Digest of Charlton County Herald - July, 1914

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

July 2, 1914

SARDIS SCHOOL. Friday of last week marked the end of the school at Sardis, where J. L. Hodges has been holding forth.

NEW SCHOOL CONTRACT. Notice to contractors: New school building to be built of brick will be let to the lowest bidder on July 15th. Plans and specifications may be had by conferring with B.G. McDonald after July 4th.

FOR SALE. All household and kitchen furniture in the Central Hotel with the exception of three bedroom sets and the parlor furniture. A.E. STEWART.

SCHOOLS. Schools are beginning to open in some sections of the county.

McDONALD BUILDING. W.J. Gassett of Waycross was down here Tuesday looking after his contract on the McDonald building and says he’s just starting to embellish this beautiful structure.

NOTICE. Members of 195 F&AM are requested to meet in Davis Hall the third Tuesday in July. There will be no meeting on the first Saturday owing to the granting of a dispensation and the lack of paraphernalia. C.W. WAUGHTEL, W.M.

JULY 4TH CLOSING. The depot here will be closed July 4th. Mayor Page needs a day off, and we hope he’ll enjoy it.

July 9, 1914

ALLEN HAS GOOD TIME. D.G. Thomas brought up his machine and carried J.C. Allen and family over to Boulogne on the fourth, where they say Joe carried off the laurels as a dancer and all-around mixer.

POSTMASTER EXAMS. The following took civil service examinations for postmaster at Folkston Wednesday: Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Robinson, Mrs. M.J. Paxton, H.J. Davis, T.W. Vickery and Dr. Dallas Williams.

KENDRICK CHILD DIED. Friday night the thirteen-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Kendrick died at 37 Elizabeth Street after a brief illness. The baby was taken sick out of the city and was brought here for medical attention. The funeral service, which was conducted by Rev. R.A. Brown, was held Sunday morning at 9:00 o’clock, interment being at Oakland Cemetery --- Monday’s Waycross Journal.

NEW RESIDENCE. The cornerstone was laid for L.J. White’s residence today.

ALLEN SCHOOL. Miss Sibbie Wainright is progressing very nicely with the Allen School.

July 16, 1914

WHITE’S RESIDENCE. Martin and Martin are busy erecting a residence on the lot of L.J. White.

July 23, 1914

MOUNT ZION REVIVAL. The meeting which closed Saturday night out at Mt. Zion under the management of Rev. McGraw of Jesup and Courson of Kingsland was very successful and the people of this settlement are well pleased. There were 21 additions; 12 by baptism and 9 otherwise.

July 30, 1914

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Smith announce the birth of a fine boy Tuesday.

LANDSCAPING. Mr. Scott has planted a large chinaberry tree in front of the east side of his store which will add much to the beauty of our side of town.

FIRE. On Wednesday morning the home of Jesse Brooks caught fire from the stove flue. A crowd soon gathered and put out the flames. No loss.

McDONALD BUILDING. The McDonald building is rapidly nearing completion. It is a splendid looking structure and adds very much to the western side of town.

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