Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

(Nothing of interest in issue of July 4th, 1924)

July 11, 1924

EUGENE RODDENBERRY IN CALIFORNIA. The relatives and friends of Eugene Roddenberry, son of Leon Roddenberry, a former citizen of Charlton County, will be interested to learn that he and his wife and children are now living in Los Angeles, California and are doing well and are happy.

July 18, 1924

ALBERT S. STEWART KILLED. Albert S. Stewart, 22 years of age, was instantly killed late Monday at his sawmill when a tractor which he was driving reared up, overturned and pinned him beneath it. When he did not return to the mill as soon as he should, his brother, George, went to look for him and found him under the tractor dead. He had a small log attached to the tractor, which was going at a good rate of speed, when the end of the log hit a lightwood stump causing the tractor to rear up and turn over. Albert was one of the smartest boys to graduate from the Folkston high school. Wednesday morning the long funeral procession left the home for the private burial ground where the body was tenderly laid to rest, Rev. L.E. Williams conducting the service. He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Mizell; five brothers, George J. Stewart, Edgar Stewart, Domingo Stewart, Walter Stewart and Oscar Stewart.

METHODIST CHURCH. The first service will be held in the new Methodist Church Sunday. No special offering will be taken.NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Condon are the proud parents of a fine baby boy born July 14th.

MRS. AGNES HADDOCK DIED. The friends of Mr. J.S. Haddock, proprietor of the Folkston Meat Market, sympathize with him in the death of his mother on July 11th after an illness of several months. Mrs. Agnes Haddock was the daughter of the late John C. Walker and had resided in the community in which she died all her life. She was 61 years of age. Interment was in the family lot in Pigeon Creek Cemetery. Besides her husband, J.W. Haddock, she is survived by the following children: H.L. Haddock, J.C. Haddock, Dean Haddock, Mrs. P.C. Tracey, J.S. Haddock, Mrs. E.H. Johnson and Mrs. A.R. Johnson.

July 25, 1924

METHODIST CHURCH. The new Methodist Church is now complete and ready for use, the Sunday School rooms having received the finishing touches this week. Services were held in the building last Sunday.

ROADMASTER HODGES AND DICK BERGEN IN ACCIDENT. Mr. V.A. Hodges and his helper, Dick Bergen, had a thrill Wednesday. When rounding a curve north of town, they ran into a bunch of razorbacks. Dick took a header into some bushes sustaining a few painful bruises, while Mr. Hodges stuck to the car and escaped unhurt. Striking a hog, the car was derailed and badly damaged.

MOTHER, MRS. LEWIS FLOYD AND DAUGHTER, MARY DIED. The mother, Mrs. Lewis Floyd, age 73, died at her home near Uptonville Wednesday of heart trouble after a lingering illness. The daughter, Miss Mary, aged 20 years, died just before noon on the operating table in Dr. Williams' office where she was brought for treatment of diphtheria. She had been ailing a week and the disease had secured too firm a foothold to yield to treatment. This sad double death removed all females of the family, leaving to mourn the loss of the mother and daughter, Mr. Floyd, and six sons. The Herald extends its deepest sympathy to the family in its great loss. The double funeral took place Thursday and interment was at the Sardis Cemetery.

SARDIS SCHOOL. Sardis School District is contemplating a new school building.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Lovett are the proud parents of a fine ten pound girl born Wednesday at Grandfather Roach's home.

PRESBYTERIANS TO BUILD. The Presbyterians are going right ahead with their plans and are getting funds from distant friends for a church building fund. Their building plot by the courthouse is a beautiful one and they hope for a start at an early date.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business June 30, 1924: Resources, $198,057.74.

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