grace Chapel has been changed from 3:00 in the afternoon to 10:30 in the morning during the hot summer months.

YOUNG PEOPLE ENTERTAINED AT DINKINS’ TOBACCO BARN. A chicken supper was enjoyed by the young people of the community Thursday night at Mr. Ruth Dinkins’ tobacco barn.

JONES-HUDSON ENGAGEMENT. Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Jones announce the engagement of their daughter, Eugenia Jane, to Thomas R. Hudson of Atlanta. Miss Jones is employed at the Folkston post office. Mr. Hudson is connected with the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. The marriage is to be an event of October 5th.

BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR CHARLENE QUICK. An enjoyable event of the week for the young people was a birthday party given by Mrs. C.H. Quick at her home Tuesday evening in celebration of the birthday of her daughter Charlene Quick. Among the guests were Mary Jean Thompson, Mary Lou Stewart, Edith Jones, Jessie Howard, Thomas Kent, Albert Gay, J.E. Jones, Fred Askew, Grace Russell, Madria Mizell, Corliss Purvis, Leona Eunice, Odetha Guy, Jean DeVonne Pickren, Talmadge Guy, Winona Tomlinson, Junior Thomas, Betty Barnes and Ruth Roddenberry.

REVISED BILL PROVIDES FOR DRAFT OF YOUNG MEN. Compulsory military training moved a long step nearer reality Tuesday when the Senate Military Committee approved a revised bill providing for registration of 42,000,000 men of whom 1,500,000 will be drafted in the first year. Details remain to be worked out. It will be registration of all males between 18 and 64 years old.

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