Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

No paper published on July 6th, 1923

July 13, 1923

MRS. MARY JANE DUSTIN. Mary Jane Dustin, born June 4, 1829, died June 24, 1923. Mary Jane Warren was born in Dunstable, Mass. and died in St. George, Ga. at the advanced age of 94. For a number of years during her early life she was a teacher in a northern seminary. In 1868 she was married to Rev. M. Dustin of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her husband was one of the most prominent ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church in southern Ohio for fifty-eight years, being for a number of years Presiding Elder. She was a helpful minister's wife until 1896 when her husband died. In 1906 she moved from Dayton, Ohio to St. George to make her home with her brother Capt. B. Warren. In 1913 Mr. Warren died here at the age of 91. Since that time Mrs. Dustin has maintained her home at St. George. She donated the lots for the M.E. Church at St. George and was one of the chief supporters of that church. Funeral services were conducted in the church she loved so well Tuesday night, June 26th by Rev. E.F. Dean. The body was taken to Cincinnati and on Thursday was interred in Wesleyan Cemetery. Her only survivors are a stepson, Charles W. Dustin and Mrs. Ella Harrison.

JULY 4TH, 1923. July 4th, the Day of Days in the United States, passed off very quietly here. There was no loud demonstrations, no races or pageants. All stores were closed at noon. Thus passed into history July 4th, 1923.

STOKESVILLE SCHOOL. L.E. Stokes and others, having filed a petition with the required number of signers, asking that Stokesville School be consolidated with St. George School, petition will be granted unless good cause is shown to the contrary. L.E. MALLARD, County School Supt.

BASEBALL GAME. Several autos of Billy's Island folks came over here for the baseball game on the 4th. Billy's Island vs. Folkston. Score was 10-5 in favor of Billy's Island.

July 20, 1923

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston at close of business on June 30, 1923. Resources: $161,000.88.

HAMP MIZELL'S FARM. Sheriff Mizell, with his family, motored to Hopkins on Billy's Island last Sunday. The road all the way was in a fine condition and the trip each way was made in splendid time. They visited the hospitable home of Hamp Mizell who has a nice farm. Besides other growing crops he has a large acreage in Satsuma oranges which in a short time will be a real money-making crop. There are pleasant attractions near Mr. Mizell's home: a beautiful lake abounding with fish, a zoo containing black bears, wild cats, alligators, turtles, monkeys and other wild native animals.

NEW BABY. Mr. Dean Byrd of Winokur was a pleasant caller at the Herald office Monday. He reported the recent arrival of a fine twelve and one-half pound baby boy at his home.

MR. JOHN WALLACE INJURED. Mr. John Wallace, of Jones Island, had the misfortune of getting his leg broken when two engines ran together on Billy's Island last Tuesday.

July 27th, 1923

TOBACCO SOLD HERE. Representatives have closed the deal for tobacco raised here and will load a car Monday for shipment. H.H. Crews sold his five acres for $1,350.00. From reports the best yield per acre brought $270.00.

WEDDING. A marriage of interest to a wide circle of friends is that of Miss Elma Moore and Mr. Oscar Pearce which was solemnized at the residence of Judge and Mrs. J.J. Stokes Sunday night. Mrs. Pearce is the charming daughter of Mrs. J.A. Moore and Mr. Pearce is a recent graduate of the School of Pharmacy and is connected with Pearce Drug Store. Mr. and Mrs. Pearce are at the home of Mr. Pearce's mother receiving the congratulations of their many friends.

SHEEP SOLD. A carload of sheep were shipped from the range of W.W. Wainwright Thursday to the city market. This is another means of having an income at very little expense and trouble.

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